Chapter 1813: Heads To The Ground

Zhang Yang’s group was shocked to see Ma Sheng’s sorry state; they instinctively took one step back.

“Brat, let him go now! Touching a hair of his is the same as provoking our clan. Not even a High God can protect you then!” Zhang Yang screamed at Li Qiye.

They trained together since youth; this fostered a close relationship between them so Zhang Yang instantly became anxious.

“Provoking the clan? You think I care about that?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smirk.

“Crack!” The invisible hand wrung Ma Sheng’s neck, resulting in the death of an expert without a chance to scream.

He died with his eyes still agape, unable to accept that someone would actually kill him right outside their clan. Who in this world would dare to do something so blatantly disrespectful towards the Jilin Clan?!

The entire scene became muted. This wanton murder was too much to take in.

When Zhang Yang and the others regained their wits, their face turned red with rage. They were just as close as brothers so how could they let this go?

“Little animal, die!” Zhang Yang roared and the other disciples followed his lead. All of them rushed towards Li Qiye like multiple storms in order to seize retribution!

Tieshu Weng’s group was shocked because this torrential assault could instantly annihilate them.

“Rumble!” Someone instantly knocked all of them down.

This was not a weak group yet they were subdued so easily to the astonishment of the crowd.

Everyone thought that it was either Li Qiye or the High God protecting him. However, they saw that a gray-haired old man was standing in the middle of the scene.

“Master!” Zhang Yang cried out, unable to believe his own eyes.

“Bang!” The old man slapped his face without holding back, breaking some of the youth’s teeth in the process.

“Unfilial child! You have thrown away all of my face by recklessly pretending to give an order from Her Highness for the reception, it is unforgivable!” The old man shouted.

“Elder, falsifying messages is a crime worthy of death!” A majestic voice came about as a woman walked over with unparalleled regality.

“Your Highness!” Both the disciples from Jilin and the spectators outside instantly kneeled.

Jilin Princess initially was visiting a reclusive forefather from her clan because her ancestors wanted to figure out which supreme existence coming into being was Li Qiye.

She didn’t expect that these young disciples would fake an order from her and took the initiative to see Li Qiye.

“Your Highness.” The elder kneeled as well.

“Elder, do not blame my lack of mercy.” The princess said: “This is a crime punishable by death. We have our rules that can’t be broken. Do you want me to be the arbitrator or the other elders?”

“It’s my fault for being an insufficient master.” The elder turned pale. He couldn’t bear to lose his disciple but there was no point in beseeching. The fact that the princess didn’t make him responsible as the master was already showing exceptional benevolence.

Keep in mind that if anyone could falsify an order from the princess, then the clan would fall into disarray with destruction in the early horizon.

Zhang Yang’s group became horrified. In the beginning, they thought opposing Li Qiye was upholding the clan. Their hot-blooded selves didn’t think too much about the matter before coming to cause trouble. But now, this had involved the princess and there was no way out of this.

In the end, even his master gave the order: “Take them away for decapitation.”

At this moment, all he could do was to give his disciple and his peers a swift death.

The Jilin experts by the bridge immediately pulled the group away. In the blink of an eye, more than ten heads fell to the ground and caused the crowd to gasp. The silent cultivators finally understood how strict this imperial clan was with their ironclad rules! Even geniuses weren’t spared.

Everyone held their breath. Earlier, Zhang Yang was relying on his clan’s prestige to act aggressively. Now, their heads were on the ground for violating its rules. 

“Excuse me for the inadequate reception and our disciples’ blindness. Please forgive us.” The princess quickly walked before Li Qiye and bowed deeply.

The spectators were naturally shocked from this apology, especially the ones that haven’t seen the event back at Godwatching.

This was the successor of the Jilin dao legacy, a descendant of Jilin Immortal Monarch. She herself was amazing enough with a powerful cultivation. Rumor has it that she had reached the Dao Celestial realm. She was an unreachable and noble existence in the eyes of many cultivators. 

But today, they saw with their own eyes just how respectful she was towards Li Qiye. She went even as far as apologizing to him and made jaws drop to the ground.

“It’s just, just juniors being juniors. Let it go.” Li Qiye said before moving his arm to the side.

The princess personally held his arm and leaned on him before the two climbed the bridge into the clan. From the perspective of the stunned crowd, it looked as if their supreme princess was only a servant next to Li Qiye.

They wondered who the hell was this guy? Why was he able to look down on the rest of the world in this imperious manner?

Among the vastness of the clan, there was a high palace deep in the clouds. This was the chamber clan used to deliberate important matters.

It was majestic and grand with a large field paved with a thousand stone steps, capable of accommodating a massive crowd. To the left and right were stalwart statues, such as an eagle soaring through the sky or a dragon exhaling mist; a phoenix in the nine heavens was present as well.

There were many experts sitting on these steps. All of them had gray hair and oppressive aura. They were the ancestors from the great powers within Jilin, all preeminent characters.

Inside the main chamber were two High Gods sitting down, Shrouding Sun and Grand Rule. They filled the chamber with divinity just like a boundless ocean, capable of drowning out the world itself.

Southern Sun was to the left and had a golden glow just like a rising sun. Perhaps a sun god in the legends would look like this. His magical flame was the source of all the fire in this world. With a single thought, he could incinerate the myriad realms or grant the salvation through embers and ashes.

Grand Rule on the right had circulating stars around him as he derived the myriad laws. He was clearly sitting there yet he also seemed to be in a remote region in space. There were arms raising behind him as if he was creating multiple worlds.

The ancestors on the steps didn’t dare to breathe loudly in their presence. Even though there were many Dao Celestials among them, some even had more than 100,000,000 chaos units, there was still a big gap between them and the High Gods.

There was one ancestor talking to these two High Gods. He seemed to be half-asleep despite the big shots sitting before him. Perhaps he didn’t have a good sleep last night.

Once the princess brought Li Qiye to the chamber, all eyes instantly turned towards him.

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