Chapter 1808: Departing

Li Qiye and Laoliu left the ominous ground. He climbed Godwatching Peak again with the princess standing there waiting.

She bowed deeply and spoke with respect: “I thank you on behalf of my clan and the future living beings in the area. You have created prosperity and fortune for that domain.”

The world-transforming deed of Li Qiye would benefit Jilin in the future as well as the citizens there. The princess’ gratitude came from the heart.

Li Qiye accepted her grand gesture and sat down without any hesitation.

The princess was surprised to see Laoliu too. After looking at him carefully, she cupped her fist and said: “I see, Dao Brother is hiding in our Jilin. The elders from the Divine Dragon Mountain are all looking for you. Some even visited my clan.”

Unlike the others, the princess was able to recognize his real identity.

Laoliu became a bit awkward and smiled wryly: “Please don’t tell my elders or they’ll break my legs. Hehehe, I can assure you that I’ll play nice at Jilin and won’t do anything to put you in a tough spot.”

“And the sun would set to the east.” Li Qiye laughed and said: “Even the masters of your sect are troublemakers.”

Laoliu let out another awkward laugh. The princess shook her head since she had heard of this stubborn fella. He had a great foundation with an enviable sect yet he didn’t like staying there and rather went outside to play.

Divine Dragon Mountain had two Immortal Monarchs on top of possessing a bloodline of true dragons. It was a power that could call for winds and rains at Pure.

For someone like Laoliu, he could have any treasure and merit laws if he were to play nice and train hard in the sect. However, the guy rather played around as a swindler in the mundane world. It was a love for freedom and being carefree.

Laoliu quietly left since he could tell that the princess wanted to talk to Li Qiye. She was having a hard time finding the right words.

Li Qiye looked at her and said: “Speak, I shall pardon your sin if you were to say something inappropriate.”

She heaved a sigh of relief after gaining permission and calmly said: “Southern Sun and Grand Rule High Gods are complaining to my clan; they want an answer.”

There was no doubt that these two were pressuring the Jilin Clan. Even though they wouldn’t dare to say that they were dissatisfied with the clan, the Jilin owed them this much since their successors did indeed die under the clan’s jurisdiction.

The Jilin Clan was slightly vexed by this. They couldn’t find Li Qiye’s background at all. Of course, they couldn’t ignore the complaints from the High Gods either because their sects were tributaries to the Jilin. Thus, the clan needed to voice an opinion. Otherwise, the hundreds of powers under them would feel slighted.

Furthermore, it was one thing if the two sects were the ones complaining. Even their sect masters didn’t mean much in front of the Jilin Clan. This wasn’t the case for the two High Gods. They were powerful in their own rights with prestigious status on the same level as many older ancestors of the Jilin.

“Oh?” Li Qiye’s response was very leisure. He smiled and said: “What is their demand?”

“They want us to hand you over, young noble, for killing their successors. They want an answer.” The princess said.

Of course, their demand was more than this. The aggressive High Gods demanded the Jilin to kill Li Qiye but the princess chose against being too direct.

Li Qiye naturally knew this even if the princess didn’t tell him. He leisurely said: “Then I’ll see them at your clan. If they have something to say or some kind of demands, I’ll love to hear it. I’m someone who listens to others’ opinion.”

The princess knew that this wouldn’t end well after hearing his response. She wasn’t worried about Li Qiye but rather, the two High Gods and even her own clan.

Others might think that High Gods were untouchable existences that could do whatever they want or sweep through the land. People were very fearful of High Gods.

A High God cold easily massacre a clan, a sect, or even a race. The princess didn’t think so. She found Li Qiye to be much more terrifying than these two High Gods. He was completely unfathomable so she worried that her clan might be dragged into this whole mess if he were to become angry.

“Young noble, I will let the two High Gods know. I hope that friendship will come of this, not war.” The princess said.

Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “Go tell your geezers that I want to see that item. They shouldn’t be hiding anything or I won’t be happy. At that point, don’t blame me for not giving your monarchs any face.”

The princess sighed in her mind. Li Qiye clearly didn’t care for the two High Gods. The only thing he wanted was the item in her clan.

“I will definitely let the ancestors know.” The princess bowed again.

“Go.” Li Qiye ordered: “I will visit your clan, hoping that it won’t be an unpleasant trip.”

He didn’t want to cause trouble at the clan because of his relationship with Nightfall Immortal Monarch. Of course, he wouldn’t be so polite either if some ignorant fools were to stand in his way.

The princess bowed again and left. Li Qiye called for Laoliu and asked: “What is your plan?”

Laoliu smiled happily while feeling quite spirited: “This lowly one wants to follow ancestor as a servant and work for you despite my meager abilities. If you are willing to take in a lonely soul like me, I’ll disband Hooligans and follow you instead.” 

For Laoliu, being able to follow Li Qiye was the blessing of a lifetime. He would never regret such a choice.

“Lonely soul my ass!” Li Qiye struck the guy’s head again: “You are the beloved son of the Divine Dragon Mountain with the thin bloodline of a true dragon.”

“But I’m all alone right now, a lonely soul indeed.” Laoliu forced a wry smile.

Li Qiye told him: “Go back from whence you came. Be a good seed instead of playing around in the mundane world, it is a waste of your cultivation and the sect’s hope on you. Even if you don’t care about being strong, your sect still needs strong pillars in the future. It can’t be prosperous with just the protection of the monarchs and ancestors, future descendants need to work hard too. You are a genius from the sect, uphold your responsibility with pride.”

Li Qiye rarely gave such earnest and well-meaning advice to the juniors. The only reason why he did it this time was because he liked Laoliu.

Laoliu pondered quietly before softly answering: “I don’t want to let the sect down either but I yearn for the freedom in the mundane world.”

“You’ll have your chance once you are at the apex. You can pick then, to either mingle with the mundane world or to continue finding the grand dao. Listen to your heart at that point.” Li Qiye persuaded.

Laoliu smiled wryly and said: “If I do reach the apex, at that point, it will no longer be up to me. With great strength comes great responsibility. Even the emperors are helpless since they shoulder more than just themselves.”

Laoliu had seen and heard about many things due to his background. Being invincible was both glorious and full of suffering.

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