Chapter 178: Mysterious Eaves-Tile (2)

Chapter 178: Mysterious Eaves-Tile (2)

“You’d be wrong.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “This depends on whose hands it is in. If it is in the hands of someone else, then it is only a useless tile. However, in my hands, it is a goose that lays golden eggs!”

“What do you mean by laying golden eggs?” At this point, even Li Shuangyan was quite curious. What could a common tile be used to do? Even though it came from Immortal Emperor Tun Ri, this was not the era of Immortal Emperor Tun Ri. If he was still here, then carrying this tile to see him could be useful.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “I initially wanted to make some fake antiques and bring them to the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground to fool the Earth Immortals and swindle the treasures in their hands. But with this tile, I don’t need to waste so much effort to make the fake stuff.”

“Using fake items to fool the Earth Immortals?” Hearing Li Qiye’s idea, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but to roll their eyes. This idea was truly too crazy! If this came from other people’s mouths, then they would surely think that it was a crazy person. But time after time, these words came from their Young Noble; it was as if this idea was not crazy at all.

“This, this is possible?” Even Li Shuangyan, who believed in Li Qiye the most, was skeptical, and she said: “Earth Immortals buried inside the Dragon Veins were all invincible existences at the highest pinnacle. Using fake items to swindle their treasures? This, this doesn’t seem to be possible ah?”

Such an idea was too crazy, no one else would think of it.

“It depends on who is doing it.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “Making fake items, I was seven parts sure. Now with the tile in my hand ah, I am ten parts certain. Plus, I already have a target in my mind.”

Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao glanced at each other once before becoming silent. No matter when it is, they would think that this idea was too crazy. Fooling Earth Immortals! Even Virtuous Paragons would have to avoid Earth Immortals not to mention coming to fool them. However, their Young Noble time after time kept coming up with these crazy and outrageous ideas that would be considered suicidal by others!

Shi Gandang, following in the back, also gently sighed. What is called a genius? This is a genius. It had nothing to do with talents and nothing to do with Physiques. With crazy thoughts and performing the most outrageous tasks, being able to do impossible things — this was a true genius!

The Ancient Street was very wide with many sellers coming from the Grand Middle Territory. Some came from the Eastern Cities, and some from the Southern Barren Earth… There were human and demon cultivators in this place. One could say that, at the Grand Middle territory, these two races could be seen anywhere.

Outside of the human and demon races, there was the Heavenly Devil race, Stone Golem race, and one could even come across one or two cultivators from the Ghost Immortal and Blood races.

Seeing the cultivators from the Ghost Immortal and Blood races, Shi Gandang couldn’t help but marvel at the sight: “Ancient Sky City is truly one of the biggest ancient cities in the Grand Middle Territory. Even Ghost Immortal and Blood cultivators also appear in this place.”

Inside the Mortal Emperor World, there were already very few cultivators from the Heavenly Devil and Stone Golem tribes. They originally do not belong to the native races in the Mortal Emperor World. Ever since the Black Dragon King fought with Immortal Emperor Ta Kong and destroyed the dao paths between the Nine Worlds, the interactions between the Nine Worlds were stopped for thirty thousand years. So since then, to be able to see races outside of humans and demons was not a common occurrence.

Li Qiye, along with Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, strolled through the Ancient Street. Even though there were many sellers inside, items that could get into the sight of Li Qiye were truly few in number. After going through half of the Ancient Street, there were no desirable treasures.

However, as they were walking, before they knew it, there were a few people beginning to point fingers at them. The majority were young cultivators. In the beginning, Li Qiye’s group didn’t mind. However, the matter exceeded their imagination. Slowly, the cultivators next to them were not only pointing, but were also quietly whispering.

“Is she the Jewel Pillar Sacred School’s Chen Baojiao?” As Li Qiye’s group was walking past, a young cultivator especially slowed his pace and stared at Chen Baojiao with a strange gaze.

“Bah, who else could it be besides that shameless woman?” A female cultivator friend said with disdain.

In fact, the cultivators’ gossip was not limited to just this, and it was not just this one group of cultivators. It was as if there were quite a few doing it on purpose.

“Hmph, the Jewel Pillar Sacred School is a famous great sect of the Grand Middle Territory, but today, its face is completely thrown away because of this shameless woman.” A young cultivator purposely whispered when he saw Chen Baojiao.

“Right ah. Hmph, she’s clearly betrothed to the Dao Child Shengtian yet still tried to seduce people from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect — truly shameless.” A female disciple coldly sneered with some jealousy in her tone.

Hearing this, Chen Baojiao, Li Shuangyan, and Li Qiye’s gazes became cold. From the start, Chen Baojiao didn’t pay it any mind. However, this was started on purpose by a few cultivators time after time, attacking them with these rumors, causing Chen Baojiao to be flushed red from anger!

