Chapter 1758: Treasures Within The Imperial Cabinet

The shopkeeper walked Li Qiye around to appraise his items but Li Qiye didn’t seem to be too impressed.

Shi Sou and Xiaoshan were right behind him. They conducted themselves quite carefully in order to not break anything since these items could be worth millions of stones. The frightened He Chen was even more prudent and was virtually tiptoeing around.

Even if he was ten times more courageous, he wouldn’t dare to touch any of these items scattered on the ground. What if it turned out to be a priceless treasure?

“Sir, what do you think about this crimson stone?” The shopkeeper occasionally picked up one or two items, some were on the ground and table.

All the items here were covered with dust and spiderwebs. If it wasn’t for Li Qiye’s comment earlier, no one would think that this shop had such valuable merchandise.

The shopkeeper was only picking the best items for Li Qiye to see. However, what treasures had Li Qiye not seen before? Thus, he only casually smiled or commented briefly at the given items.

It was the same for this stone. He simply said: “A crimson divinity stone from a mine in the Divine Burial Ground. It is precious but far inferior compared to a crimson-eyed demon stone.”

It seemed that the shopkeeper’s items weren’t enough to impress Li Qiye.

“What about this old branch?” Next was a pitch-black piece of wood that looked like metal, covered with a few holes chewed by insects.

“Timeworn Soaring Wood, many emperors like chairs made out of this material. However, its value relies on how many holes are eaten by the phoenix silkworms. There are too few here on yours, so it isn’t worth as much.” Li Qiye gave a quick appraisal.

He didn’t comment on the majority of the items. Even when he did, it was only one or two statements. Nevertheless, this was more than enough to shock the group. Divine Burial Ground and phoenix silkworms? These were items that only existed in the legends but they were right before everyone’s eyes at the moment.

Not in their dream would they expect this tiny shop to have so many wondrous treasures. It was simply unfathomable. Alas, Li Qiye didn’t even want to glance at some of them.

His attitude astounded the group more than anything. Normally, they would never be able to make contact with these treasures at all but now, Li Qiye treated them like trash. Just how domineering was this?

Shi Sou was completely moved at this moment. He was utterly convinced by his Senior Brother’s wisdom. No wonder why the guy was so subservient to this mortal. Such scholarly gifts would be appreciated in any great power.

In the beginning, He Chen was annoyed at Li Qiye but now, he was staring at Li Qiye as if he was looking at a demon.

He simply couldn’t figure out how this mortal that couldn’t be much older than him had so much knowledge. He felt that this guy was actually a demon and even wanted to split open his skull in order to see if his brain was different from others’.

Normally, he was very confident in his talents. He learned and understood things quite quickly but he felt inferior compared to this mortal. Li Qiye’s knowledge was as vast as an ocean while his own was a mere puddle of water.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye’s appraisal was so attractive and charming in Shen Xiaoshan’s eyes. Her eyes lit up while looking at him. She felt that nothing else in this world could be more captivating than this scholar ahead.

Eventually, they stopped in front of a tiny, dust-ladened cupboard and looked at the item inside. Who knows how long since this cupboard was last maintenanced? 

There was only one item inside. In the entire store, this was the only item that was stored “properly” while the others were thrown around. It was unstained by even a speck of dust as if someone has been cleaning it regularly. This was enough to show its value after considering the rest of the shop.

When Li Qiye stopped here, the other three also stopped behind him to stare at the item. It wasn’t anything special, just an old chunk of bronze that had broken off from a bowl. It was around the size of a palm and had old, uneven edges, indicative of its age.

The three didn’t know why this tiny piece of bronze was considered precious at all. However, they didn’t dare to underestimate it since they were aware that this shop was extraordinary.

“Why is this treasure valuable?” The young He Chen couldn’t help but ask the shopkeeper since Li Qiye kept on staring at it without speaking.

“This is our clan’s hereditary treasure. It has been passed down for generations now.” The shopkeeper explained in a respectful tone: “It has an irreplaceable position in our clan.”

The group was stirred after hearing this. This piece of bronze was definitely an amazing treasure.

“Did it belong to an emperor?” He Chen eventually asked, unable to figure it out.

The shopkeeper smiled: “It’s not an emperor’s possession but even something better. No one can own this treasure since that would be a supreme fortune. Outside of emperors, someone who can grasp it will be a talent as amazing as a true dragon soaring on the horizon.”

This answer only made the group even itchier with curiosity.

“For your clan, the value of this treasure isn’t in and of itself, not its materials but rather, the story behind it and its creator.” Li Qiye who has been staring at the item the entire time finally commented with a sigh.

“Sir, how do you know this?!” The shopkeeper staggered and stared at Li Qiye in disbelief. No one outside of his clan should be aware of this.

“There’s nothing I don’t know.” Li Qiye said flatly: “Imperial Clash, it has always been here as a symbol, just like the Imperial Cabinet.”

His eyes drifted towards the distance afterward. Who knows what he was thinking?

The rest exchanged glances out of confusion. They didn’t know what he was talking about. Of course, only the old shopkeeper understood the stories within.

“Creak.” At this time, the door to the shop opened with several people entering. A young lad was leading the way.

He was vigorous and full of energy, indicating his decent cultivation. The extravagant robe he had on showed that he came from a noble background.

The five disciples behind him looked quite powerful too with their sharp eyes.

Shi Sou’s group changed their expression. Shen Xiaoshan looked down on the ground, not wishing to be recognized.

However, it was too late. The youth’s gaze fixated on them. Perhaps they were his target in coming here.

“Oh? You Sago Palm disciples are quite busy, running ten million miles to be here at Jilin City. How rare.” The youth sneered.

He Chen and Shen Xiaoshan didn’t respond. They were waiting for Shi Sou’s lead.

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