Chapter 1715: Establishing The Rules

In the next several days, the entire nine worlds were trembling due to the emergence of several incredible characters.

Outside of the portal where the experts gathered, a huge foot crossed through space with a loud bang. A majestic figure emerged before the portal. He was large and shrouded by a divine light so no one could really see his face. However, the aura emanating from his body forced the experts down on their knees.

He didn’t stop at all and instantly went inside the moment the portal was open.

However, these prostrating experts couldn’t stand up in time before another buzzing noise resounded. A door appeared before the gate. Someone else used it to teleport across worlds. This was a man spewing and taking in immortal lights. He looked quite ethereal inside this brilliance as if he was an immortal from the upper world.

No one could see this person clearly at all since he immediately entered the portal.

People were shocked and wondered about the identity of this transcending man. They didn’t have any clues before another loud blast detonated. A golden dragon soared across the sky and roared. A draconic aura surged by and made everyone nearby shudder.

This dragon was pulling a carriage. It crushed the space it was traveling on before appearing before the Void Gate.

The carriage was shrouded in a dark smoke. No lights in this world could infiltrate so people couldn’t see the rider either. It followed the other two into the portal.


Within several days, ancient existences emerged and crossed through space to enter the Void Zone.

Mortal Emperor quaked before their coming. Experts, paragons, and even Godkings felt trepidation after seeing these exceedingly powerful and ancient beings, many of unknown origin.

The old members of imperial lineages were shaken after watching the gathering of these incredible beings. Those who recognized them felt an instinctive fear.

“Is this a second Immortal Massacre War? All of these reclusive sages are coming out one after another. That’s quite something, only the Ancient Ming can oppose this level of force.” An undying murmured with fear: “The Dark Crow is the only person capable of inviting all of them, no one else.”

These ancient existences have been reclusive for a long time with no lack of Emperor Assailants among them. They were invited by Li Qiye since he needed them to work together in order to create the rules in the Void Gate. They wished to create a fortress out of this world.

No one in the nine worlds could do it, not even emperors. However, Li Qiye had this privilege since he possessed the laws of the Void Gate in the form of the Ancient Void Rune. This was the most basic foundation for him inside this world.

The invitees were the strongest people in the nine worlds. Li Qiye had to sell some face to invite them. He relied on the Ancient Void Rune and their power in order to create the rules of this world. Anyone else who entered in the future would have to obey them.

It wasn’t only to avoid cultivators from exhausting the resources within but also to minimize deaths from struggling for resources.

Another seal was made to avoid the Ancient Ming, not allowing this race to enter. Unless the rules were to be changed, all Ancient Ming would be banished the moment they stepped inside.

Just like he had said, this was his final legacy for the nine worlds. If one day, the myriad races were to lose to the Ancient Ming, this world could become their last bastion.

Of course, the nine worlds needed to rely on themselves to stop the Ancient Ming. Just the Void Gate and its rules alone were insufficient. Alas, this was all he could do.

He had never asked anyone for a favor before in the past but now, he had to do so in order to invite these ancient beings for the rules creation.

On the next days, the group finally finished creating the rules using the key that is the Ancient Void Rune.

After doing so, he announced the opening of the Void Gate. Many imperial lineages and ancient clans immediately entered. They all signed an agreement, stating their intent on following the rules. Moreover, this was in the form of a blood oath.

The first group of imperial lineages included the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain, Heavenguard, Cleansing Incense, Stone Medicine Kingdom, Jian Long Clan, Myriad Bones Throne, Thousand Carp River, Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom, Gu Chun’s Four Branches…

The ancient clans included the Heavenly Dao Academy, War God Temple, the Bu Zhan, the Gu, and many others. Some ancient clans were completely unknown yet they were extremely mighty.

These powers instantly made a blood oath and swore to always obey the rules of the Void Gate.

Some of them chose to create a large branch inside but a few were even more direct. Their ancestors used an amazing method to bring their ancestral ground inside. The Void Gate instantly became their new home.

After this first wave came, the Void Gate was truly opened for any cultivator and sect in the nine worlds, allowing them to prosper within.

“Is this an immortal ground?” Many cultivators were shocked to see this amazing world.

“Look at all those gems and ores!” After calming down, they became excited and jumped around, wishing to excavate everything.

“This is a mine containing Violetcloud Gem, let’s work together to get them all!” An ancestor from a great power wanted to gather several Godkings to move the entire mine back to his sect.

“The rules of this world do not allow for an excessive extraction of the resources here.” A junior warned.

“So what? These things are up for grab. If we don’t do it now, we’ll lose the chance to others. Go!” The ancestor refused to listen and continued to pull the mine out with the other Godkings.

“Boom!” A pond of lightning gathered overhead and instantly unleashed a lightning tribulation.

“Ah!” The disciples from this great power were annihilated. Even the powerful Godkings couldn’t withstand this tribulation and became ashes.

The experts nearby were horrified by the result of violating the rules of this world. In the beginning, they didn’t really care about Li Qiye’s so-called rules. They thought that he was only using his personal prestige as a deterrence.

However, they came to realize at this moment that this was not an empty threat. It was the power of tribulation punishing all violators.

Several more days passed. Some people still hoped to be lucky and secretly went against the rules. However, they didn’t expect for Li Qiye to have embedded the rules in the very source of this world. No violations could ever escape the tribulation here. Thus, the lightning ponds still formed and killed all of them.

This ironclad punishment reminded everyone that if they wanted to stay in this world and gather resources, they must obey the rules. No one was strong enough to be an exception.

The tribulation came from the Void Gate itself. Not even the most powerful Godking could resist the power of one of the nine heavenly treasures.


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