Chapter 182 : Stomping Genius Beneath (2)

Chapter 182 : Stomping Genius Beneath (2)

To Wan Shengjian, a genius like Dao Child Shengtian was very rare. It was not easy for the Heavenly God Sect to train such a genius, and he didn’t want to see this genius becomes a cripple.

Dao Child Shengtian gritted his teeth and mustered all of the strength from his muscles to resist Li Qiye’s suppression. However, no matter how hard he tried, it was not enough to repress Li Qiye.

“You wouldn’t even able to stop my suppression before you were wounded, let alone now! Unless you are a Saint Physique or an Ancient Saint, there might be a chance. Now, either you apologize, or I will destroy your Fate Palace.” Li Qiye comfortably said with a smile.

“Boom!” At this time, Li Qiye’s hand was placed on top of Dao Child Shengtian’s Fate Palace. Under his pressure, this Fate Palace was creaking and it could crack at any moment.

Dao Child Shengtian sprayed out a mouthful of blood. At this time, even his eyes were dripping blood. It felt as if he was a man fighting against the heavens!

“Fine, I lost!” Finally, Dao Child Shengtian chose to bend as he shouted. He tightly gritted his teeth and finally said: “You are right, this is the Jewel Pillar Sacred School withdrawing the marriage proposal! It is the Chen Clan not accepting this marriage!”

After the words came out, Dao Child Shengtian’s body couldn’t help but shiver. To a genius like him, yielding was the extreme humiliation of one’s life! Today, in front of so many people, being forced to kneel on the ground and accept his wrongs — to him — will forever be a shadow in his heart. “Without getting my vengeance, I will cease to be human!”

“It isn’t that difficult to bow down ah.” Li Qiye let Dao Child Shengtian go and calmly said: “Even though this is avoiding the advantageous to seek the obstruction, I will still spare your life!”

Dao Child Shengtian’s words left everyone in silent contemplation. Words didn’t need to be said, everyone could guess that Chen Baojiao was not willing to marry Dao Child Shengtian to the point of leaving the Jewel Pillar Sacred School! Even though the intricacies within this matter remained unspoken, many people could guess a thing or two!

Dao Child Shengtian was still sitting there with an absence of mind. At this moment, he couldn’t hear any sounds. He couldn’t forget the pain of this humiliation imprinted in his mind today. He was a heaven’s proud son that had a fast cultivation praised by the songs. As the descendant of the Heavenly God Sect, he was sitting high above. No matter where he went, he was the shining light with such wonderful majesticity. But today, he was suppressed by a much younger brat and forced to apologize to everyone. This was an unforgettable humiliation of this lifetime!

Meanwhile, Chen Baojiao was uncontrollably moved. Ever since she gave up everything to leave the Jewel Pillar Sacred School, she was completely empty handed. She would rather died than marry Dao Child Shengtian, and she was mentally prepared for others to criticize her. She didn’t think that she would one day be able to regain her reputation, and it was Li Qiye who won it back for her today! Her eyes were wet before she knew it.

Li Qiye coldly glared at everyone around and towards the descendants of many sects who were sucking up to Dao Child Shengtian, then he smiled and said: “Becoming friends with whoever is your business, but the moment you try to flatter them, you better watch your mouths well. If I still hear any slanderous rumors, I will be very happy to personally cut off your tongues!”

At this point, the young talents who were standing with Dao Child Shengtian earlier, calling each other brothers, were shivering with cold sweat on their back. And not just them, but the cultivators here, including Royal Nobles, Enlightened Beings, and even Ancient Saints, all chose to be silent. Without a doubt, this brat before them was a monster that wielded an Emperor’s Possession. This simply meant that he could be audacious and bullying. Unless they had an Emperor’s Possession or Immortal Emperor’s Life Treasure, they would not want to mess with this evil star! No one present dared to say anything since they did not dare to provoke this evil star in front.

“Okay, I am always true to my words, you all can go ah.” In the end, Li Qiye clapped his hands and told Dao Child Shengtian.

Currently, even Wan Shengjian didn’t dare to make any reckless moves. He was very dreary of the Emperor’s Possession in Li Qiye’s hand — this item absolutely could decapitate him!

Finally, Wan Shengjian held Dao Child Shengtian to leave. Before his departure, Dao Child Shengtian turned around and harshly said: “Li, the shame today, I will pay it back double one day!” His words were filled with hatred and poison like the curse of a viper.

He was still provoking Li Qiye at a time like this, causing many people to be worried for him. If Li Qiye became angry, he would really slay him!

“I welcome it.” Li Qiye smilingly said: “I also do not hope that you will become friends with me. I am not afraid of having too many friends, and definitely not afraid of having too many enemies! The addition of just you alone will not make it too many!”

Ultimately, Wan Shengjian carried Dao Child Shengtian and left. The many cultivators who were enjoying the commotion also quickly dispersed. As for the people who were referring to themselves as Dao Child Shengtian’s brothers, they escaped even faster to avoid a disaster.

