Chapter 177: Mysterious Eaves-Tile (1)

Chapter 177: Mysterious Eaves-Tile (1)

Seeing Leng Chengfeng’s face flushed red, Li Qiye had an exaggerated expression as he said: “Is this right? Didn’t our Young Master Leng say he wasn’t lacking money? Only ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades; to Young Master Leng, this is nothing. It is only losing one hair from nine oxen! If Young Master Leng doesn’t lack money, then just buy it.”

Li Qiye never showed leniency towards his enemies. When others wanted to hit him in the face, he would ruthlessly stomp on theirs until they were trampled beneath his foot.

Leng Chengfeng was shaking in anger with an extremely hard-to-look-at face. Earlier, he was boasting, but now, it was too late to take back the words. Leng Chengfeng’s red face finally fiercely stared at Li Qiye and sneered: “You are speaking as if you can afford it? Hmph, ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades — even if you sell your entire Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, it still would not be enough!”

“I truly cannot come up with ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled and said: “To tell you the truth, to me, ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades is indeed a monstrous sum.”

“Haha, a poor sect like your Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, I’m afraid that you haven’t even seen a Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jade. Not to mention a Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jade, I’m afraid that you can’t even take out one Heavenly King Refined Jade! Hmph, a destitute person like you being able to take out ten Refined Jades, that would be truly unthinkable!” Hearing Li Qiye’s answer, Leng Chengfeng immediately sneered and did not miss the opportunity to laugh at Li Qiye.

The guests present could see that Li Qiye and Leng Chengfeng had a quarrel. They naturally didn’t want to join this muddled water and were only watching the fun occasion from the sidelines.

To Leng Chengfeng’s mockery, Li Qiye was in no hurry at all. He was still calm as ever and slowly said: “I am indeed a person who is poor. Even though I don’t have a lot of Refined Jades in my pocket, this does not mean that I can’t afford it. Shuangyan, pay in my stead.” Finished speaking, he ordered Li Shuangyan.

Li Shuangyan didn’t say anything and only took out a jade imperial seal as she gently placed it over the medicine stall, then she spoke: “Old Alchemist, this is the largest treasure imperial seal of my Nine Saint Demon Gate.”

Seeing Li Shuangyan taking out such an item, Leng Chengfeng’s expression greatly changed. As the oldest disciple of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, he naturally knew the meaning of this item. This jade imperial seal was able to take out the largest amounts of Refined Jades and medicinal ingredients, along with godly ore and treasure metals, of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. A treasure imperial seal like this in the entire Nine Saint Demon Gate numbered no more than three. One was in the gate itself, one was in the hands of Elder Jian, and the last one was in the hands of the gate master!

Seeing this jade imperial seal, Leng Chengfeng already knew which piece of imperial seal it was within the three!

Li Qiye glanced at Leng Chengfeng once and leisurely said: “I really don’t have much money. However, the Nine Saint Demon Gate is so hospitable, and I don’t mind being a ‘prodigal child.’ I don’t know if Young Master Leng still wants to buy any other family heirlooms or not? So that we can have a bidding war to see who can bid higher?” His words were meant to fiercely stomp on Leng Chengfeng’s face!

The Nine Saint Demon Gate was relying on Li Qiye. If Li Qiye could successfully bury the War God Temple’s ancestor, then, to the Nine Saint Demon Gate, money was not an issue. Once successful, the benefits were endless for the Nine Saint Demon Gate, and the War God Temple would become its strongest backer in the future! Thus, Demon King Lun Ri was naturally generous regarding Li Qiye. If he wanted money, give money; if he wanted materials, then give materials.

However, Li Qiye was simply too lazy to take advantage of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. This jade imperial seal of Demon King Lun Ri was given to Li Shuangyan to carry along. Today, Leng Chengfeng was not smart and came to provoke him. Li Qiye, of course, was willing to ruthlessly step on his face!

Leng Chengfeng was absolutely livid with anger. His trembling self — once again — lost to Li Qiye. Restraining the fire in his stomach, he coldly grunted and turned around to leave. Continuing to stay would only result in him losing even more face.

“Crazy person…” Seeing someone spending ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades to buy an eaves-tile, other cultivators couldn’t help but shake their heads. Before they left, they said such a phrase. What “second generation children?” They could not compare to such a prodigal child. Ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades to buy a tile — this was too ridiculous.[1. “Second generation child” 二世子 is another word for a useless son who only knows how to spend. First generation parents worked hard and became rich, so their second generation children would not have to do anything for the most part so they become complacent and turn into young masters. This is the modern interpretation of the phrase.

The second historical interpretation of this “generation child” is that 世子 also means “crown prince”, so the crown prince would become the king, and more often than not, the crown prince is usually the oldest son, so any second son and younger would become “second generation child” – nobilities- who do nothing except eat/sleep/sex without any political/military power, if they were lucky enough to be left alive by the new king. Hence “Second generation child” is another way to call young master.

“Prodigal child” as Li Qiye referred to himself was another expression to call someone a wasteful young master. Both of these expressions are very common]

Before Li Qiye bought the tile, he looked at the tile one more time, then he lifted his head towards the young girl who was cleaning the stall and said: “How about drip a drop of fresh blood on it?” He spoke then handed the tile over.

The young girl had to glance over at Old Alchemist Su Xiu. He gently nodded his head, so the girl didn’t say anything else and pricked her finger to spill a fresh drop of blood on top of the tile.

