Chapter 1725: The Addition Of The Heaven’s Will

All spectators saw the three grand dao created from the maelstroms twisting together. They were curious about the nature of these things and why they wielded so much power.

“It’s time for perfection.” Li Qiye took out a bronze chest that he got from the bottom of Godwar Mountains. At that time, a huge statue was holding it.

He opened it and threw the content at the grand dao.

“Clank!” A clear metallic noise came about. The items from the chest hung on the three grand dao and became resplendent.

They were twelve things that had the appearance of laws but weren’t laws, golden but weren’t gold, hardened but weren’t stones. They looked so natural hanging off the three dao as if this was their complete form.

If the three grand dao together looked like a beautiful earring, then the twelve things hanging on them looked like twelve attached string tassels fluttering in the wind. The beauty of this entire thing was beyond imagination. No one in this world was qualified to wear it and its seemingly natural form only confused the crowd even more. 

“How many emperors have chased after the Heaven’s Will and trod forward courageously. Today, the Heaven’s Will is only a decorative piece.” Li Qiye said and smiled while looking at the three grand dao and twelve laws.

This shocked all the experts nearby. So many considered the Heaven’s Will to be everything. But now, the Prime Emperor said that it would only be a decorative piece. Such a statement was too domineering. He was the only one qualified to do so.

His forehead lit up again. With a buzzing noise, one of the twelve laws stretched out as if it was coming back to life. Next, it instantly locked up the Heaven’s Will before penetrating inside.

The grand dao form of the Heaven’s Will was initially flowing like water. Now, it was absorbed by the law and became part of it. The fusion made the law bright as if it was infused with life and all the energy in the world. The other eleven laws paled in comparison since they didn’t have the same radiance. 

This astounded the crowd and left them with widened eyes. Even though the Prime Emperor had said it, watching this scene unfolding still bewildered them.

The Heaven’s Will was the symbol of invincibility and belonged only to the emperors. But today, it was only a decorative piece! It was truly made the mind waver. Everyone would find this unbelievable in the past but watching it in person made them think that this was quite natural, normal, even. Nothing the Prime Emperor did could be considered a miracle since he was capable of anything.

Many had their breath stolen. If that law required one Heaven’s Will to light up, it meant that they needed at least eleven Heaven’s Wills more to be complete!

Just thinking about that made everyone nervous. Who could imagine the consequence of possessing twelve Heaven’s Wills? What was the result of someone possessing them? What kind of being could this be?

Even ancient existences like Old Xian and the godfiend became anxious as well.

Meanwhile, the golden dragon and tyrant tiger understood the significance and the result. However, they didn’t know the real origin of the three grand dao and the twelve laws.

“It’s time for the emperors and gods to tremble, as they should. The Heaven’s Will gestated by the nine worlds is very precious. How many Heaven’s Wills up there will he need to light the other eleven laws?” The golden dragon said.

“This guy is too heaven-defying, just this alone will make scalps tingle up there.” The tyrant tiger agreed: “After he lights up all twelve, even if Purewood Divine Emperor and Origin Heaven Emperor were to come back to life, they still wouldn’t be able to stop his pace.”

“No, you are still underestimating this guy.” The dragon shook its head: “He came prepared to go big in this generation. Those two emperors are not enough to trouble him. If he were to light up all twelve laws, all the emperors and gods combined wouldn’t be his match. At that time, he’ll really be the one qualified to fight at the end of the world, the only one that might be successful!”

“Final battle, huh…” The tiger said slowly: “Too many have died on this road. People have hibernated for generations and in the end, they couldn’t get on this path in time before being killed by the heavenly execution.”

The dragon shuddered and said: “It is quite scary. The Flame Emperor with his unparalleled talents and invincibility still couldn’t withstand it.”

These two were aware of this particular tribulation. When it came down, even invincible characters like them became dazed.

No one could withstand it. Only two choices were left, to be annihilated or to run away!

“So many Grand Emperors and Immortal Monarchs are hiding from it.” The tiger added: “I hope this guy can handle it directly unlike all the others. This would definitely validate his title as Prime, even in the tenth world.” 

The beast glanced at Li Qiye at this point.

The dragon mused after hearing this: “Directly withstanding it, huh? No one has been able to do so. Otherwise, Purewood Divine Emperor would not have disappeared without a trace and Origin Heaven Emperor wouldn’t embark on the journey early. And of course, Flame Emperor would still be alive. I don’t think anyone had a greater accomplishment than these three in the tenth world.”

“How many Heaven’s Wills are required to light up all twelve?” The tiger wondered while looking at the scene above.

“If each one requires one Heaven’s Will, it is hard to calculate in the tenth world. In my opinion, at least sixty-six Heaven’s Wills! The one in the nine worlds is too precious in comparison, comparable to two to six Heaven’s Wills in the tenth world. There might be a lot of them up there but in order to light up all eleven, he might need to take all of them in a single generation.” The dragon smiled wryly and shook its head: “It’s too hard to imagine. Even though several Grand Emperors and Immortal Monarchs can appear in each generation, no one has been able to take all the Heaven’s Wills. No, it’s frankly impossible since it will make it awkward for everyone, the other emperors and monarchs won’t just sit idly by.”

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