Chapter 1820: Indistinct Woman

“Buzz.” The figure took action instantly and raised its hand, creating a disk-like galaxy that flew straight for the High God.

The impact of countless stars shattered the fabric of time and space where he was standing and made him fall into chaotic space.

“Ra!” He crazily howled as the three totems behind him became resplendent. The chaos energy inside immediately turned into a great wall spanning across space and time for millions of miles and thousands of years.

“Rumble!” The stars continued to break down this great wall trying to reach out of the chaotic space.

Even the power of the totems couldn’t stop the first attack of this figure.

“Die!” The High God didn’t wait as he watched the wall crumbled section by section. He tried to regain the initiative by thrusting with a spear.

“Clank!” The thrust carried his supreme intent while possessing eight variations, each carried a massive momentum.

The name was Breaking Momentum, his proud spear technique and one of the top divine arts.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The stars in the galaxy were being destroyed by the eight variations.

It was quite magnificent to see each thrust destroying a star, resulting in a destruction resembling fireworks each time.

The ancestors here were mentally shaken. The power of this High God could easily take down a great power.

Even though the ancient battlefield was hovering above them, the fight wasn’t taken place in the same spatial sphere.

Otherwise, the explosion of thousands of stars could greatly damage the Jilin Clan.

After taking care of the stars, the eight variations fused together into one straight thrust piercing through the fabrics of reality straight for the female figure.

It was virtually impossible to describe the speed of this attack. Before one knows it, the tip was next to the figure’s throat.

“Boom!” Sparks flew everywhere. If this was happening in the world, each spark could spell doom to a country instantly.

Time seemed to have stopped. Two beautiful fingers were holding the tip of the spear and robbed the shimmering brilliance from the spear.

Grand Rule was astounded to see this. This ferocious spear was of the High God level at the Heaven Bestowment grade. 

“Crack!” She tightened her fingers and found no trouble in breaking the spear. It felt no different than a small branch; just a little bit of force from her was enough.

“Not good.” Grand Rule immediately retreated.

In this blink of an eye, the figure floated upward and spread out her arms, creating an illusion that she had countless of them. She moved them up and down; each cycle seemed to be the reincarnation cycle of a world.

“Boom!” The battlefield fell into darkness. There was no escaping this terrible entrapment and suppression.

A door was opened in this black world with strands of light pouring down. It was as if there was a beautiful moon in the sky shining down on this world.

However, these strands were murderous ray with a will of destruction from an emperor. It could destroy everything in this world - time, space, and the grand dao…

“Activate!” The stunned High God howled.

The three totems intertwined with each other as three grand dao rushed out. They also coiled together to form a massive ocean above the High God in order to stop the incoming rays.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” Numerous holes were pieced so the defensive ocean looked just like a sieve. Even though this defensive barrier made from three grand dao was unimaginably thick, it was penetrated all the same.

This was the intent of an emperor, how could a High God’s defensive dao stop it?

Nevertheless, the power of the rays still weakened a bit after the penetration but was still enough to kill top experts.

The panicking Grand Rule roared and formed the strongest defensive wings that covered his entire body. At the same time, he took out an ancient bell on top of that and placed it over himself.

“Rumble!” The wings were penetrated and rays fell upon the bell. Tiny holes were formed on the surface but it was a successful stop.

He was still blown flying through several stars in the process. The explosion from the impact made him vomit blood.

“So strong.” A spectator said. Three defensive barriers were taken down and the High God still suffered damage from the incredible moon days.

Southern Sun in the chamber finally stood up and stared at the ethereal woman in disbelief. He took a deep breath and contemplated about this night sky.

He immediately thought of someone after seeing this scene because it was the ultimate move of a particular monarch. Though he hasn’t seen it in person, he had heard of its power.

“Buzz.” The moon on the night sky poured light down again with the force of a torrential river. This ray was unstoppable and nothing could exist under its current.

“Clank!” The High God roared and adorned a set of armor, also consisting of a shield in his left hand and a sword in his right.

Supreme symbols emerged around him with the endless power of the origin erupting. His three totems imprinted themselves on the armor and empowered it with chaos energy.

A majestic figure appeared with wills behind him. He stood above the symbols and became the mightiest defensive measure in this world.

“Boom!” The supreme symbols finally stopped the river of light to protect the High God.

“An imperial armament of the Violet Force grade!” An ancestor blurted out.

“Shrouding Sun Divine Emperor’s set.” An ancestor from a dynasty said enviously.

He was Shrouding Sun’s progenitor with six palaces and three wills. Despite having three totems, Grand Rule was much weaker than his emperor because the emperor had anima while his totems couldn’t become a set. The moment the emperor used his anima, the High God could only stand there and be crushed.

This particular armament was used by the emperor during his youth. It was nothing for an emperor since it only was a postnatal Violet Force with only three fetuses.

For vagabonds and cultivators from small sects, a Violet Force armament was quite precious. Contrary to this, powerful cultivators only saw them as ordinary uniforms.

The truth was that after becoming strong, the emperor had much better armaments. Alas, this one had sentimental values since it kept him company during his most wretched and difficult hours. That’s why he couldn’t bear to throw it away.

After he became a Grand Emperor with three wills, he still refined it and turned it into an imperial armament. Most emperors wouldn’t take the time and effort to polish such a common piece of gear. Nevertheless, his great effort still turned the armament into something impressive. He used special means to temper it in order to stimulate its utmost potential.

Because he had better ones, he gave this armament to his descendants. It eventually made its way to Grand Rule and rightfully so because Grand Rule loved it despite its mediocre grade. 

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