The flesh blood drop on the tile slowly dripped along a line hidden in the tile. Li Qiye looked over it carefully one more time, and he finally determined that this was the real thing!

“Dao Friend truly knows your stuff with impeccable decision.” Seeing Li Qiye being so cautious, Old Alchemist Su Xiu couldn’t help but become frightened and convinced. He then revealed an inside story: “My disciple’s family heirloom was a treasure given to her ancestors by Immortal Emperor Tun Ri! If my disciple didn’t need to buy a large amount of raw medicinal materials, she wouldn’t bear to sell the family heirloom.”

“Immortal Emperor Tun Ri’s bestowed treasure!”

Hearing this, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao — at this time — became amazed. Immortal Emperor’s bestowed treasures… Then it had to be difficult to gauge.

“I know this.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled and said: “I can buy it, but, I will need a bottle of her blood.” Finished speaking, he pointed at the young girl.

Old Alchemist Su Xiu couldn’t help but to watch Li Qiye for a while because this tile was his disciple’s family heirloom. He also pondered about it for a long time, but he couldn’t figure out what was precious about it. At the moment, it seemed like Li Qiye had the answer, so he was a bit visibly moved.

“Can do.” Finally, the old alchemist looked at his disciple. She then nodded silently, and the old alchemist agreed with Li Qiye’s condition.

“Shuangyan, pay him.” Li Qiye took on a gallant air as he took the tile and told Li Shuangyan.

Li Shuangyan, without any hesitation, immediately paid the old alchemist. Of course, this expenditure was a debt for her master, Demon King Lun Ri. Even though she was the descendant of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, she didn’t have the power to move such a monstrous amount like this!

After leaving the medicine stall, Chen Baojiao unrestrainedly asked: “This is an Emperor’s Possession, right? Immortal Emperor Tun Ri’s Possession?”

“Emperor’s Possession? Do you feel that ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades could buy one Emperor’s Possession? If it was an Emperor’s Possession, then even ten Immortal Emperor Refined Jades would be worth it.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“If it’s not an Emperor’s Possession, then what is it?” Li Shuangyan then inquired. Ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades was not a small amount. Even for their Nine Saint Demon Gate, it was still a huge sum.

Li Qiye calmly replied: “It is only an eaves-tile, an ordinary tile that could not be more common!”

“Just an eaves-tile?” Chen Baojiao was stunned for a moment, then she said: “You, you spent ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades just to buy a common eaves-tile?”

This was a level of family-destroying wastefulness ah!

“Why not? If I think it is valuable, then it is worth it.” Li Qiye smilingly said.

At this moment, Li Shuangyan’s expression changed. Ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades was not a small amount. She couldn’t help but ask: “Could it be that the old alchemist was lying earlier?”

“No, he spoke the truth.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “This eaves-tile truly came from the hand of Immortal Emperor Tun Ri. However, it was when he was young and was not an Immortal Emperor; he gave this tile to a friend. It was not bestowed to them after he became an Immortal Emperor!”

Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao both went into a daze. Using ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades to buy a tile, and a common tile on top of that… It was not worth a coin. Such an item, even if you threw it to the ground, no one would bother come to pick it up. Other people would think that Li Qiye had become crazy.

“This, this eaves-tile has a heaven shaking origin?” Chen Baojiao felt a slight fainting sensation. Spending ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades to buy a useless tile — this would indeed be crazy.

“No heaven shaking origin. To put it bluntly, when Immortal Emperor Tun Ri was a poor little boy… And this is not an exaggeration, he was so poor that he didn’t even have rice to eat. One day, he and his sworn brother, at a young age, decided to part ways. He was destitute with nothing to give his brother, so he took down the last eaves-tile on the rooftop and gave it to his brother! Later on, Immortal Emperor Tun Ri joined the Soaring Immortal Sect. He then slowly went up in the world and ultimately became successful in becoming an invincible Immortal Emperor of a generation.”

Li Qiye slowly spoke as if he was telling an old tale.

Hearing this old tale, not only Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan, but even Grandpa Shi following them were shocked for a moment. This was their first time hearing such a secret matter. Immortal Emperor Tun Ri had swept through the nine heavens and ten earths. He was not only a generation of Immortal Emperor, but he was also a generation of invincible Immortal Physique! His whole life was extremely brilliant and it illuminated era after era. However, the invincible Immortal Emperor Tun Ri in the eyes of the world, how many people actually knew that he had such a humbled past?

Immortal Emperor Tun Ri’s past couldn’t have been passed down, and it was impossible for the world to know. How was it that Li Qiye, time after another time, knew all of these secrets that no one would ever know?

Li Qiye naturally knew Immortal Emperor Tun Ri’s past because, that year, he personally brought him to the Soaring Immortal Sect. He originally wanted to keep Tun Ri by his side to groom him but, unfortunately, he had owed a favor to the Soaring Immortal Sect so he had to give this great seed away!

“Are there any other uses for this eaves-tile?” Li Shuangyan did not give up and couldn’t help but to inquire further. This was ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades ah! Even if it was not her money, it was the sect’s money; she couldn’t help but feel the pain inside. Ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades to buy a tile — too extravagant, too luxurious to the point where she wanted to vomit blood!

“Only an ordinary tile that could not be more common. If you think that this is a rare treasure, then you are wrong. It has no effect for cultivators.” Li Qiye smilingly shook his head and said.

“You are crazy now.” Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but to complain: “Ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades to buy a tile… Simply put, this is crazy. This is a new degree of wasting money.”


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