Chapter 1729: Tenth World’s Ambush

“Boom!” While the dragon and tiger were fighting the Grand Emperor in the sky, a different palm suddenly came out of nowhere from a different direction and aimed for the ship.

Imperial laws oozed from the palm with primordial chaos. The ship seemed too tiny before the palm as if it could be crushed at any moment.

Even though the girls were mentally prepared to fight the emperors, their heart still sank once the combat began. These emperors were something else with their Heaven’s Will power.

“Finally a fight!” The South Emperor’s eyes gleamed with excitement.

But Magu was ahead of him. Her pretty eyes lit up and with a buzzing noise, they poured out an endless light. It looked like the river of time separating the ship from the gigantic palm of an emperor.

“Zzz!” The palm started to decay after touching the river. In a blink, it became bony like a chicken foot.

“Boom!” This emperor didn’t let up. The power of the Heaven’s Will came over like a flood and the withered palm regained its vitality once more.

It crossed the river of time straight for the ship just like before.

“State your name, Grand Emperor. Do not bully the juniors.” Magu couldn’t retaliate because the golden dragon jumped in and grabbed the palm with its claws.

The two beasts were still laughing while fighting against two emperors. Five to six Heaven’s Wills emperors weren’t a threat to them. Perhaps one with nine wills would prove to be a challenge.

Of course, if there was a twelve-wills emperor here, they might not be able to stop him even when working together.

“A grand completion Eternal Physique is quite terrifying.” South Emperor was shocked even though Magu was interrupted and stared timidly at her.

Even though Magu was not an emperor and rarely took action, everyone was in awe whenever she did.

Her physique had the support of time, the thing most cultivators feared the most. It didn’t matter what type of existence they might be, they still couldn’t stop the power of time!

“The only grand completion Eternal Physique in history, completely matchless.” Old Xian’s expression changed as he murmured.

While the dragon was facing the other Grand Emperor’s attack, a stately voice resounded in a calm manner: “Which Fellow Daoists are making it difficult for the juniors from my nine worlds?! If you wish to fight, I’ll indulge you!”

Another imperial aura assaulted the world!

“Looks like an Immortal Emperor from your nine worlds is here.” The dragon smiled at the juniors on the ship: “Looks like I can’t fight then.”

“This fucking Immortal Emperor, I haven’t gotten my fill, why are they here already?” The tiger was clearly unhappy about this newcomer. His battle with the Grand Emperor in the sky came to an abrupt end as a result.

He has not fought for a very long time due to being imprisoned under the mountain range. Right now, he finally had a chance to fight against a Grand Emperor but it looked like this won’t be possible anymore.

The dragon looked at the sky and shook its head: “Unless a third Grand Emperor comes but that’s boring. According to that damned crow’s explanation of the old agreement, there can’t be a fourth emperor.”

South Emperor and the others stared at the sky, curious about which emperor from the nine worlds was helping them.


“Bang!” After entering the buffer zone, it became dark as if a monstrous beast was blotting out the sky.

The statues from the beastworld became serious and could faintly guess something.

“Rawr!” A primordial scream came about as if a monster was waiting for the beastworld.

“Our old enemy is here.” The City Commander could sense this primordial and beastly aura.

“Rawr!” A gigantic Bi’an rushed out from the beastworld. It shattered the world and opened its mouth, ready to devour the moon!

“Graauu!” A roar came from above along with a huge claw…


The peak flew like an arrow and took Li Qiye to the buffer zone. The shiny path towards the entrance of the tenth world appeared before him.

However, there was someone standing there already. It was a very gallant youth.

He wore a heavenly robe with a green dragon embroidery. The style was quite aggressive as if the dragon wanted to fly out and tear everything apart.

He had an imperial crest and postured with both hands behind his back as if he was capable of shouldering the high heaven. Alas, there was no surging vitality or imperial power.

He was hiding his power yet no one could get through. Even Godkings would shiver upon seeing him. There was no need for him to become angry, they would already be on the ground. Just his stare alone could suppress the heaven and earth; the slightest gesture could take down a star in the sky.

A Grand Emperor! Even the most undiscerning fella would realize that this was a Heaven’s Will possessing being, on the same level as an Immortal Emperor!

The youth’s eyes locked onto Li Qiye standing on top of the flying peak. He said slowly: “Your Excellency Dark Crow, I have been waiting.”

It seemed that his voice forced the heaven and earth into harmonization. The universe was within his grasp. Emperor Assailants were clearly not a match for him.

Li Qiye was not surprised at all. He glanced at the youth and chuckled: “A strange face. I don’t think there’s an emperor or monarch from the tenth world that I do not recognize or haven’t seen before. You must be from after Immortal Emperor Qian Li’s generation.”

“Your Excellency, your knowledge is wondrous.” The youth smiled and said: “I am the first Grand Emperor of the current generation. My title is Dao Dragon, it is my pleasure to meet you for the first time.”

“Oh? A Heaven Emperor.” Li Qiye looked at him and said: “If that’s your title, then it looks like you are related to a true dragon. But there’s no sign of a draconic bloodline in your body, that means your cultivation art is draconic.”

“Your insight is impeccable, Your Excellency.” Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor clapped and smiled: “A senior once told me that very few things in this world can hide from your eyes and that I must be careful. This is indeed the case today. No wonder why you were able to organize the Emperor Hunt War in the shadows back then.”

“You’re not here to chit-chat with me, right?” Li Qiye smiled back.

Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor shook his head and calmly spoke: “I also want to chat with you, Your Excellency. Even though you weren’t in the tenth world, your legends are still circulating for the new emperors and monarchs. Alas, I am here under orders to take your life.”

“No surprise there.” Li Qiye smiled: “The geezers from the Heaven, Devil, and Divine Races don’t want me here in order to prevent another Emperor Hunt.”

“I’m certain that such a thing won’t happen again.” The emperor’s words were mild-mannered yet they carried such power and sonorous resonation.

“So confident, but do you have the power to take off my head?” Li Qiye said.

“I have six Heaven’s Wills and am confident against anyone else from the tenth world and their imperial arts. However, Your Excellency is indeed an exception.” The emperor replied.

“That means you had two seizing attempts already, one left.” Li Qiye chuckled.

There were seventy-two Heaven’s Wills for each generation in the tenth world. The Grand Emperors had three chances of shouldering them. The quantity was up to the emperor’s own abilities.

Even though the nine worlds only had one Heaven’s Will, this one was far stronger than the ones in the tenth world.

Thus, there was a particular belief in this world - the majority of nine worlds’ emperors could take on a Grand Emperor or an Immortal Monarch with two to six wills.

Of course, each emperor was different in their battle potential so who they could match up to was different as well.

However, people like Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, Empress Hong Tian, and Immortal Emperor Gu Chun were exceptions. They instantly established some amazing battle records the moment they got up to the tenth world!

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