Chapter 175 : An Eaves-Tile Bringing about a Calamity (1)

Chapter 175 : An Eaves-Tile Bringing about a Calamity (1)

To any cultivator of the previous generation, accepting a disciple was a very prudent matter. Not mentioning a wise man, even Royal Noble level experts were very picky when picking a disciple!

The old man before them was — without a doubt — an unfathomable and hidden wise man, but at this moment, he was begging for Li Qiye to be his apprentice. Such a thing was truly rare to see.

What stunned the group of Li Shuangyan even more was that this old man immediately started with treasures of the Virtuous Paragon level as a greeting gift. This was too extravagant and left them in sudden speechlessness.

With such a luxurious master, countless young heroes in this world would cry out wanting to become his disciple. To be able to have such a wise man as their master, they wouldn’t have to worry about eating and drinking costs for the rest of their lives.

Li Qiye, on the other hand, was not interested. He shook his head and said: “I’m not interested, you should still just find someone else to be your disciple.”

“Hehe, think about it, think about it, first accept these treasures. Wait until you use them, then you will understand the advantage of treasures.” The old man kept on handing the treasures all the way to the door; he placed the treasures into Li Qiye’s arms again and again.

“I am very moved by your enthusiasm, but I do not need a master.” Li Qiye said with a smile and returned the two Virtuous Paragon treasures back to the old man.

The old man was speechless and then couldn’t help but say: “Hey, hey, Little Boy, do you need to be like this? Worshiping me as your teacher is very advantageous for you! How about this? As long as you follow master, this treasure matter is not anything. You say the words, what treasures would satisfy you to accept me as your master?”

The old man’s phrase heroically soared all the way to the sky with a look of throwing all caution to the wind!

“Fine, you find ten Immortal Emperor True Treasures for me, then I will worship you as a master.” Li Qiye glanced at the old man whose pride was reaching the sky and said cheerfully.

“Ten Immortal Emperor True Treasures!? Do you think they are just cabbages!” The old man heard this and his expression greatly sank.

“Whether they are cabbages or not, I don’t know.” Li Qiye shrugged and smilingly said: “This is your business, you think about it carefully.” With that, he bursted out in laughter then turned around to leave.

Li Shuangyan’s group couldn’t help but wryly smile. Other people wished to worship such a wise man as their master, but Li Qiye acted as if it was nothing to worry about!

“Little Boy, really think about it. I will be staying at the Ancient Street for some time. Once you figured it out, you can always come back and find me. As long as you worship me as your master, you will be able to eat well and drink extravagantly — this is not a big deal!” The old man did not give up and yelled after Li Qiye’s back as he was leaving.

Li Qiye only shrugged and smiled from afar with an uninterested appearance.

With such enthusiasm and sincerity from the old man, even Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but ask: “Why is Young Noble so reluctant? In my perspective, this old man is unfathomable; he absolutely has a great background.”

“The Nine Worlds might be big, but, there is still no one qualified to be my master.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

Worshiping other as a master? What kind of joke was this? He even groomed Immortal Emperors. He couldn’t even count all the existences that he taught to be capable of sweeping through the eight desolaces and six directions! Someone able to be his master in this world… One truly could not be found.

“However, Sect Master Su is your master.” Li Shuangyan wanted to crack down on Li Qiye, and she leisurely said with her always cold-as-ice demeanor.

Li Qiye glared at her once and said:” That is a coincidence, a coincidence. Do you know what a coincidence is?”

This demeanor of Li Qiye’s made Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao chuckle for a moment. The two supreme beauties’ smiling coyly was so pretty, causing countless people’s souls to become crazy as they walked into the walls, unaware.

Shi Gandang, who had always been following in the back, could only lightly sigh. This was a gap. If it was him, when such a wise man was accepting a disciple, he could even let go of all face and immediately kowtow to worship him as a master. This luxurious master would be hard to find in millions of years. However, Li Qiye didn’t even think that it was a thing. Even when Virtuous Paragon treasures were used as a greeting gift, he didn’t even bat an eye. This was a gap of life that he could not catch up to.

“Why is it that you can open the stone chest?” Thinking about the matter from earlier, Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but to ask about such an unbelievable matter. Even though she had seen many amazing things while following Li Qiye, she couldn’t help herself.

Li Qiye paused a bit after hearing her question. He gently sighed in his heart; how could he not know how to open this chest? If he couldn’t open it, then could there be someone else in this world that was able to? One had to know that he personally buried this stone chest that year. This was an old tale ah…

“This is a secret. Once revealed, it will no longer be mysterious.” In the end, Li Qiye answered Chen Baojiao like this.

Chen Baojiao was, of course, dissatisfied with such an answer and angrily glared at Li Qiye.

However, Li Shuangyan understood Li Qiye better. At this moment, she realized that the stone chest reminded Li Qiye of some old matters! But as for what was on his mind, it was impossible for her to know!

Li Qiye said to Li Shuangyan: “The Six Beast Formation and Heavenly Sky Plate, you take them and do a good job at cultivating. These two items will hold many good things for you.”

