Chapter 1783: Fiercest Li Qiye

The hushed crowd watched the prince crucified on the betting table. No one would dare to imagine a mortal daring to kill the crown prince of an imperial lineage.

If it was anyone else without cultivation, they wouldn’t dare to do anything even if the prince just stood there with his hands tied. Alas, this mortal showed zero hesitation. He dispatched the prince as if merely killing a chicken.

People shuddered with fear and felt that this mortal was a butcher whose hands have been stained with endless blood.

Shen Xiaoshan’s group stood there agape with incredulity. They couldn’t find the words to describe this situation.

In their eyes, the prince was an unreachable character; someone that their sect could only look up and show respect towards since he could destroy them with one finger. Thus, his murder shook them to their very core.

“Sigh, was it worth the trouble?” Laoliu laughed and clapped before disappearing into the mass. [1]

Li Qiye was amused by Laoliu. He didn’t bother to look at the corpse and said flatly before leaving: “A prey like this is no fun at all.”

This comment made minds wander. Was the prince a target from the very beginning? This mortal was hunting the prince and took everything he had. This possibility made people tremble since Li Qiye was more like a beast that would devour everything whole. The prince was the perfect example of this.

The crowd wondered if this mortal wasn’t just a simple appraiser!

“May I have your name, Sir?” An ancestor from the workshop respectfully asked.

“Fiercest, Li Qiye.” Li Qiye flatly answered and went out the entrance. Shen Xiaoshan and the others calmed down and gave chase.

People racked their brains to remember this name but they haven’t heard of it before. No one knew who Fiercest was.

Li Qiye stopped searching the Western Market because nothing else here piqued his interest.

The group of three followed him back to the inn. None of them uttered a single word along the way. Even He Chen who was more animated than the others walked with his head low.

Li Qiye sat on his bed and channeled his merit law to absorb energies into his fate palace. He was close to one hundred units of chaos energy to break through to the Dao Ant realm.

“Buzz!” He finally got enough. Both his thirteen palaces and inner physiques emitted a faint glow.

After the battle with World Emperor and the others, the Death Record allowed his fundamental essences to reborn. However, his opponents were too strong and left behind damages beyond anyone else. That was the reason why his cultivation was destroyed. Without it, he couldn’t empower his palaces and use them to their maximum potential.

As long as he cultivated and absorbed more energies, his palaces and physiques would eventually recover.

The realm of Dao Ant required five hundred units to break through to the Dao Insect realm. The meditation went on as he felt the beats of the world and became one with it.

After a long time, someone knocked on the door.

“Enter.” Li Qiye said flatly without opening his eyes.

“Creak.” The door opened and Tieshu Weng came inside. He didn’t dare to speak after seeing the meditating Li Qiye and simply stood there.

He had finished his matters so he met up with the group again.

Of course, Shen Xiaoshan’s group told him everything that had transpired. The frightened old man realized that he had misjudged Li Qiye; the guy wasn’t only a scholarly mortal. His legs almost gave up on him especially when he heard that Li Qiye had killed the Heavenly Phoenix Crown Prince.

Li Qiye eventually opened his eyes and stared at the old man.

It was a normal, non-imposing stare yet the old man found it hard to stand straight.

“Bang!” He dropped to the ground and said with horror: “This lowly one was blind and couldn’t recognize that you are an immortal. Please forgive me…”

Sago Palm was nothing compared to the prince. Just thinking about how his disciples had offended Li Qiye before made him worried. Such disrespect could warrant him destroying their sect a thousand times over.

“Stand up, you didn’t know before.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve.

The old man struggled to get up. This was a god standing before him yet he didn’t realize it before. He was nervous enough to not know where to put his hands.

“Are you finished with your tasks?” Li Qiye asked.

The old man waved his hand frantically and said: “I was foolish with this whole examination matter and wasted your time…”

Even if he was a hundred times more courageous, he wouldn’t dare to ask Li Qiye to do anything right now. He was already thanking his fortune that Li Qiye didn’t punish him for being disrespectful.

“No need to be so nervous. If I wanted to punish you, you wouldn’t be standing here right now.” Li Qiye calmed him down.

The old man heaved a sigh of relief. He was completely drenched in sweat after being nearly scared to death.

“That’s fine. I’ll still need to go to the Jilin Clan and will put in a good word for Sago Palm.” Li Qiye continued.

This surprised the old man. His fear left and excitement arrived, leaving him unable to react.

Their sect would change completely if Li Qiye were to put in good words for them. They might even be able to ride the Jilin’s coattails. This had always been his pursuit!

“I’m doing this not because of your respectful attitude or flattery. It is because of your wisdom and keen insight. Even though your background is humble, those from bigger sects lack your rationality and judgment. Moreover, you treat others well, this is your best trait.”

The old man quickly kneeled again and said with reverence: “We’ll never forget your grace and will establish a shrine to worship you, immortal.” 

“Very well, take your leave now.” Li Qiye nodded and sent him off.

The old man took a deep breath before bowing one last time then left.

With that, Li Qiye casually reached out to conceal this spatial plane. He then took out the wooden box taken from the Ji Store. The box consisting of a single piece was emitting a green glow as if made from jade.

His expression became quite serious after taking it out. He told the manager about his lack of knowledge before but this wasn’t the case for he was aware of its origin.

Many have searched for it before but no one has seen its true shape, hence no one had recognized its true value.

1. He’s addressing the prince here

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