Chapter 171 : Unopenable Stone Chest (1)

Chapter 171 : Unopenable Stone Chest (1)

Under the countless gazes of murderous jealousy, Li Qiye essentially ignored it and still leisurely walked with soft footsteps on the Ancient Street.

The Ancient Street was indeed a good place with pavilions and water balconies. At this place, people could not only trade but could even find friends in this place to congregate and walk the street together.

It was extremely lively and vast. It couldn’t be seen completely with just several walkthroughs. Li Qiye’s eyes were attracted by many treasures while walking on the Ancient Street.

There was an old cultivator sitting on a balcony near the corner with a very large sign that had these words written above: “Condensing Silver Sacred Leaf!”

Another cultivator in front of them had a big chest with the following big words on top: “Half Saint Medicine, trade for a Fire Spirit Longevity Law manual!”

Li Qiye walked along the Ancient Street with the group of Li Shuangyan. Even heaven’s proud daughters coming from grand sects like Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were amazed and convinced by the extraordinary items for trade on this street.

They didn’t get too far before Li Qiye was suddenly attracted by an item sold by a cultivator at a corner. This cultivator was an aged water dragon. A look at the dual horns on his head made it clear that he had lived for ten thousands of years.

The item being sold by this old water dragon was contained in a crystal cylinder. It was a fish not large of size. In addition, from a glance, it was very cute and round like a small leather ball. There were swelling patches of five colors patched on its body — seemingly very pretty.

This was a fish that was not particularly notable. In the Ancient Street with people coming and going, not many would notice such a fish, and at most, some would only occasionally glance at it. However, most of the gazes were attracted by the old water dragon. In the end, a ten thousand year old water dragon reaching the dao would absolutely be a great character.

“Dum-dumm-dumm” Li Qiye walked forward and tapped on the crystal cylinder with his finger. He tapped with a very specific rhythm, like a sword repeatedly hitting the crystal cylinder.

The way Li Qiye’s finger suddenly teased the crystal cylinder like a sword alarmed the fish, and its originally plump body became swollen as red light suddenly sprayed out. In the blink of an eye, the fish’s entire body ignited with fiery flames and screamed out dragon roars!

The sudden transformation not only scared the group of Li Shuangyan, but also the nearby cultivators who then came and gathered around

“What godly item is this?” Seeing this fish spewing out dragon roars with fiery flames all over its body, an old cultivator said with a changed expression.

“Fiery Dragonfish!” Li Qiye, seeing the fish completely in flame in front of him, couldn’t help but become a bit moved. He wanted to buy the fish.

The old dragon lifted his head up, revealing a bright and frightening light in his eyes. At this moment, he slightly nodded his head and said: “Correct. Fiery Dragonfish — a pure dragon species. Although it is still young, it is peerlessly supreme.”

Real pure dragons — no matter whether they were Heavenly Beasts or Mysterious Beasts, they were extremely rare. A pure dragon species could one day evolve into a True Dragon, becoming a Sacred Beast!

“Fiery Dragonfish…” An old cultivator emotionally exclaimed: “Legends has it that only the Northern Fiery Sea would have such an existence. Even just one is difficult to find every ten thousand years!”

Suddenly, the surrounding cultivators’ hearts began to beat faster. Who could not be moved by such a treasure? If they could raise a True Dragon in the future, it would be really amazing.

“How are you selling this Fiery Dragonfish?” A great character couldn’t restrain himself and asked.

The old dragon slowly raised his head with eyes like lightning and looked at the group of people, then he slowly said: “Trade for one Nine Longevity Fish!”

Hearing the answer of the old dragon, everyone glanced at each other. The Fiery Dragonfish was precious, but the Nine Longevity Fish was just as valuable!

Li Qiye shook his head and immediately left without asking a second question. The group of Li Shuangyan also followed. After a fair distance, Li Shuangyan softly asked: “You wanted that Fiery Dragonfish?”

“That fish is not bad, but unfortunately, it isn’t worth that price.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Why?” The following Shi Gandang in the back couldn’t help but ask: “Young Noble, I heard that the Fiery Dragonfish and the Nine Longevity Fish were similarly precious, both are extremely rare spirit items.”

“That isn’t wrong.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “That Fiery Dragonfish’s True Fate is incomplete. If one wants to groom it into a True Dragon, it would be harder than reaching the heavens. Using a Nine Longevity Fish to trade for it — this is clearly a loss. Catching a Fiery Dragonfish is easier said than done; otherwise, the old dragon wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to sell it.”

Not to mention the two girls Li Shuangyan, but even Shi Gandang was very surprised. This was his first time seeing a Fiery Dragonfish. As an Enlightened Being, he couldn’t see anything wrong with the Fiery Dragonfish, yet Li Qiye — with just a glance — knew that the fish’s True Fate was incomplete. This was too unbelievable.

