Chapter 176 : An Eaves-Tile Bringing about a Calamity (2)

Chapter 176 : An Eaves-Tile Bringing about a Calamity (2)

Finally, this Ancient Saint — with great heartache — took out his Universal Pouch to buy the Fate Pill. However, he was very satisfied with a Seven Attainment Fate Pill!

This Old Alchemist Su Xiu did have some real abilities. He was absolutely a great alchemist. This was why, even though his dan prices were outrageous, his business was still especially good.

When Li Qiye passed by this medicinal stall, he couldn’t help but to stop his steps; he was attracted by an item on top of the medicine stall. This item was placed in the most eye-catching location of the stall, and it was even especially labeled by a sign on top — “Heirloom Treasure Sale.”

If it was a heirloom treasure, then anyone would inquire about it. However, this type of heirloom would not be asked by anyone about the price. The reason was very simple, this item was only a piece of eaves-tile.

This eaves-tile was grey with very rough workmanship. It even made others question whether this tile was simply picked up on the old rooftop or not.

If this piece of broken tile was a family heirloom, then there were too many family heirlooms in this world.

Old Alchemist Su Xiu especially set up his stall in such a position, wanting to sell the heirloom, so even his guests coming to buy the spirit medicine couldn’t help but look at him strangely. Others even asked: “Such an item can also become a family heirloom?”

“Hehe, this is absolutely our family heirloom, it cannot be fake!” Then, Old Alchemist Su Xiu smiled and asked: “Does Dao Friend want to buy it?”

“Am I sick or something? Buying a broken tile back to do what?” An angry customer replied to Old Alchemist Su Xiu.

Such words from the guest caused the young girl, who was always keeping her head down and fixing the medicinal stall, to become stiff.

Others were dismissive of the broken tile, and most of them thought that it was just the old man being funny. However, Li Qiye was attracted by this eaves-tile.

Li Qiye went over to pick up this tile and meticulously gauged it again and again. It was as if this piece of eaves-tile was a rare treasure in this world.

He carefully analyzed the tile in his hand. It seemed that he was unwilling to miss a single small detail.

“Hehe, this Brother is someone who knows his stuff. You absolutely have insight as bright as a torch.” Old Alchemist Su Xiu saw Li Qiye’s immediate interest in this tile once he arrived then loudly exclaimed: “It seems like you are destined with this treasure, hurry and buy it.”

Li Qiye carefully looked at it again with the most minute detail, then he looked up at Old Alchemist Su Xiu and asked: “This is your family heirloom.”

“Hehe, not right, not right, this is my disciple’s family heirloom.” Old Alchemist Su Xiu told the young girl who was tidying up the medicine stall and said: “Silly Girl, we found someone with an insight for treasures, a guest wants to buy your family heirloom.”

When the girl lifted her head, everyone’s eyes became brightened. The girl in front, although was not equal to Li Shuangyan or Chen Baojiao — these peerless beauties, but, she had an aura as if she was the amalgamation of heaven and the earth’s mountains and rivers. Looking at her eyes, one was met with a direct spirit energy. Her extremely vivid beautiful pair of eyes seemed to know how to talk and were able to go straight to the deepest part of the heart.

The girl’s complexion was pale and she was dressed in gray clothing without any cosmetics as if she was a farmer’s daughter, but her spirit energy was still threatening.

“This is your family heirloom?” Li Qiye looked at the girl in front and asked.

The girl didn’t say anything as her pair of spiritual threatening eyes were looking at Li Qiye, then she gently nodded.

“Your surname is Wu?” Finished speaking, he stared intensely at every move of the young girl.

Hearing this, the girl went stiff for a moment while her spirited eyes stared strangely at Li Qiye, because Li Qiye got her surname right. Li Qiye was sure after seeing this girl’s reaction.

“Brother is really amazing with insight as bright as a torch. Hihihi, this treasure and Brother are destined, Brother should buy it now.” Old Alchemist Su Xiu, seeing Li Qiye liking this piece of tile, immediately urged him to buy it.

As for Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, they couldn’t help but to look at each other. To tell the truth, no matter how they looked at it, they couldn’t see what was so special about this eaves-tile. This was only an eaves-tile ah, it simply didn’t have anything special at all!

However, they believed that Li Qiye must have his reasons for placing so much importance on this seemingly cheap tile.

“This is indeed a treasure of one sect.” Li Qiye carefully looked at this tile again and gently nodded.

“Only a fool would consider a broken tile as a treasure.” At this point, a cold sneer appeared. Leng Chengfeng came forward and coldly laughed.

Leng Chengfeng coming to this place was to make it difficult for Li Qiye.

His sudden appearance caused Li Shuangyan to frown. She knew that Leng Chengfeng was antagonistic towards Li Qiye. The truth was, she wasn’t worried for Li Qiye. In her eyes, Leng Chengfeng provoking Li Qiye was the same as courting death. However, as disciples of the same sect, she didn’t hope for them to kill each other. But if Leng Chengfeng wanted to follow the path to his own doom, no one could save him!