“Bah, shameless lowly girl, to be able to marry Dao Child Shengtian, this is her karma from the past ten lives. She was clearly blessed yet did not appreciate it and still wants to seduce another man behind Dao Child Shengtian. It would be fine if she was seducing another genius character, but she is seducing a nameless junior, truly letting herself go…” A young female cultivator from afar spat out and coldly sneered.

Although no one here directly confronted them, anyone who heard this immediately knew who they were talking about. Chen Baojiao was shaking from anger after having heard these harsh words and had a wronged and listless feeling.

“Someone is tired of living.” Li Qiye’s gaze became serious and coldly said: “When I don’t kill people, even god himself is thanking the heaven and earth! Yet people still dare to insult over my head!”

Without a doubt, the gossips were deliberately spread with someone helping in the shadows to simply taint Chen Baojiao’s reputation.

Inside the Ancient Street, wanting to find the person in the shadows who was pushing these rumors was not a difficult matter. Li Qiye used a few schemes and immediately found out who was spreading these gossips.

On top of a balcony of the Ancient Street, there was a group of young talents together laughing and talking in high spirits. Inside the group of young talents was a leader. This young leader was the descendant that came from the Mysterious Mountain Sacred Ground — Saint Child Qishan!

Within this group of talking young talents, they were more or less intentionally or otherwise flattering Saint Child Qishan. In reality, this was not a strange matter.

The Mysterious Mountain Sacred Ground in the Grand Middle Territory could also be considered a famous heritage. More importantly, Saint Child Qishan and Dao Child Shengtian were sworn brothers. Today, the Heavenly God Sect was the sun up in the high sky; countless cultivators were willing to be friends with it. Moreover, there was recent news that the Heavenly God Sect had formed an alliance with the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom so the sect became an even hotter existence.

However, at this moment when the young circle was conversing, they saw Li Qiye coming towards this direction with Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao from the distance.

A young talent looked at Saint Child Qishan and raised his chin, then he said: “Brother Qisan, they’re coming, I’m afraid it is to cause trouble for you.”

“Nothing to be afraid of.” Saint Child Qishan sneered and loftily looked over at the approaching group of Li Qiye, then he spoke with a strange intonation: “One woman still has the face to run around with her lover… Hekhek, truly a shameless woman. Still has the face to go to places, truly lowly and slutty…”

“What did you say…” Chen Baojiao was shaking with anger. She always had a bold personality so she immediately stepped forward and shouted.

And it seemed like Saint Child Qishan had expected it. He looked around and said: “Eh, who am I talking about ah? Who is so shamelessly coming here like this?”

Saint Child Qishan’s retort immediately brought about a storm of laughter as Chen Baojiao was flushed red with anger and still shivering.

“Seeking your own death.” Li Qiye took one step forward and reached forward with his hand.

“Where did this bastard come from? This thing not knowing life from death!” Seeing Li Qiye’s hand approaching, Saint Child Qishan presumptuously laughed. He sneered then unleashed a thunderous fist with an extremely powerful force.

One had to know that Saint Child Qishan had the power of a Named Hero. In his eyes, this unknown junior, Li Qiye, was not enough to reach the apex. Under his one fist, it was more than enough to take Li Qiye’s life.

A “Ba” sound exploded as the two fists collided. However, the result was not to Saint Child Qishan’s expectation. “Crack crack” sounds appeared, and under the suppression of Li Qiye’s hand, Saint Child Qishan’s hand shattered on the spot. Li Qiye’s hand had the power of millions of jin and it easily crushed Saint Child’s arm.

A “Pooof” sound resonated as Saint Child Qishan’s bellowed horrifically and was struck flying away by Li Qiye. The sound of countless bones breaking under just one hand was accompanied by him spewing out spurts of blood.

“Junior, don’t be so presumptuous!” The Dao Protectors of Saint Child Qishan were three Royal Nobles. They had always been nearby, and they immediately rushed forward when they saw their Young Lord wounded.

The three Royal Nobles maneuvering at the same time created an overpowering Royal Noble aura that was able to drown out everything.

“Scram…” Li Shuangyan coldly shouted as the magnificent lotuses came in full bloom, untouchable by all techniques. The three Royal Nobles’ vision became blurry and didn’t know what was going on as they were attacking recklessly. Li Shuangyan — in a flash — weaved through their murderous techniques and pointed her finger on their chests.

A “Poof” sound rang as the three Royal Nobles were knocked flying away on the spot, also spraying mouthfuls of blood.

“Little bastard…” Saint Child Qishan crawled up and screamed as a battleaxe flew forward.


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