Chapter 1801: Crushing A High God’s Will

“Rawr!” The gigantic figure erupted with fury while being repeatedly smashed by the invisible fist. It roared and shattered everything in its path. The stars in the sky were rustling from the impact.

Just imagine, the furious scream of a god was quite something and could massacre countless living beings and make the rest tremble in fear.

The cultivators here turned pale; even the lords felt their legs shaking uncontrollably.

The figure’s power amplified with loud detonations and turned into a storm that ravaged everything above.

“Is this place done for?” A spectator murmured before this frightening rise in power.

“Just a little intent yet you dare to resist my will?!” Li Qiye who was still sitting down focused his gaze and mind again.

“Boom!” A domineering force instantly appeared as if a supreme lord was personally taking action.

The fist continued to rain down blow after blow on the figure’s face with an unstoppable momentum and smashed it into a pulp.

“Rumble!” Every time the figure wanted to counterattack, the fist slammed down again with a torrent of brutality. The figure simply couldn’t resist despite being made of a divine intent before Li Qiye’s will.

Finally, the figure crumbled into pieces before dispersing into tiny particles and scattered with the wind.

At a location countless miles away, a meditating god suddenly stood up with a cold expression. He blurted out: “Hao’er!”

He was Southern Sun High God, an old ancestor of the clan and Tianhao’s grandfather.

Due to his position, he had only seen his grandson once but this didn’t diminish the great love he had for the boy. That’s why he granted Tianhao a protective rune. But now, the rune and his intent inside were destroyed. The High God knew exactly what was going on, hence his ugly expression.

This was a blatant provocation to a High God like him. A powerful foe had destroyed his will and showed utter contempt.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye glanced at Li Tianhao and said: “If I want to kill someone, not to mention a High God, not even an emperor can protect them.”

“Pluff!” The desperate youth couldn’t even scream before being rendered into a mist of blood.

When even the divine intent failed to do anything, a character of Tianhao’s level was inferior to an ant under Li Qiye’s absolute will.

In a short time, everyone here became speechless. The lords and leaders nearly dropped to the ground.

How could a divine intent be crushed so easily? This was the first time they’ve seen a divine intent in such a helpless and desperate state. It heavily left a deep and unforgettable mark in everyone’s mind.

Even the princess became serious. She was much stronger than anyone here so she understood the gravity of the situation. Li Qiye’s glare earlier was especially too much to take. It was a supreme pair of eyes that could reign over everything.

Meanwhile, the four from Sago Palm were mesmerized by Li Qiye’s fierce domination and couldn’t react. This was their first time actually seeing him in action, crushing a divine intent to death. Just imagine, if Li Qiye wanted to destroy their sect, he would only need to flick a finger to do so. Having thought of this, Tieshu Weng felt beads of sweat running down his body. Their sect’s existence was once dependent on this man’s whim.

“Hey, hey, where is this guy from? Is there a High God protecting him too?” The crowd eventually calmed down and one master whispered.

They became afraid of this ordinary looking man and was sure that his background was incredible with powerful existences in the shadow protecting him.

From start to finish, Li Qiye didn’t even lift a finger and his cultivation was too apparent. It meant that someone else had destroyed the divine intent of the god.

In order to accomplish this task, it must be a High God here in person. This indicated the fella’s great status; he must be from an imperial lineage.

This prompted the next question. Why did someone from this prestigious lineage have such weak cultivation? Was this because of his talents?

Only a real expert like this princess could see that no one was behind Li Qiye. Even though he didn’t take physical action, he used his will to destroy the divine intent.

What kind of will and dao heart were required to do so? Only an emperor would be able to do this.

After annihilating Jinlong and Tianhao, Li Qiye finally looked at the princess and said: “What’s your name?”

He spoke from a place of power to the astonishment of the crowd. Their princess was an unreachable character but Li Qiye was looking down on her.

“This little girl’s name is Jilin Mengying.” The princess hesitated for a moment and didn’t know the proper honorifics to be used in this conversation. The man ahead was simply unfathomable. 

“A descendant of the Jilin Immortal Monarch, a decent bloodline.” Li Qiye casually commented.

Tieshu Weng’s group became speechless. Their imperial princess had impeccable talents and unfathomable cultivation yet he only said, “not a bad bloodline”? Was he praising or belittling her?”

“How should I address you?” She eventually asked.

She had no grasp over the situation due to not knowing who this guy really was. Was he someone with a great background or an emperor in disguise? She couldn’t tell either way.

“Your clan has fateful ties with me, forget it, out of consideration for the clan, I’ll take you in as a maid. Call me Young Noble now. Li Qiye said leisurely.

Many jaws almost fell to the ground after the crowd heard this.

What, what was he saying?! People couldn’t calm down at all. Their princess was an unreachable goddess yet Li Qiye made it sound as if she was only a maid, and that it would be her honor to be his maid.

The whole thing was too outrageous. Shen Xiaoshan was in disbelief as well. She didn’t want to wait on him in the past since she considered it humiliating. She had changed her mind since.

But today, Li Qiye still treated the princess like a maid. She held the princess in such high esteem but in Li Qiye’s eyes, the princess was only another girl. She finally understood that he meant it when he said that waiting on him was her honor. 

Now, this was indeed a lucky chance. Others would love to have such fortune, being able to stay by his side and gaining his protection. She came to understand just how fortunate she was.

The princess herself was stunned. It wasn’t because she was arrogant or anything but she was about to become the successor of the Jilin’s dao legacy. How many people in this world would dare to claim her as a maid?

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