Li Qiye was simply too lazy to give him even one glance. He looked at the young girl and asked: “If this is your family heirloom, why sell it?”

The girl was silent and didn’t answer Li Qiye’s question. Meanwhile, Old Alchemist Su Xiu — to the side — smilingly said: “My Silly Girl is very unfortunate. She has health problems and needs money to cure it, so, she couldn’t not sell her family heirloom.”

“So this is the case, no wonder why you are selling the family heirloom.” Li Qiye looked at the girl and gently nodded his head.

“This kind of old story is full of mistakes, only an idiot would believe it!” Leng Chengfeng sneered and said: “Haha, you need money so you’re selling the family heirloom? And even selling a piece of broken tile at that. This made up story, anyone who believes this is a fool.”

Leng Chengfeng’s words immediately caused the girl’s face to become beet red, and Old Alchemist Su Xiu’s expression also sank, then he dryly spoke: “If this Dao Friend doesn’t want to buy, then don’t stand here and speak nonsense. My medicine stall is printed with a gold seal for more than 3,000,000 years! We only sell the good stuff!”

“Hmph…” Denounced by the old alchemist, Leng Chengfeng couldn’t restrain his face, so he coldly sneered and said: “Good, I’ll buy it!”

“Don’t forget, I chose it first.” Li Qiye was actually not angry. At this point, he smiled cheerfully at Leng Chengfeng and said.

“With just you?” Leng Chengfeng was annoyed at Li Qiye’s provocation. He sneered in his heart and told the old alchemist: “What is the price of your eaves-tile? This Young Noble wants it. Even if he bids, I will double his bid to buy it!”

Leng Chengfeng’s intention was to antagonize Li Qiye. He actually wished to kill Li Qiye, so he naturally didn’t give Li Qiye any face! The hatred of having his dream lover stolen… He vowed that he would not stay a human if this hatred was not recompensed!

“This Dao Friend wants to buy it?” It was clear that Old Alchemist Su Xiu also wasn’t pleased with Leng Chengfeng, and he cheerfully asked.

“Less nonsense, hurry up and name a price. This Young Noble is lacking everything, but not money!” Since Li Shuangyan was here, Leng Chengfeng’s blood was upwelling even more, and he put on an outspoken and straightforward style! He wanted to suppress Li Qiye till he was short of breath, wanted Li Qiye to lose all sensibility in front of people, and wanted for Li Shuangyan to know that he was really the one who has abilities.

“Not expensive, not expensive, I trust that this Dao Friend can buy it.” Old Alchemist Su Xiu smiled and said: “This family heirloom only needs ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades.”

“Agh…” Hearing Old Alchemist Su Xiu’s words, Leng Chengfeng became frozen in place and couldn’t react in time.

In fact, all of the cultivators who were buying Fate Pills at this place couldn’t help but to take a cold breath — ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades! This was an amount that would scare people to death. Looking at the world, many cultivators hadn’t even seen such an item throughout their entire life!

Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades… In this world, besides Immortal Emperor Refined Jades, there were no other items that were worth more money than it. Refined Jades could be said to be the currency between cultivators. Each piece of Refined Jade was condensed from the essence of the heaven and earth. Moreover, Refine Jade outside of being currency had a wide amount of usages. It could be used to build a dao platform, open a dao gate, form a grand formation, and create a heaven cave…

Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades were an existence only losing to Immortal Emperor Refined Jades. It could be said to be the second largest currency denomination for cultivators!

Not to mention a cultivator, even a sect would not necessarily be able to dig out ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades; it was simply too precious.

“Are you kidding? One eaves-tile for ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades? You might as well become a robber!” A cultivator here couldn’t help but exclaim. This matter was beyond reasonable limits.

However, Old Alchemist Su Xiu’s expression became stiff as he coldly said: “This is not a joke. Ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades — I definitely will not sell below this price!”

What made the cultivators here flabbergasted was that the old man before them was able to sell Five Transformation Fate Pills, so he was absolutely not a crook. Moreover, the spirit medicines and dan grass in his stall were all good stuff. Since he said so, it was absolutely not fake.

“What is this eaves-tile?” At this time, even others who were only here to buy spirit medicines also became frustrated. They simply did not see how this tile was worth this price.

“What now? Does Great Master Leng of ours, not lacking money, still want to buy it or not?” Li Qiye, at this time, leisurely asked. When others antagonized him, he did not mind ruthlessly stepping on their face!

Leng Chengfeng suddenly turned red, especially under the situation where so many people were watching; he didn’t have a stair to step down on! Earlier, he didn’t hold his words. Now, they were like water spattered outside and he couldn’t withdraw them. As the oldest disciple of the Nine Saint Demon Gate and favored by his grandmaster, he had a huge amount of Refined Jades. Plus, he recently went on a diplomatic mission to the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom and had lucrative profit. However, he really couldn’t take out ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined Jades.

Moreover, wasting ten Virtuous Ancestor Refined jades to buy an eaves-tile… Only if he was crazy would he do so.

No matter what, he couldn’t buy such a tile, and he couldn’t afford to buy it in the first place.


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