Li Shuangyan loved formations, so Li Qiye wanting the Six Beast Formation and the Heavenly Sky Plate was tailored for Li Shuangyan. Otherwise, he wouldn’t open the stone chest for the old man.

“What about Little Sister Baojiao?” Li Shuangyan conversely asked this question. She was not lacking in treasures; plus, she also had the Six Dao Sword. However, Chen Baojiao — after leaving the Chen Clan — did not get any treasure.

“These two treasures are not suitable for her.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Wait until there are suitable treasures, I will help her find one or two.”

Chen Baojiao had a sense of propriety and didn’t ask Li Qiye for a treasure. Even though even the group of Nan Huairen was given treasures, only she was without one, but she still didn’t ask. She knew that Li Qiye had an order to those who followed him. The time she had followed him was much shorter than the group of Li Shuangyan, so being shared treasures after them was no surprise.

“What thing was in that small golden coffin?” After walking a short distance, Li Shuangyan, who had always understood Li Qiye, couldn’t help but quietly ask. She saw the item inside the stone chest, and it was clear that the old man greatly valued this small golden coffin. Just to open the stone chest and obtain this coffin, the old man did not mind using great Virtuous Paragon treasures to trade. This meant that the item inside the small golden coffin was extremely heaven-shaking, or the small golden coffin itself was a heaven-shaking treasure.

Referring to the small golden coffin, Li Qiye gently sighed and finally said: “The thing that no one in this world could expect.”

Li Qiye’s answer was the same as not having answered at all, but Li Shuangyan did not inquire any further. In reality, Chen Baojiao was also very curious regarding the item inside the small golden coffin. Since Li Qiye didn’t answer, she couldn’t ask again.

The Ancient Street was very lively with people coming and going with nonstop trading. Some people sold godly medicines while others acquired treasures. Then there were some who wanted to find their fated ones… There were all kinds of people in this place.

Compared to the street hawks in Ancient Sky City’s roads, the sellers on the Ancient Street simply didn’t yell. If they wanted to sell treasures, they simply placed them on the ground and waited for buyers to come and inquire about them.

However, there were exceptions. In a corner of the Ancient Street, there was a stall set up. This was a medicine shop with two people. One was an old man, and the other was a young girl. The old man shouted to attract customers while the girl had her head down, seemingly displaying the herbal medicines.

“Old Su Xui’s Pharmacy, 3,000,000 years of golden reputation. Friends traveling by, you absolutely cannot miss it. Soul Medicine, Beast Marrow, Longevity Blood — everything needed is here. Longevity Medicine, Life Pill, Golden Paste… Nothing is missing. One medicine to extend one hundred years, one dan to satisfy all nine needs, one golden paste to save a dead person… The price is just right, the price is fair… Throughout the entire Grand Middle Territory, no, throughout the entire Mortal Emperor World, there is no cheaper medicine shop.” The old man at the stall mustered his throat and raucously yelled.

With a goatee, eyes the size of mung beans, and a face filled with wrinkles, this old man was a bit funny in appearance. When he smiled and shouted, the wrinkles looked like undulating waves!

However, his business was very booming. To many cultivators, Longevity Medicines and Life Pills were both necessary expenditures. Plus, the Alchemy Masters of each sect were limited. Inside the great sects, disciples able to be given these medicines were not many, so many cultivators could only purchase these items outside.

Of course, the medicines sold outside were not cheap. Cultivators that were able to afford them definitely came from the big sects.

The Longevity Medicines and Fate Pills along with Soul Grass and Beast Marrows of this old man were not few as he had a steady stream of buyers.

“Do you have a Five Transformation Fate Pill or not? What price?” An Ancient Saint stepped into the old man’s medicine stall and asked.

“Five Transformation Fate Pill? Yes, yes, yes, however, only three pills are left.” The old medicine man laughed and said: “One Fate Pill sells for 600,000 Heavenly Sovereign Refined Jades!”

“600,000 Heavenly Sovereign Refined Jades?” Hearing the answer of the old man, the Ancient Saint jumped and said: “Old Man, you are too shady, you might as well go rob people! A Five Transformation Fate Pill is mainly used by Ancient Saints, yet you are selling it for Heavenly Sovereign Refined Jades. 600,000 Ancient Saint Refined Jades is more reasonable!”

“This Dao Friend, you are already an Ancient Saint, a rare expert in this time, you should also be aware of this. To an Alchemy Master, Fate Pills are the hardest to refine. My Fate Pills are six transformation and seven attainments, these are definitely popular. It takes a very long time for me to refine just one pill, and collecting the dan grass along with the spirit medicines are not easy. Plus, my probability of seven attainments… This medicine grandpa Su Xui can bet that across the entire Ancient Sky City, not many places can sell seven attainments. If this type of Fate Pill were to be sold with Ancient Saint Refined Jades, then wouldn’t everyone be here to rob them?”

This Ancient Saint immediately became silent. Even though this price was not of common sense, but, what he said was true. To cultivators, Physique Pastes and Longevity Medicines were easier to come by while Fate Pills were harder. Especially Ancient Saint level Fate Pills, they were even more difficult to find.


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