Chapter 180 : Slay Genius (2)

Chapter 180 : Slay Genius (2)

Lei She’s manner of speech caused the cultivators present to glance at each other. Logically speaking, elders from each sect were always protective of their own, but at this moment, Lei She’s actions took everyone by surprise.

Lei She’s words caused Li Shuangyan to turn cold while Dao Child Shengtian sneered repeatedly.

“Shuangyan, make him scram, otherwise, don’t blame me for not respecting Demon King Lun Ri as I kill all of them.” Li Qiye slowly spoke with a chilling gaze.

Lei She immediately angrily exclaimed: “Thing that doesn’t know life from death; today, I will carefully teach you a lesson!” Finished speaking, his grand palm created a faint eight celestial and reached out towards Li Qiye.

“Pop.” The grand palm did not touch Li Qiye since it was repelled by someone. This person then appeared in the same spot!

“Little Brother Lei, you don’t need to meddle with the matters here.” Chi Yun appeared out of nowhere and coldly spoke. As the older brother, at this moment, he was not courteous towards Lei She and directly showed a cold countenance.

Chi Yun’s sudden appearance and words did not leave Lei She any face. Lei She’s complexion turned cold and gravely replied: “Big Brother, you are interfering outside of your boundaries!”

Chi Yun lost his patience and gently wave a royal order in his hand, and he said: “Little Brother Lei, the order of His Highness is here. Am I bringing you back, or will you go back yourself!”

Chi Yun was exasperated to the extreme. Because of the War God Temple’s matter, His Highness basically begged Li Qiye, and he treated Li Qiye like a grandfather deserving of worship. If this matter was successful, then the Nine Saint Demon Gate would have great benefits! Lei She, for his own gains, caused trouble for Li Qiye time and time again — this was purposely hindering the great plan of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, how could Chi Yun not be wrathful!

Seeing this royal order, Lei She’s face was extremely difficult to look at. In other sects, the supreme elder position might be special, but this was not the case in the Nine Saint Demon Gate. Demon King Lun Ri’s aptitude towered to the heavens, and his cultivation in the gate was the highest outside of Elder Jian. One could say that his position could not be questioned by anyone!

The matter was a forgone conclusion the moment the royal order came out as Lei She, with his ugly appearance, did not speak another word and left. Leng Chengfeng also didn’t want to linger behind and followed as well.

This sudden change caused the cultivators who were enjoying the rowdy scene to secretly gasp. This meant that the Nine Saint Demon Gate had decided to support Li Qiye, even if it meant being enemies with the Heavenly God Sect!

“Anyone else backing you up?” After Lei She left, Li Qiye glanced at Dao Child Shengtian and slowly asked.

Dao Child Shengtian snorted and chillingly said: “Little Brat Li, one on one, I am enough to kill you!” He really didn’t have any confidence fighting against Li Shuangyan. Being knocked away by Li Shuangyan last time had always been a shadow in his heart.

“You truly think that your father only relies on women to eat.” Li Qiye burst out in laughter and continued: “Only the Heavenly God Sect is nothing, it is not a difficult matter for your father to destroy your Heavenly God Sect!”

Many people felt that Li Qiye’s words were too exaggerated and arrogant.

“Such big words! I am here, I want to see how you will destroy my Heavenly God Sect!” A voice that stole the colors of the sky appeared. A person stomped forward, causing the high mountains to shake. This one person possessed the blood energy like a True Dragon. A sacred aura belonging to the heavens, with rolling thunders, accompanied his presence. Everyone felt the powerful suppression as their heartbeats drowned their hearing.

An old man approached by void stepping with a hidden strand of sacred ring around his body. This sacred ring seemed to have manifested into reality.

“Grand achievement Grand Saint…” Seeing the faint sacred ring around his body, a Royal Noble from the last generation cried out.

Grand Saint! This was the pinnacle of Ancient Saints. Ancient Saints were divided from lowest to highest in the following order: Little Saint, Young saint, and Grand Saint!

The old man before them had a faint sacred ring. Tthis meant that he was a grand achievement Grand Saint; one more step and he would be a Heavenly Sovereign in the legends.

During the 30,000 years of the Difficult Dao Era, any existence that could step into the Ancient Saint realm were already absolute, brilliant geniuses. Outside of the Ancient Saints before this era, along with the old eternals halting their blood force, any cultivator within this 30,000 year time period that became Ancient Saints were frightening characters. A grand completion Grand Saint was even more frightening.

“Wan Shengjian!” In the crowd, a predecessor recognized the old man ahead and exclaimed.

“Wan Shengjian, the last disciple of the Heavenly God Sect’s ancestor!” Hearing this name, other Royal Nobles uncontrollably lost their colors.

“So it is him…” Another Royal Noble murmured. Seeing the old man ahead, even other Ancient Saints’ gazes became serious.

Wan Shengjian was the last disciple of the Heavenly God Sect’s ancestor and was an honorary disciple. The truth was that he became a disciple after the Heavenly God Sect defeated the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. During that time, its ancestor was already in isolated cultivation, but because of Wan Shengjian’s great talents, its ancestor broke the rule and took him in as an honorary disciple.

In reality, the amount of time Wan Shengjian was taught by the Heavenly God Sect’s ancestor was very little. His older brothers taught him the dao in place of their master. However, Wan Shengjian’s talents were indeed amazing. During the Difficult Dao Era, he still broke through to the Ancient Saint realm and approaching grand achievement. If it was not for the horrible nature of the Difficult Dao Era, he would have been an unfathomable Heavenly Sovereign.

