Chapter 1774: Prenatal Dao Fetus

When Li Qiye returned to the betting table, Li Langxuan saw his chosen dao material and became surprised: “Your choice is truly unexpected. This dao material from the red fir tree is the most common in the thirteen continents. Thunderfire occurs with the harmonization of the heaven and earth so many roots of these trees give birth to dao fetuses. However, the majority of these dao fetuses are White Adornments. The chance for the higher grades is pitifully low. Looks like you are really taking a gamble this time or are completely confident in your vision.”

Li Langxuan was very happy to talk to a mortal appraiser. When two appraisers talked about dao materials, a strange sense of familiarity and closeness usually appeared.

“People say that it’s no fun not relying on luck when gambling. The pleasant surprise is the stimulating part.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “That’s what I’m doing. If something good will come out, hearts will start to pound.”

“If that’s the case, I hope luck is on your side.” Li Langxuan remained cordial towards a capable appraiser.

“Hahaha, if he can keep his dog life after losing his arms and eyes, then luck is really on his side.” The prince sneered and didn’t try to cover up his bloodthirst at all.

“Let’s begin, I’ll go first.” Under the supervision of the appraisers from the workshop, Li Langxuan took out his knife to cut his chosen piece.

“Xsss, Xsss, Xsss…” Waves of cutting noises came about. Li Langxuan was quite experienced with his knife so he earned high praises from the pros nearby. This guy was gifted in both appraising and cutting.

The material became increasingly shiny with jade-like layers being peeled apart. It seemed as if oil was seeping out and creating the glossy finish.

“That’s a good dao fetus, I believe it will be a defensive one.” Many people knew that something amazing was about to come out. 

The slices became thinner since the knife was about to reach the dao fetus. A faint light from within penetrated the thin layer.

“It’s definitely a treasure now!” An experienced appraiser shouted.

“Ha, that’s definitely a Heaven Bestowment fetus, wretched mortal, tremble now!” The prince burst out in laughter.

Li Qiye was calm unlike the prince but the three by his side became worried. The better the treasure, the less chance Li Qiye had of winning.

“Boom!” Langxuan finally removed the complete dao fetus. When he placed it on the betting table, it emitted a clear brilliance consisting of drill-like rays that dazzled the entire crowd.

It was a shield the size of a palm, a good foundation to create a defensive artifact.

“Heaven Bestowment in the form of a shield fetus. It’s definitely the finest grade among postnatal fetuses.” An expert commented.

“That’s incredible, Young Noble Li, will you sell this fetus?” One sect master became excited and wanted to buy the shield fetus!

Heaven Bestowment was the highest rank of postnatal fetuses.

The prince turned towards Li Qiye and smiled cruelly: “Mortal, you’re cutting your arms off or do I have to do it for you? I won’t make it painless though.”

Li Qiye ignored the prince again while the group was aghast at the Heaven Bestowment fetus. This was the finest rank; the outcome, Li Qiye’s defeat, was already decided.

Xiaoshan’s heart was hanging on a thread. She was powerless even if she wanted to help him because they couldn’t resist a character of the crown prince’s level.

“I’m just lucky.” Langxuan heaved a sigh of relief and cupped his fist towards Li Qiye. His attitude was much better than the bossy prince.

He was confident about producing an Orange Martial fetus and didn’t expect to have the fortune of getting the finest grade. His victory was assured because of this.

“Time for me to test my luck then.” Li Qiye was unperturbed and smiled.

Having said that, he began cutting with great finesse.

“That guy wants to reverse the tide with a dao material from the red fir tree? The chance is lower than being hit by a meteor.” One appraiser shook his head after seeing Li Qiye’s refusal to give up.

“A red fir tree can still produce a good dao fetus even if the chance is low. However, even if one was lucky enough, the best outcome will only be an Orange Martial fetus. There’s no chance of winning when Young Noble Li had gotten a Heaven Bestowment.” Another expert added.

The prince smiled sinisterly after seeing this, confident in the outcome: “Go ahead, take your time delaying your inevitable defeat.”

“Xssss…” Wooden layers were removed and scattered like charcoal powders. There was no glossy finish at all. Anyone in the business could already see that it was a White Adornment fetus.

“This wooden piece has no shine. It has indeed been burned by thunderfire. Its harmonization area is too shallow, that’s a White Adornment for sure.” An experienced appraiser stated without optimism.

Shen Xiaoshan’s group became paler after hearing these appraisers’ comments. They felt that Li Qiye had lost already.

One sect master shook his head with a tinge of regrets: “It’s over. A mortal appraiser is a great achievement but he can’t be one anymore without his hands.”

Some among the crowd were actually lamenting the loss of a talent.

“Boom!” Li Qiye finally finished removing the complete fetus.

A chaos aura permeated the table as if an underground mine has been unearthed. The power of the Dao Sovereign realm appeared with a touch of the origin.

“What’s going on!?” This chaotic atmosphere shocked the nearby cultivators.

“It’s a prenatal dao fetus!” The experienced appraisers knew what was going on right away. They stepped closer to carefully look at the chaos energy inside the fetus.

They saw a sword fetus lying there, shrouded in an ocean of thick chaos energy. No one dared to underestimate this tiny fetus because it already contained the power of the Dao Sovereign level.

“A prenatal dao fetus of the Dao Sovereign level and Orange Martial grade!” One appraiser concluded.

The crowd was astonished after hearing this.

“A prenatal fetus from a red fir tree? That’s unbelievable. I’ve cut so many of them before.” A cultivator who used to be an appraiser claimed in shock.

Because dao materials from red fir tree were in abundance and cheapest on the market, many people learned the art of appraising with these materials. 

The majority of them would come out to be White Adornment fetuses. The very rare cases would result in Violet Force fetuses.

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