Chapter 1803: Leaving A Mark

Li Qiye stared at the sky above while reminiscing. People continued to depart one after another. This was a feeling only those at the apex could understand.

Because of this, many emperors rarely asked about the mundane realm after entering seclusion. They stopped caring about their descendants; this was one way of severing their ties with worldly constraints.

No matter who they might be, after spending too much time and seeing people leave them one by one, their dao heart would eventually be affected. Time was truly cruel.

Being overly involved in these matters would turn people crazy. They would either become a saint or a devil, no longer an ordinary being.

Generations went by and Li Qiye had to see people off or even buried his lovers more than once. He sent emperors on their path towards the unknown of the ultimate journey. They all knew there was no returning but each emperor still bravely walked forward.

He knew that nothing good would come from these expeditions but he was powerless in making substantial changes. All he could do was to accumulate power for the final battle at the end of the world.

He wanted an answer at that place, same with all the emperors. Qian Suyun also searched for an answer. However, the answer was different for each of them.

Even though they had the same goal at the end of the world, their proposed solution was different.

Jilin Princess watched the contemplating man. Her heart suddenly shuddered as if something was affecting its deepest part.

He was still as ordinary as before but there was a strange feeling emitted. He seemed to be eternal and stained with the karma of time. There was a sad air of vicissitudes around him. 

His profound eyes encompassed everything in the world: emotions, gods and devils, the worthies, and ordinary life in the three thousand worlds.

It looked as if this man had experienced countless reincarnation cycles. He continued to be unchanging along the river of time. His immovable heart was beating with the same rhythm as the heart of the world.

Oceans turned into mulberry fields; all things transformed and changed except for his heart and his relentless pursuit as well as his determined pace.

This was when the princess thought that this man was anything but ordinary. There was an irresistible charisma that had nothing to do with physical appearance or even temperament. It was gifted to him from the years, an accumulation of time polished by the endless revolution of the three thousand worlds. This charisma was unique and boundless.

Her heart was leaving her body. It took a long time before she recovered and let out a wry smile. She rubbed her forehead and wondered what the heck she was going on about?

Li Qiye came back to earth a while later and told her: “Your clan has received an item after the sixth expedition. It is something that fell down from above, probably straight for your clan.” He pointed at the sky.

“How do you know?!” The princess blurted out but after the initial shock, she didn’t find it too strange. This unfathomable man seemed to know everything.

She took a deep breath and nodded: “Yes, young noble. We did obtain something.” 

They had it for some years now but couldn’t understand its mysteries. That’s the reason why they wanted to recruit mortals and cultivators versed in ancient runes.

“What did your two monarchs say?” Li Qiye asked.

The princess shook her head: “Our ancestors said that our two monarchs do not want to take it and only said that it is unbelievably prestigious. It is waiting for the fated.”

“That’s fine.” Li Qiye gently sighed: “They do not want to be pulled into this karmic event so they continue to hide. That’s understandable. The Heavenly Execution looming above is scary indeed.”

“So you know what it is? Would you please let us know?” The princess had to ask.

The ancestors from her clan had been thinking about it the whole time without any result. Even without the two monarchs, this clan was still full of experts and masters. Thus, this failure of recognizing the item only incited further interest from the ancestors.

Moreover, even their monarchs praised the item. It meant that the thing was peerless indeed.

“I’ll know once I see it. Go tell your old men that I want to see it in person.” Li Qiye said.

The princess was slightly stunned. The item was one of their top secrets. Not to mention an outsider, even their disciples couldn’t see it. She was the future successor of their legacy yet she had only seen it once.

Nevertheless, she agreed: “I’ll let the ancestors know. Hopefully, they’ll be able to arrange something.”

She couldn’t take charge of this matter so she could only do this much for him.

Li Qiye smiled and stared back at the sky. It wasn’t up to the clan at all. It was only out of respect and friendship that he chose to ask first.

“Young noble, what is your purpose here?” She asked.

Li Qiye replied: “Mad God had died for so long, it’s about time for his body to emerge but if it won’t, I’ll still drag it out.” He wanted the White Armament in this place regardless of whether it was coming out on its own or not.

“That corpse is still nowhere to be found, people believe that all of his treasures are there as well.” The princess commented and was very aware of this rumor due to her position at Jilin.

“Your clan has no lack of treasure, Mad God’s treasures might not be bad but it can’t compare to your monarchs’ treasuries. Don’t tell me you’re here for them?” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

“Leave it up to fate.” The princess smiled. When she smiled, it was kingdom-toppling enough to sway all young men.

She continued: “Our clan is already aware that something evil might come out after seeing the visual phenomenon. That’s why I’m here to prevent it, in order to save our citizens.”

It made sense for the clan to worry because this ominous ground was right next to their border. Thus, they would be the one suffering first if any evil creature were to come out. They didn’t want the same world-devouring event to happen again.

“This place might be a bit ferocious but there are only remnants of despair and hatred on top of an Immortal Emperor’s murderous energy.” Li Qiye shook his head: “There is no evil creature here. Mad God was strong back then but that arrow encompassed the ultimate dao of archery. He was completely annihilated, there was no coming back from that regardless of what awesome means he possessed.” 

“Not to mention a High God, even an emperor will die if they fail to block it.” Li Qiye commented with enthusiasm. 

Even though Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian was not the most brilliant or the strongest emperor from the nine worlds, his archery was indubitably number one.

That’s why as his descendant, Jian Wushuang still had a long way to go in order to surpass him with regards to archery. Her path would be long and arduous.

Li Qiye finally found what he wanted from the stars above and told the princess: “Go tell your geezers first. I’ll visit your clan after I’m done here.” 

The princess kept on looking at his departing figure. She eventually sighed and went to give the message.

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