Wan Shengjian stared at everyone with a heavenly aura and sneered: “Chi Yun, since when was your Nine Saint Demon Gate so arrogant like this?”

As a disciple of the Heavenly God Sect, and as a grand achievement Grand Saint, Wan Shengjian truly had the ability to look down on all beings.

Facing Wan Shengjian, even someone like Supreme Elder Chi Yun greatly changed their expression. Regarding cultivation, he really was not Wan Shengjian’s opponent.

“When the Nine Saint Demon Gate was truly arrogant, I don’t know where your Heavenly God Sect was!” Li Qiye lazily said before Chi Yun could retort.

Wan Shengjian’s gaze became fierce and coldly stared at Li Qiye. His voice was crisp like a bell, and he coldly said: “Ignorant child, even god would not be able to save you today!” Finished speaking, his grand palm headed straight to grab Li Qiye.

Wan Shengjian’s move was extremely terrifying. The thunders covered the heaven and earth as the universal laws poured down, like a waterfall that was capable of collapsing the Ancient Street, causing others to shiver.

As this great palm was coming, both Li Shuangyan and Chi Yun were greatly alarmed!

However, Li Qiye was very calm. He embraced his ancient zither and began to play. “Zhang”, a group of emperor’s powers, like a sword tip, soared to the sky.

“Pluff”, blood poured down like the torrential rain. The group of emperor’s power pierced the great palm.

“Emperor’s Possession…” In an instant, Wan Shengjian was astonished and took several steps back immediately! Even Ancient Saints would be shocked seeing the power of an Emperor’s Possession. Even as a grand achievement Grand Saint, he could not dare to say that he could survive under the emperor’s power that wanted to kill.

Wan Shengjian wasn’t the only one surprised. All of the observing cultivators here knew the meaning behind an Emperor’s Possession, and they all aghastly took a few steps back!

Even though it could not compare to an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure, and especially not an Immortal Emperor True Treasure, not everyone could stop the emperor’s power and immortal intent. An Ancient Saint was absolutely unable to resist it.

Once the emperor’s power and immortal intent came out, it would be invincible. What could a grand achievement Grand Saint do to stop it outside of having his head roll on the floor?

“The Heavenly God Sect is nothing special, go ahead and summon an Emperor weapon.” Li Qiye smiled, “zhang– zhang– zhang–” as he was plucking the zither’s strings. In the blink of an eye, each wave rushed out from the ancient zither like plumes of smoke that was enough to collapse the world.

In an instant, everyone trembled with terror deep in their hearts. Mere mortals could not resist the power of an Emperor’s Possession!

“Hmph, do you think only you have an Emperor’s Possession?” After a cold snort, Jikong Jian came out of nowhere while holding an inkstone. His inkstone immediately released black rolling energy, and there were also strands of emperor’s power.

“Brother Ji Kong, give us a hand to slay this person, and the Emperor’s Possession will go to you.” Seeing Jikong Jian making a move, Dao Child Shengtian was ecstatic.

Not to mention the Ancient Street, even the entire Ancient Sky City lost its colors as the two emperor’s powers appeared. The sun and moon, along with all of the stars’ brilliances, were eclipsed.

“A Space Trample Mountain disciple!” Seeing Jikong Jian, a person exclaimed: “Could this be a showdown between two emperor’s powers!”

“Space Trample Mountain, good, new and old debts paid together!” Li Qiye coldly sneered once and the sounds of the zither became more urgent, unleashing an even denser emperor’s power. Decapitating an Ancient Saint was easy; however, wanting to destroy another Emperor’s Possession was not easy! As Li Qiye played the zither, its luster became dimmer and its emperor’s power was being expended more and more!

“Come compare our Emperor’s Possessions with this Young Noble!” Seeing Li Qiye not caring about the loss of his Emperor’s Possession, Jikong Jian also roared. His inkstone released rolling fogs as the ink inside became increasingly less.

Both sides were channeling their powerful emperor’s powers, wanting to unleash the strongest blow to see just whose Emperor’s Possession was the strongest.

“Where did this child come from to be chirping nonstop at this place! Whoever makes a noise here will die!” Suddenly, an old man wearing a paper hat came out of nowhere. He reached his one hand forward and smacked the emperor’s power, turning it back into ink falling back to the inkstone.

“Bang–bang–bang–” The old man that wore the paper hat suddenly grabbed Jikong Jian’s right leg and slammed him into the ground ten times like a sandbag in one breath until he coughed up blood with his head spinning. He was not able to tell right from left!

Eventually, Jikong Jian turned into a shooting star and was thrown out of Ancient Sky City by the old man. It was unknown whether he was dead or alive!

In just a moment, everyone was petrified. This was too heaven-defying and irrational. One palm to bring the emperor’s power back to the Emperor’s Possession, and he easily slammed Jikong Jian like a sandbag! Where did this kind of heaven-rebelling monster came from!

The old man wearing the paper that suddenly appeared was the old man who needed the stone chest to be opened as well as the person who wanted Li Qiye as a disciple.

“Too bad about the inkstone.” Li Qiye was a bit sad about not being able to destroy the inkstone. He shot out the zither to retract the majority of the emperor’s power. The remaining emperor’s power turned into a heavenly sword and slashed forward.

“Have a taste of my one sword.” Li Qiye laughed, and the few remaining emperor’s power — as the heavenly sword — slashed straight towards Wan Shengjian!


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