Li Qiye continued to stroll the Ancient Street with the two girls. One had to say that, although the items displayed on the Ancient Street were indeed treasures, there weren’t many items that could be fancied by Li Qiye.

“A Virtuous Paragon True Treasure…” As Li Qiye was walking below a rocky hill, someone exclaimed up ahead. Hearing this shout, many people changed their expressions and, in a short amount of time, many people surrounded the area.

“Whoever could help this old man do one thing, this old man will give the person a treasure.” At this time, a coarse old voice rang out from the crowd.

Li Qiye, who was just passing by, also became surprised. The first gesture was to give others a Virtuous Paragon True Treasure — this was indeed unfathomable. He brought the two girls closer into the crowd to observe.

Below the rocky hill was an old man dressed in gray while wearing a strange paper hat that was filled with dust, forming oily layers. No one knew how long he had been wearing this paper had for. He also had a docile look — seemingly ordinary.

At this time, the old man slowly took out a true treasure. Even though this true treasure looked like it was picked up from a garbage heap and was covered by a random piece of tattered paper, this true treasure faintly exuded a wisp of light, causing everyone to shiver. When touched by these lights, even an Ancient Saint would be frightened inside with fear.

“To be exact, this is a Virtuous Lord True Treasure! It is made from the extremely rare Eight Dao Sacred Ore.” The old man slowly placed the True Treasure on the ground.

Virtuous Lord was a title of Virtuous Paragons. Within Virtuous Paragons, there were distinguishments and Virtuous Ancestor was the strongest! There was a legend that if Immortal Emperors didn’t appear, then Virtuous Ancestors were invincible!

Taking out a Virtuous Lord True Treasure at his first move immediately drew in countless spectators. After the old man took out the Virtuous Lord True Treasure, he then slowly took out a Longevity Treasure. It also seemed like it was taken from a garbage heap and was also covered by a piece of torn paper. It was as carefree as possible.

This Longevity Treasure placed on the ground revealed a corner from the torn piece of paper. It emanated a smoke of blood energy. Suddenly, this monstrous blood energy filled the sky like an endless ocean, and the cultivators here couldn’t help but to lose their colors.

“This is a Virtuous Paragon Longevity Treasure. It is from a Longevity Spirit; a 4,000,000 year old True Fire Beast’s Life Ring was used to create it.” The old man continued to speak slowly.

Hearing this, everyone had to take a deep breath. A 4,000,000 year old True Fire Beast — how frightening was this existence? Even a Virtuous Paragon would be sucked dry by it!

Suddenly, the observing crowds looked around in amazement. This old man was too heaven-defying, taking out one Virtuous Paragon True Treasure and one Virtuous Paragon Longevity Treasure. Either one was enough to destroy a sect or a lineage. What on earth was this old man’s origin!

What drove people even crazier was that the extremely precious Virtuous Paragon True Treasure and Longevity Treasure were wrapped in pieces of torn paper by the old man. It was as if they were picked up from the garbage heap.

After taking out the two items, he reached inside his chest again and fumbled around as if he was finding another treasure. Everyone suddenly became worried, and they felt itchy inside. They were curious about what the third item taken out by the old man would be.

“Old Man, hurry up and take out the treasure. Don’t torture us, ah!” A great character saw that the old man was searching inside his chest for half a day but didn’t take out anything, so he couldn’t help but to yell.

“Don’t bother this old man searching stuff!” The old man didn’t even lift his head and only waved his hand. It seemed as if he was chasing away a fly. “Pop”, a noise sounded, and this great character didn’t even have time to react before being thrown outside of the Ancient Street while spewing a mouthful of blood.

Everyone took a cold breath. The great character who talked earlier was an Enlightened Being, but now he was like a fly being driven out of the Ancient Street. This caused all of the spectators to take a step back while shuddering in their hearts.

Everyone then realized that this old man before them could not be bullied. Otherwise, he would not easily take out a Virtuous Paragon True Treasure and Longevity Treasure. As the saying went, one cannot easily show your wealth. A person easily taking out two treasures that incited eye-reddening greed — this meant that he was not afraid of being robbed by others!

With this interrupting event, all of the spectators at this place didn’t dare to speak. They all held their breath as the old man ahead of them was looking for something.

Finally, he found a very old looking ancient scroll from his chest. This scroll was tied up by a rope made out of grass. The old man placed it on the ground and slowly said: “This is a Six Beast Formation.”

Hearing this, many people looked at each other. They had never heard of this Six Beast Formation. However, the old man just took out a Virtuous Paragon True Treasure along with a Longevity Treasure… This thing called the “Six Beast Formation” must also be of an extraordinary origin.

The old man — at this time — seemingly wanted to do something fun, and he took out a stone trunk from somewhere. This stone trunk was not big nor small. It was simple and unadorned, and it did not garner much attention.

Li Qiye, in this crowd while watching the lively event, became serious as he saw this stone trunk and his heart shook. He didn’t think that he would be able to see this item again. At this moment, he stared intensely at the old man ahead.


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