Chapter 1708: Realm God’s Request

After Li Qiye returned to Cleansing Incense, Long Jingxian was the first to run out. She furiously hollered: “Ugly Qiye, what sinister deed have you done?! Stealing other people’s qualification to compete!”

“What are you talking about?” Li Qiye glanced at her with one eye in response: “This is the Heaven’s Will wanting me as its master. What can I do about it?” He shrugged helplessly as if the Heaven’s Will was forcing him to become an emperor.

Seeing his infuriating act made her even angrier; she wanted nothing more than to punch his face in.

“Hmph! Ugly Qiye, just wait until I finish refining the Immortal Emperor Massacre Formation. I’ll team up with the girls and break all your teeth even if you become an emperor. We’ll have an emperor grovel and beg for mercy at that point!” She couldn’t help but laugh as if she could already see the scene.

Li Qiye chuckled: “I’ll wait for you all to finish the formation then.”

“Ugly Qiye, we will, just wait and pick up your teeth from the ground at that point.” She raised her fist to threaten and provoke him.

Li Qiye only smiled. This girl had boundless potential. As long as she had enough motivation, her future achievements would be unbelievable since her talents were most likely on the same level as the eonic geniuses.

Bu Lianxiang spoke up next: “How was the Immortal Demon Grotto?” 

She was relieved to see her lover coming back. Despite having great confidence in him, she still worried when his foe was the grotto.

“The feuds and grievances are over. I have untied another knot in my mind.” He gently sighed and told her of the grotto’s situation.

“The Ancient Ming.. they’re like leeches that won’t let go.” She was startled.

“It’s to be expected. The old geezer was still only a chess piece but no matter what, that’s one more business finished. The Ancient Ming didn’t gain anything, not the Longevity Grass, and were even majorly wounded by the old man. Their overlords won’t appear soon so this is a good opportunity for the nine worlds.”

“It’s a shame about the Longevity Grass though. If you had obtained it, it would be so useful in the future, giving you a chance to rise again even after a defeat at the final battle.” She said with regrets.

“It’s fine, no need to mull over it. It’s really not that useful in the final battle since it won’t help me win, it’ll just be a way out at best. I hope to either win or lose completely. No need to talk about trying again. Let it all end in this generation.” He explained his thoughts.

She leaned in closer, face to face, and tenderly spoke: “I see. Immortality is painful, a kind of torture for you. Watching those close to you leave one by one, lovers and all. Those years must have been hard.”

She was also from an ancient era and had experienced goodbyes before so she could understand the pain experienced by the ruler of the nine worlds.

He embraced her and became a bit sentimental: “I just don’t want to be an ant but this has brought so much pain to those close to me.”

“Everyone has to make a choice. Being a warrior is still a happier choice than being an ant.” She said with a serious tone: “The world needs warriors or it will be full of ants or a breeding ground for livestock.”

“I know.” He hugged her tighter without speaking.

Magu came to visit shortly after his return. She also planned on leaving the nine worlds with him so she had finished with her tasks at the academy.

“The Realm God hopes that you can do him a favor before leaving, teacher.” She said after seeing Li Qiye.

“It wants to leave?” Li Qiye made a prediction.

She nodded: “He wants to return to his home since its mission can be considered finished at the academy.”

The Realm God was from the World Tree. After being brought back to the academy, it had never left before. Alas, after the long years, death was approaching so it wanted to return to its roots.

“The old geezers at the academy are willing to let it leave?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh.

For the academy, the Realm God was their divine protector, allowing them to be freed from stress and fear of any powerful enemy.

It was their most powerful defensive line and the final one. It would be a great loss for the academy to be without their Realm God.

However, it still agreed for their god to leave. The academy wished to change itself by making this difficult choice. 

“The Realm God wants to return to its roots so the ancestors gave it their full blessing while hoping that it could spend its remaining years in peace and bliss.” Magu spoke softly.

The academy chose to respect the Realm God’s choice over its own benefits.

“Your old geezers are still flexible enough, much better than the War God Temple back then. That’s not hard though, when I open the Void Gate, it can return to the World Tree.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Bu Lianxiang was shocked to hear this: “The Void Gate? One of the nine? You actually know how to open it? Legend has it that no one was able to do so in the past, the best achiever was Immortal Emperor Hao Hai who managed to climb the World Tree.”

“Yes, no one has been able to open the gate in history, including me. But that’s only because the time wasn’t ripe, until now, that is. I know how to open it now and am eager to see what awaits after.” Li Qiye nodded.

“Just what kind of world is behind the Void Gate?” She murmured after hearing about its many legends.

“I’m not sure of the exact details, but in my opinion, it is definitely an independent world. Each of the nine treasures is unique and has their own magical properties. They’re not just simple treasures like other artifacts. No rush though, I am confident, just wait and see after I open it.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“Teacher, can you actually bring it with you?” It was Magu’s turn to ask.

Li Qiye shook his head and smiled: “No, the nine aren’t exactly treasures, and the Void Gate is even more special. The Longevity Grass, Myriad Thoughts Pot, and the Corporeal Zone, you can take these ones with you but not the Void Gate.”

“What can it do?” Bu Lianxiang asked: “What’s the point if you can’t bring it with you.”

“I can control it, at least.” He answered: “Perhaps it will be a haven in the future, but I would need to open it before making any further statement.”

“Is there enough time since you’re about to leave?” She became worried.

“Yes. The Void Gate is under my control right now and I will open it before leaving. It shall be my final legacy for the nine worlds. If they still fail to fight the enemies with this gift, then it would be too disappointing, truly helpless. I will be completely speechless at that point.” Li Qiye said slowly.

“Mind your words, legacy is the wrong choice. Plus, you have left many things behind already.” Lianxiang quickly covered his mouth and gently scolded.

She didn’t want to hear such unlucky comments. In the future, she hoped for him to live on regardless if she was still alive or not.

“Teacher shall be eternal.” Magu said: “Your existence gives my life meaning. Without you, everything will be bleak and my Eternal Physique will lose its purpose.”

Li Qiye’s heart turned soft while looking at Magu’s sincere expression. He stroked her hair and said: “Right, I will be eternal.” 

His mind didn’t share the same optimism as his words.

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