Chapter 1807: The Appearance Of A High God

“Boom!” With a deafening explosion, Mad God’s corpse finally collapsed and the escape of essence intensified. After destroying everything inside, the flood was on an unstoppable path to the outside world.

However, the two temporal seals in this area slowly turned. Coordinates and latitude lines in space flashed with tiny shimmering dots.

In a short time, the essence was being absorbed by the broken land and space. The lights eventually dispersed but the place became bright again.

In the beginning, one would think that the change was quite minimal. However, the ever-so-present black fog was completely eliminated.

The ominous ground was still silent and devoid of life like before, but one could see faintly shining star lights in the far horizon. This flickering light would eventually illuminate the space above one day.

There weren’t any vegetation either but moisture was emerging in certain locations. The land was regaining its power and essence. One day, seeds would be brought here by the wind to take root in the soil.

“Returning to the earth, a reversal back to the origin; the emperors can’t do better than this.” Laoliu was completely speechless. No words could describe his current thoughts.

Even though emperors could also change the landscape of the world such as moving mountains and the celestials, Li Qiye wasn’t doing it forcefully with his own power. He was simply reversing the flow; dust to dust and earth to earth. The myriad essences returned from where they came. This had nothing to do with power; it was a type of primal affinity or order belonging to the heaven and earth.

Laoliu was completely in awe as Li Qiye was floating back down to the ground. He stared at Li Qiye with utmost reverence and said: “Ancestor, you are so benevolent, how many people would be willing to trade these temporal wheels to change this dead land?”

Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “This is the order of time and the heaven and earth shall guard over the land. I am simply returning them to the source. The fortunes of the world, let them be with the world. As for whether this place will become a paradise or a barren land, that’s not my business.”

Laoliu quietly nodded. This was beyond his knowledge and comprehension. Only someone truly at the top would be willing to wait with that perspective.

While Li Qiye was inside Mad God Ominous Ground, there was a prosperous place in a remote region of the Jilin territory with a clan presiding there.

One would see old shrines and beautiful pavilions everywhere. Bushels of Lingzhi and auspicious clouds were everywhere.

This was one of the strongest clans in Jilin, the Southern Sun. Today, red clouds and bright lights engulfed the sky.

“Boom!” Sacred laws rushed upward from inside the clan. They wove together to form a divine order.

It looked as if a deity was ordering everyone in the nearby vicinity. The disciples outside were shocked to see this order and quickly abandoned their business in order to return home.

“Southern Sun High God is coming into being.” This news spread across Jilin like a storm.

A High God coming out in all of Pure wasn’t a big deal but it was still a grand event in Jilin.

“What’s going on?” People found it quite strange.

The messenger said: “I don’t know, but that High God is returning from the primordial chaos back to the clan. This is one-hundred percent accurate.”

“It’s must be something big for a High God to leave the chaos. Otherwise, these reclusive gods wouldn’t do so.” Others wondered as well.

High Gods at a particular level also invoked the Heavenly Execution. The difference was the smaller probability. That’s why High Gods would come out more often.

“The Southern Sun Young Lord was killed so the High God came out with wrath.” Someone who had more access to information revealed.

People were surprised to hear this: “That doesn’t make sense. A High God lives for so many years, why would they come out just for a descendant? They have so many of them already. If one has to come out every time a descendant is killed, they’ll get tired to death.” 

“It’s different this time. Whether the High God likes Li Tianhao or not isn’t the main issue. Most importantly, his divine intent was smashed before a crowd, its face, to be specific. In the end, this big shot behind Li Qiye also destroyed the intent. The High God can’t swallow this anger. Being humiliated is one thing but destroying his intent too? That’s a declaration of war!”

“Just who the hell is this Fiercest fella? He has such powerful backers behind him, I wonder who his ancestor is.” The majority had this thought.

No one would believe a new cultivator could destroy a divine intent. The most common guess was that he also had his own High God helping him in the shadows.

“A High God level battle is about to happen?” Some became excited if this speculation was true.

While the return of the High God alarmed many of the sects and cultivators in Jilin, a different great power sent out a message.

“Li Qiye must give us an answer!” The Shrouding Sun Gate officially declared: “It doesn’t matter which High God did it, the successor of Shrouding Sun cannot die for no reason!”

“Shrouding Sun is joining too?” This further shocked the crowd in Jilin.

“It’s not just the sect, this is a message from the Grand Rule High God too.” A royal lord received the newest information and warned those closest to him.

“Grand Rule, Shen Qianjun? The amazing High God from that sect? He’s also returning from the chaos?” People were skeptical.

One ancestor said: “No way, Grand Rule has been quiet for a long time now, he’s quite old too. Why would he come out for the death of a successor?”

Shen Jinlong had a high position in Shrouding Sun, the successor of its dao legacy. However, he was still only a junior; there were many others like him in that sect.

“Ha, you guys don’t know then.” One influential ancestor playfully smiled: “Jinlong isn’t only the successor. Hehehe, there’s a rumor in the sect that he’s Grand Rule’s son but they chose against making this public. Who knows the exact reason why? Maybe because he’s too old and doesn’t get along with his son very well.”

“Grand Rule’s son?” Even sect masters were astounded to hear this. Jinlong had never talked to outsiders about his background. Others only knew him as Shrouding Sun’s successor.

“Maybe Grand Rule is embarrassed about having a child at such an old age? And right, maybe they don’t get along too well too.” Another big shot commented.

There were too many speculations and explanations but they didn’t wish to pry too much. After all, this is related to a High God’s secret. It could bring about some sect-destroying trouble if Shrouding Sun or Grand Rule became offended by this.

“Both Grand Rule and Southern Sun High Gods are demanding an answer from the Jilin Clan since their successors died in their territory. It doesn’t matter who Fiercest is.” An even more heavyweight news came out.

“That’s two High Gods pressuring the Jilin Clan so they probably won’t just ignore this issue. I guess Southern Sun and Shrouding Sun are on the same boat then and want others to know then.” A sect master understood the real message sent by the two clans.

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