Chapter 1710: Reappearance Of The Void Gate

While Li Qiye was working hard preparing for the trip to the tenth world, an immortal light suddenly erupted at the Heavenly Dao Academy. It aimed straight for the Big Dipper and Altair before illuminating the entire night sky.

“Buzz.” A clear noise echoed across Mortal Emperor. The light multiplied and stretched out across the realms in all eight directions.

A dazzling portal appeared in space, surrounded by both primordial energy and ancient runes.

This portal had galaxies flowing through it and the birth of the grand dao. There seemed to be an eternal world coming into being within.

“What is that? What’s happening?” Many downtrodden cultivators suddenly rushed forward after seeing a glimmer of hope.

After being robbed of their qualification for the throne, these candidates were going crazy. Eventually, they calmed down and became depressed with alliances shattered. The nine worlds fell into a hush.

However, this event today attracted many eyes. The candidates and their great powers all stared at the portal.

“Is this a change for the better?” Many people speculated that this might have something to do with the Heaven’s Will.

However, the truly knowledgeable monsters were aware. One old undying’s eyes widened as he sat up and blurted out: “The Void Gate, one of the nine legendary treasures! Are they really coming out in this generation?!”

No walls can block all winds. This news relating to the nine treasures quickly traveled across the nine worlds to the astonishment of everyone.

A second wave of excitement flooded the world. In a short time, countless cultivators and even imperial ancestors rushed towards Mortal Emperor.

They were even more eager to take the Void Gate than the Heaven’s Will. 

“One of the nine grand heavenly treasures, its master will be able to sweep uncontested through the nine worlds!” One imperial ancestor claimed with excitement: “It’s fine to get this instead of the Heaven’s Will.”

“Do they really exist?” Another was skeptical about the legends of the nine treasures. For millions of years, no one had seen a real one before. Such skepticism was understandable. After all, these treasures were much rarer than the Heaven’s Will.

The sudden appearance of one right now was shrouded with doubts.

Regardless of their authenticity, people rather believed it than not. In a short time, everyone crazily rushed for the portal, wishing to break it open. Who wouldn’t want one of the nine mythical items?

Thus, the area of the portal was completely packed by layers of people. Even a drop of water couldn’t get through. Some came riding gigantic beasts while other preferred ships. One great power even came with their divine mountain and took over an entire region.

“Rumble!” Cultivators began to attack the portal in order to steal the treasure within.

Alas, it was not budging regardless of their assault. In the end, an Emperor Assailant personally took action and still failed. The Void Gate remained close.

People glanced at each other after the failure. If an Emperor Assailant couldn’t open it, they wondered if someone else was capable.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye stood up inside Cleansing Incense and glanced at the sky. The Ancient Void Rune inside his palace spun like crazy.

“It’s time, my final business here before leaving and the last thing I shall leave to the nine worlds.” He said with a smile.

He ordered some disciples to call for South Emperor’s group. The group came after along with Magu and Bu Lianxiang.

He smiled at them and said: “Come, I will show you the world behind the Void Gate. It will surely broaden your horizon after taking a look at the profundity of a heavenly treasure.”

The group, amazing they might be, was still shocked. They have never seen a mythical artifact of this level before.

When Li Qiye and the others came to the Void Gate, they found that it was completely packed. It was difficult for latecomers to even get close.

“Fiercest is here!” Someone shouted after seeing him. The entire crowd gasped and everyone looked back at him.

With loud noises, experts on the left and right receded like a tide to make a path for his group.

The experts from Mortal Emperor were especially respectful towards Fiercest. In their eyes, he was already above an Immortal Emperor. No one in this world could handle a single attack from him.

The great powers from Stone Medicine, Sacred Nether, and Heaven Spirit were staring at him with apprehension. Fiercest was already famous in these worlds and his shadow remained in their mind despite being gone for many years.

“Is that Fiercest?” The experts from other worlds found it strange due to Li Qiye’s normal appearance. The disciples from these imperial lineages couldn’t believe that this was the person who had destroyed Soaring Immortal.

“Is he really that strong?” The young prodigies were unconvinced. One of them said: “He alone killed four imperial princes and the queen? Sounds like a lie.”

Some agreed with this statement and began to think that Mortal Emperor cultivators were purposely exaggerating Fiercest’s strength.

Meanwhile, people from Mortal Emperor were too lazy to defend. In their eyes, words couldn’t describe Fiercest’s power. These guys were simply courting death.

Thus, as many made a path for Li Qiye, some chose to linger behind.

“Leave, don’t block the path.” There was no need for Li Qiye to do anything. Allpine Treefather took action with his Coiling Dragon Banner. 

“Boom!” The cultivators in the way were instantly blown away without a chance to fight back.

After seeing such an expert personally leading the way for Li Qiye, others quickly retreated and didn’t dare to comment any longer regardless of their thoughts.

Nevertheless, the Void Gate was still very tempting. A few invincible ancestors stepped up after seeing Li Qiye standing in front of the portal and released their powerful auras and avatar forms, resembling great mountain.

“Praise the Supreme. Fellow Daoist, I am the Eagle God from Lingwu Mountain. I heard you are the strongest right now, may I request a spar?” One particular ancestor had a golden pair of eyes and spoke with his hands placed together.

This ancestor was confident and careless. Of course, he had the power to be careless since he was a Godking with a thin bloodline of a Heavenly Eagle. He was quite respected back in his own world.

“Eagle God? Only a pheasant.” South Emperor laughed: “You’re not qualified to spar with the Sacred Teacher. I’ll take care of you within five moves.” [1]

The ancestor’s expression turned unsightly after being mocked as a pheasant by a junior. He has grown used to being famous as a Godking and feared by others.

1. The Immortal Fowl wouldn’t like this comment from South Emperor

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