Chen Baojiao looked at Li Qiye with a gentle gaze brimming with unshed tears. She didn’t know where to start even with the availability of heavenly speech and countless words. In the end, she said nothing and only sighed while gripping her fists tightly. Words were not as powerful as bettering herself so that, in the future, she could exert her power for the young noble!

After everyone was gone, the paper hat old man came out of nowhere and stood in front of Li Qiye. He cheerfully smiled then said: “Hehe, little boy, have you thought about it carefully? Go worship me as a teacher now.”

“Worship you as a teacher?” Li Qiye glanced at him and said.

The old man smiled and said: “Little boy, although you have an Emperor’s Possession in your hand and can do whatever you want at this moment, this is not a long term plan. Once you encounter an Emperor’s weapon, then you will surely suffer. An existence like the Heavenly God Sect would have trouble summoning an Emperor’s weapon, but there are so many more powerful existences compared to the Heavenly God Sect in this world. A few Ancient Kingdoms can easily summon Emperor’s weapons, and this could even cost you your life.”

Here, the old man formally paused and let off a grin: “Hurry and worship me as your master. As long as you worship me as your master, hekhek, the next generation Immortal Emperor will be you!”

“Emperor’s weapon, so what?” Li Qiye smilingly said, then glanced at the old man as he slowly continued: “Worship you as a teacher? This is an impossible thing. I am not interested in hiding away at the All Heaven Grotto at all.”

“You, you, how do you know…” Hearing Li Qiye saying the words “All Heaven Grotto”, the old man suddenly jumped and changed his expression as if he was bitten by a poisonous snake!

This group of Li Shuangyan was also interested. This old man was extremely mysterious, unfathomable even. One palm was enough to repel an emperor’s power, how frightening was this? But after Li Qiye brought up the “All Heaven Grotto”, it made the old man’s face greatly change, so how could this not amaze the group of Li Shuangyan?

“Only calculated with my fingers.” Li Qiye looked at him and dismissively said: “You better look over that small golden coffin carefully. One day, you will have to return it to me!”

“Return it to you?” The old man stared at Li Qiye as if he was looking at a monster, and he said: “You’ve got to be kidding me, this is my family heirloom! Since when did my family heirloom become your item?”

“Your family heirloom?” Li Qiye revealed a smile that was not quite a smile at him and said: “Are you sure that this is your family heirloom and was not secretly stolen by the All Heaven Grotto from someone else?”

“You, you, you…” The old man jumped up really high. If he had a tail, then one would definitely be able to see the tail behind him!

“This, this, this is impossible…” The old man looked at Li Qiye as if he was looking at the most horrifying monster and took several steps back, then he said: “This, this matter is not known by anyone. You, you, how could you possibly know!”

“If you don’t want anyone else to know, then you better not do it at all.” Li Qiye cheerfully smiled and said: “Do you want me to talk about your real body for a bit or not?”

The old man acted as if he had met a ghost and turned around to run like a lightning bolt. After running really far away, the old man did not give up and shouted from afar: “Boy, I don’t believe that you know all of these things, I will definitely find out!” After he finished speaking, he disappeared without a trace.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head as he gently sighed inside. After so many years had passed, this guy had finally become invincible.

“Where is the All Heaven Grotto?” After the old man escaped, even Li Shuangyan was curious and asked. This place was definitely full of mysteries if the old man lost his colors — as if meeting a ghost — after having heard its name.

Li Qiye looked at her and calmly said: “Only a little unknown place.” The All Heaven Grotto — he naturally couldn’t say that this used to be his territory. The people who knew this fact were lesser than few.

Li Shuangyan stopped asking after hearing Li Qiye’s answer. She knew that this was a fruitless endeavor.

After this storm, the group of Li Qiye no longer wanted to stroll through the Ancient Street and headed back home.

Meanwhile, throughout the Ancient Street, many cultivators couldn’t help but to talk about Li Qiye and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

In reality, very few cultivators before this knew who Li Qiye was, especially cultivators who came from a different part of the world. After the sudden commotion at the Ancient Street, many people understood that although this kid was young, he was a completely audacious evil star!

“The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect ah, an insect losing its hundred feet yet still isn’t completely vanquished. Even though it was almost destroyed, it still has the secret power to make others dread ah. In the end, it still is an Immortal Emperor’s lineage.” Someone lamented while talking about the events today.

30,000 years ago, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was defeated by the Heavenly God Sect and declined from then on. People considered that it had become a third-rate sect that wasn’t enough to reach the apex. But today, with Li Qiye’s actions, many people realized that, as an Immortal Emperor’s lineage, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect could still have other Immortal Emperor Life Treasures. Otherwise, an ordinary disciple like Li Qiye was unlikely to have an Emperor’s Possession!

“Wielding an Emperor’s weapon’s power is still only borrowing external strength in the end. Cultivators eventually still need to rely on themselves, an Emperor’s Possession is only a temporary fluttering of might. Even with one or two more Emperor’s weapons, it still isn’t enough for the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect to rise again.” Someone coldly said.


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