Chapter 1765: Phoenix Call Zither

After listening to Li Qiye, He Chen became emboldened and hurriedly asked: “What is the story of this zither?”

For some unknown reasons, the group felt more confident whenever Li Qiye spoke. With him as his backing, they felt that they could get through anything.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was still looking at the wooden box the whole time as if it was the most beautiful woman in this world.

“Sir, you are quite discerning and knowledgeable to be able to recognize the Phoenix Call Zither.” The worker actually became startled.

In the beginning, he thought that Li Qiye was a young master, perhaps an illegitimate child of an expert from a great power. That’s why three cultivators were following him.

Nevertheless, the guy was still only a mortal in the eyes of this worker. Even if he didn’t look down on Li Qiye, he still didn’t take the guy too seriously. This was only another ordinary customer at best.

Thus, he became surprised to see a mortal like Li Qiye easily revealing the name of the zither. Many kings and sect masters didn’t even recognize the zither, let alone knowing its name. 

Li Qiye seemed to be aloof since his unblinking focus was on the wooden box. The worker didn’t know what was so interesting about the box, at least appearance wise.

After a while, Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and finally glanced at the zither: “This particular zither is indeed a good item and it is reasonable to call it a priceless treasure. However, it is essentially useless right now in your possession, might as well use it as firewood.”

The three turned pale from fear. Remember that this was one of the two most precious treasures in the store but now, Li Qiye called it useless. It was a blatant insult towards the shop as if he wanted to cause trouble. In a more serious scenario, shop owners would fight to the death to defend their reputation.

The worker was stunned by this response. He turned austere and said coldly: “Sir, one can eat anything but must be careful of the words coming out. Our store’s success has always been due to our golden reputation!”

“Your store does indeed have a good reputation.” Li Qiye ignored the worker’s demeanor and said flatly: “Without the phoenix melody, the zither is worthless. Only with its melody would the zither be valuable and peerless. Since you are selling the zither, it clearly shows that you do not have the melody because if you did, you wouldn’t bear to sell it right now. What is this about selling to the fated? It is only a way of finding the one holding the phoenix melody. At that time, you’ll try to make a deal for the melody instead!” He articulated as if it was no secret to him at all.

The worker became stunned and took one step back while staring at Li Qiye because this was a top secret of their shop, outsiders had no way of knowing. Moreover, all the workers here were actually direct disciples that have experienced strict examinations. They would never leak this secret.

“Sir, you are joking.” He coughed wryly in order to skirt around the issue but his astonished eyes said it all.

There was an old man sitting in the back of the store, its manager. It didn’t matter the big shots that came to shop, he would never personally receive them or even look at them.

He was a powerful expert from the Jilin Clan. His presence wasn’t meant for reception but rather protection. If anyone dared to cause trouble here, he would quickly take care of them.

After all, there were many precious treasures and ores here. Such a store required the presence of a true master in order to avoid unwanted problems.

He immediately opened his eyes after hearing Li Qiye talk about the zither and the melody. He glared at the youth for a long while.

Li Qiye didn’t care and looked back at the box: “How much for this wooden box?”

The worker regained his wits and hurriedly said: “Sir, well, we’re displaying this wooden box for a friend. The person wants a defensive scroll of the imperial level. It can be from any race.” 

The worker’s attitude became increasingly enthusiastic and respectful, not just because of his profession any longer.

He had no knowledge of this particular wooden box because another clan asked them to sell it. This clan had a great relationship with their shop.

The box was the clan’s inheritance since an ancient era. However, the masters of the clan had no idea about the box’s origin and why it was precious. Nevertheless, they continued passing it down to their descendants.

Rumor has it that this was already a tradition back during the days of their founding patriarch. This patriarch told his children that the box was priceless and is meant for the fated. Only the chosen one would know how to open this box. However, none of his descendants knew how to open it so the clan had no idea of the content inside.

As time went on, the clan fell into decline, especially in this generation. Because of this, they had no choice but to sell this wooden box in exchange for a defensive scroll of the imperial level. They wished to use this type of imperial law to rise again.

When the box reached the store, even the strongest and most knowledgeable ancestors here had no clue why this box was so precious. If it wasn’t for the deep ties between the two sides, the shop wouldn’t dare to sell this box here. After all, an imperial law was too precious. No one would be stupid enough to make the trade for something unknown. Perhaps a crazy man would do so.

Shen Xiaoshan’s group exchanged glances and understood that this was impossible. Even if they had an imperial law, they couldn’t trade it for this wooden box.

Li Qiye only smiled after hearing this and looked around at the store. He instantly locked onto another item not far from there. He walked to the front of it for a better observation.

The worker and the three also followed him. This item looked like a jade cup. However, its base was very tall; any taller and it would look more like a stand. 

A golden dragon was carved on the cup. This tiny dragon seemed to be swimming and very animated. Perhaps there was really a dragon sealed inside.

A harmonious aura could be felt instantly when people got close. It was very pleasant and fueled everyone’s vitality.

“This is…” Shen Xiaoshan was surprised because she could see the wonderful properties of this cup-like treasure. Her vitality seemed to be purified; even her blood was becoming purer.

It was hard to describe this feeling but one thing was certain even for a layman like her - this was an incredible treasure.

“This is the Golden Dragon Cup.” The worker cheerfully introduced: “It came from a High God of the Divine Race, made from Sacred Recuperation Jade and used the blood of an ancient flood-dragon to create that little golden dragon, all of this came together with the High God’s amazing crafting art. It can purify bloodlines and store essences in order to strengthen one’s blood, especially those who have some ancestral blood.”

The group shuddered after hearing this because ancestral bloods were very precious. Those who had them were dragons among men and destined for greatness.

“Another good item.” Li Qiye chuckled and reached for it.

If this was a while back, the worker wouldn’t want him to hold it because a mortal wouldn’t be able to afford it. But now, he didn’t try to stop him at all.

The moment Li Qiye grabbed it, another hand snatched it from him. An aggressive voice sounded: “I want this jade cup, how much?”

The group quickly turned and saw that the rude person was quite young. He wore a royal robe with phoenix embroideries on the sleeves. He had an excellent stature while his eyes flashed with a horrifying glint.

There was a dazzling green jade on his forehead, telling everyone that he came from the golem race!

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