Chapter 1766: Heavenly Phoenix Crown Prince

This youth had a woman as his companion and another worker helping them. She was beautiful and commanded an oppressive noble aura; this made it obvious that she came from a great background.

The worker was stuck in a tough position after this youth grabbed the cup out of Li Qiye’s hand. He smiled awkwardly and asked Li Qiye: “The prince is very impatient, dear customer, will you look at something else?”

Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at the youth and said dismissively: “Tell him to give it back, I want this cup.”

The two workers became awkward. According to their store’s rules, it was first come, first served.

The second worker rubbed his palms together and smiled at the youth: “My Prince, will you take a look at something different? We have a lot of treasures here, especially a new dagger that will be very suitable for Miss Lin.’

Even though a mortal like Li Qiye wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford the jade cup, he was still first in line to buy because of the rule.

“No, I want this cup, it can purify bloodline, perfect for my sister. This will be my gift for her.” The youth was very arrogant.

“Ah, sir, we have other treasures too. I’m sure you will be able to find the right one.” After seeing the youth’s swift refusal, Li Qiye’s worker turned towards him and persuaded.

“No. This cup will be mine.” LI Qiye flatly refused as well without backing down.

Li Qiye’s attitude made the two workers speechless. What kind of mortal dared to vex a cultivator? Moreover, this youth came from a great background.

He was on a shopping spree with this beauty and coincidentally saw this cup then felt that it was very suitable for his older sister. But now, a mortal dared to compete with him? This embarrassed him in front of the lady and everyone else here.

“Brat, can you afford it?” The youth coldly stared at Li Qiye with contempt. In his eyes, even a rich mortal wouldn’t be able to buy this level of treasure.

“Attendant, pack it up for me, we’ll pay later.” Li Qiye told the worker next to him.

This scared the wits out of Shen Xiaoshan because she knew that he didn’t even have one chaos stone on him. But now, he dared to tell the worker to pack it up? What if he couldn’t afford to pay when the time comes? It would be too embarrassing and awkward.

The youth’s eyes turned cold with a murderous glint after seeing the non-cooperating mortal.

If this wasn’t the Jilin’s territory, he would crush this mortal already. It would be as easy as killing an ant for someone like him.

“Hmph, only a mortal yet you still dare to bluster? Do you know who he is?” The beauty became unhappy with Li Qiye as well and sneered: “He is the Crown Prince of Heavenly Phoenix, the little brother of Heavenly Phoenix Princess.”

“Heavenly Phoenix Princess!” Shi Sou’s group turned pale after hearing this title.

Heavenly Phoenix Crown Prince wasn’t famous but it was a different story for the princess. Many people in Pure would show respect after hearing her title.

This country was an imperial lineage, created by Heavenly Phoenix Immortal Monarch.

However, being an imperial lineage wasn’t the proudest thing in the country. Their true pride was their princess.

She had a prestigious bloodline but more importantly, she was Jin Ge’s fiancee. He was the successor of the War-Monarch Clan and had taken up the post of clan master before too. He was an emperor candidate and once threatened the thirteen continents. [1]

Shi Sou felt his legs giving in. They were less than insects compared to someone like the princess and her lineage. Xiaoshan slightly pulled on Li Qiye’s sleeve in order to remind him from going against the crown prince. 

The beauty next to the prince felt complacent and sneered again: “His Highness’ prestige isn’t something you can compare to, be smart and scram now!”

“Never heard of him. Scram to the side, do not interrupt my shopping.” Li Qiye ignored those two and told the worker again: “Pack it up well.”

This was not a good trip for Shi Sou’s group since they were repeatedly frightened by Li Qiye. They expected him to back off a bit after hearing the prince’s identity but it turned out that he didn’t give a damn at all.

The two workers were astonished as well. This might be the most aggressive and domineering mortal they have ever met, even going as far as to shout at the Heavenly Phoenix Crown Prince.

The prince’s expression turned ugly after being treated with contempt publicly by this mortal. If it wasn’t for his rationality holding him back from killing in a Jilin shop, he would have crushed this ant long ago.

“Attendant, this is my card.” He took out a VIP card made out of gold and handed it to the worker next to him.

The worker next to him was surprised to see this card. The prince’s status alone wasn’t enough to enjoy this gold VIP card. It must have been his father’s.

He accepted the card and apologized sincerely to Li Qiye: “Dear customer, the prince is our esteemed guest and has purchasing priority.”

The prince was appeased after hearing this and snorted: “Only a mortal, a gleam of light daring to compete against the radiant moon?!” 

The prince normally wouldn’t care to compete against a mortal. However, if he didn’t release this anger today, he wouldn’t be able to save his face as the crown prince of an entire country, no, an imperial lineage. If he couldn’t take a mortal down a notch, it would show utter incompetence.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye freely replied with his gaze shifting at the wooden box again.

“Get the hell out now and I shall show mercy by not killing you!” The prince almost vomited blood after seeing that this mortal was still as haughty as ever and shouted.

Shi Sou’s group was truly scared this time by the shouting prince. Remember that just his finger alone could destroy Sago Palm. This was even before talking about his older sister and brother-in-law. Shi Sou almost dropped to the ground in fear.

Xiaoshan tugged on Li Qiye’s sleeve again, signaling him to stop.

Li Qiye ignored this and casually went over to brush his hand across the zither. A noise came about.

Suddenly, a phoenix roar resounded with the zither becoming bright. However, it quickly disappeared as if it was only a coincidence.

The two workers were completely stunned by this event. Meanwhile, the stunned manager immediately got up and walked closer towards Li Qiye. He cupped his fist and said: “Sir, you are a master. Your presence brightens our humble abode.”

“This is our boss.” The worker quietly introduced.

“I see. I’m here to buy some toys at your store.” Li Qiye casually said.

The workers were taken by a storm with his attitude. Keep in mind that even kings and sect masters wouldn’t be received by their manager. They would even bow down when talking to him yet Li Qiye treated it so trivially.

The manager immediately grabbed the jade cup and told the prince: “My Prince, the rule of the store is first come, first served. Please excuse us.”

“Manager, I’m not trying to force the issue but I do have a VIP card.” The prince didn’t accept this.

He didn’t dare to become angry at the manager but he couldn’t swallow it down.

“This gentleman is our venerable guest with all the priorities, please excuse us.” The manager said seriously.

With that, the old manager ordered a worker to take down a dagger and give it to the lady next to him. It was quite pricey so she liked it a lot.

Nevertheless, the prince was still furious at Li Qiye and would surely kill him if this wasn’t a Jilin store.

1. Not the cultivation title here, just an aspirant which does confuse me, is this really a big deal?

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