Chapter 1717: Little Autumn’s Idea

“It’s not a bad idea.” Li Qiye approved after hearing the worm’s decision. He continued: “The nine worlds are still very interesting and beautiful. As long as you are sincere about staying, it will give you a new perspective in life.”

“Yes, the nine worlds are still quite vast. If I get bored one day, there’s nothing holding me back. I can go wherever I want.” Its mood became solemn after a choice was made. It said: “Maybe I’ll follow behind an Immortal Emperor one day to the nine worlds. Others can’t do it but I might be able to.”

“It’s possible.” Li Qiye laughed: “Technically, only emperors can make it up there but since you have control over space, you can sneak right behind one.”

“Heh, I still have more time. Wait until I get to the tenth world, I’ll evolve into a true dragon and just do whatever I want then. I’m a dragon among men and as the adage goes, gold will shine regardless of the location.” It started boasting.

It had a different bloodline than everyone else with a chance of evolving into a true dragon. This was the reason why it was golden at the moment on top of possessing unique characteristics of the dragon race.

“You still have a chance in the nine worlds but it will be much harder compared to the tenth.” Li Qiye said.

The possibility of evolution was much lower in the nine worlds, given the worm’s current state.

“That’s fine, no need to force it.” The worm laughed: “Plus, if I were to accidentally become a true dragon, how can the future Immortal Emperor live through the days? They would have to take the long way around me. Thus, I don’t want to be one so early. No need to bully an emperor later on, I’m too nice for that. I’ll leave some room for the juniors to grow.” It continued to brag.

Li Qiye shook his head after hearing this. But in his opinion, it was a good thing that the worm took this so well.

Little Autumn suddenly elbowed Li Qiye and laughed: “Hehehe, Young Noble, you shouldn’t shame our nine worlds too. I know that you aren’t into lust and women aren’t important. But, you can’t just think for yourself, you need to keep the entire nine worlds and the human race in mind. Therefore, spread your seeds in the tenth world, let your amazing bloodline pass on up there. For this noble goal, after you get up there, start sleeping with all the arrogant goddesses from the Divine and Heaven Races. Let them submit beneath you.” Quite a wretched smile appeared on the worm’s face.

Few people would dare to joke around with Li Qiye like this but Little Autumn had followed him for some time now.

Li Qiye knocked on the worm’s head and said: “Stop having such perverted thoughts. What kind of crappy nonsense is this?”

But Little Autumn disagreed. It glared and said: “How is it a bad idea? It’s the truth. Have you forgotten that you told me some stories? Some Immortal Emperors have done these deeds before in the tenth world. I clearly remember you saying that an emperor seduced someone else’s wife. Another would steal the daughters from the Divine and Heaven Races and take them as their wives. Heh, even emperors had such immoral behaviors, it’s fine if you do it too.”

Anyone else would be astounded after hearing this. In the nine worlds, morality was a difficult topic. Thus, people had a hard time determining whether an emperor was good or bad.

There are conflicting opinions about each emperor. But regardless of this, emperors were frank and direct with their conducts. They would never sneak around since they were strong enough to suppress everything. Plus, at their level, they had no need to worry about how the world viewed them.

Because of this, seducing wives and stealing daughters weren’t something emperors would do. Any listener would automatically assume that the statements were slanderous.

An emperor could annihilate a clan or an entire race but never say that they would steal someone’s wife. It’s impossible because they just needed to say the words and countless women would come running for them.

“That’s all in the past. Stuff like that was only done by emperors during the Desolate Era.” He smiled and shook his head.

“But it had happened before.” Little Autumn laughed: “The emperors and gods up there are so damn cocky, right? That’s why our own emperors stole their women in order to take them down a notch. Hehe, with your charm, I’m sure so many girls will want to warm your bed after you go up there. Just think about it, their fathers are your enemies so if you just marry their daughters, that’s enough to drive them crazy without doing anything else.”

“How devious.” Li Qiye gifted him another slap and scolded: “Even if we are enemies, do I need to resort to such wretched behavior? My power alone will be enough to sweep through them eventually.”

Little Autumn quickly retorted: “Young Noble, you can’t put it like that. Even if you don’t like those goddesses and fairies, you need to think of the nine worlds and the human race. Spread your excellent bloodline everywhere so that humans can become stronger and prosper up there.”

Li Qiye shook his head: “It’s a different time now. Even though the human race up there is not a match for the heaven’s favorites, it isn’t as weak as before. The race is populous so no need to propagate the bloodline like before. This is the fruit of the human emperors and wise sages’ effort after many generations.”

“The emperors that go up there right now do not need to worry about this bloodline problem.” Li Qiye said with a tinge of emotion: “They have bigger objectives in mind. Plus, humans don’t need their protection anymore.”

“But, Young Noble, it can’t be wrong for you to have some children.” Little Autumn continued: “Given the nature of your bloodline, your children will definitely change the tenth world. Fine, don’t do it for the human race or the nine worlds, do it for you.”

Little Autumn was quite earnest at this moment. It truly wanted for Li Qiye to have some offsprings.

At this moment, only Bu Lianxiang was capable of having his children in the nine worlds. The other girls were following him to the tenth world and Li Qiye had no plan of having them bear his children either.

Little Autumn knew that Li Qiye was very picky about women, especially regarding his bloodline.

Even though the nine worlds might not have his kid, Little Autumn still wanted him to leave some legacies behind in the tenth world. This was the reason why it brought up this topic.

Li Qiye fell into a hush. He was aware that his followers all hoped that he would do so. Worldkeeper, Matriarch Yu, and Little Autumn all shared this sentiment.

In the end, he spoke softly: “The world is full of suffering. I will leave one day on a path of no return, never turning back or stopping for anyone. I can become the absolute god in the nine worlds or an unstoppable force in the tenth, but I won’t be a good father, not a responsible one. My gaze halts for no one and my heart softens for none.”

Little Autumn eventually said: “Young noble, if a woman is willing to have a child for you, she is even tougher than your imagination. She can understand you and doesn’t need you to stay behind. Princess Bu is such an amazing woman. She is willing to pay the price for you so you don’t need to worry.”

Li Qiye quietly stood there and eventually sighed without answering.

The worm hugged him and said: “Goodbye, Young Noble. You are forever invincible and eternal in my heart. Even when the seas run dry and the stones go soft, your spirit will last on.”

“Goodbye.” Li Qiye replied.

Little Autumn left without looking back. It didn’t wish to do so at all.

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I really like Li Qiye's comment about not wanting kids because he won't be a responsible father.