Chapter 1696: The Nine Worlds’ Future Threat

Li Qiye’s destination after visiting the burial ground was not Cleansing Incense but Heavenguard. He was about to leave the nine worlds so he needed to prepare everything perfectly, especially towards the legion that he had such high hopes for.

He didn’t wish for the legion to fight again but time had changed, leaving him no choice.

Worldkeeper personally went to greet him. The old man bowed and said: “Greetings, Your Excellency.”

Li Qiye immediately helped him up and said: “Worldkeeper, you have followed me till old age, no need for such formality.”

After helping his master towards his seat, Worldkeeper said: “You must be here to say goodbye, Your Excellency.” His expression turned gloomy after understanding that this might be Li Qiye’s last visit to Heavenguard.

Li Qiye nodded in response: “It’s time for me to leave so I’m here to say goodbye. Plus, I need to hand you a few things.”

Having said that, he took out an ocean of items for Worldkeeper: “This is a few resources I’ve gathered. The legion can make use of them, treat it as your military funding.”

This amount of treasures was astounding since it came from the Ancestral Terra and Soaring Immortal. No other lineage could produce this shocking amount.

Worldkeeper hurriedly responded: “I can’t. You’re about to leave and will have to face the emperors and gods above. This resource is needed for the incoming war. Our legion still has many treasuries, enough to last for one to two generations even for wide-scale expeditions.”

“No, I still have some reserves.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Plus, this treasury might not be useful above. And then, no one knows how long the war will last. Plan for the worst, at the very least, I don’t want your legion to be worrying about resources during times of war.”

“I thank you on our brothers’ behalf.” Worldkeeper wasn’t a long-winded person so he solemnly accepted the gift. He understood Li Qiye’s personality too well.

Li Qiye then took out some powerful weapons. His mood was very serious this time so he even used the pentagate to seal the area. In the end, even the lamp with the black flame was taken out. 

“Save these items for a rainy day.” Li Qiye gave these supreme artifacts to the true god.

The true god was startled since he was knowledgeable and recognized them: “Your Excellency, other treasures might have limitation up there but this lamp… it could sweep through any place and era, an item above Immortal Emperor True Treasures. Even the people up there might not be able to create a more powerful item.”

“I know of its power.” Li Qiye nodded: “But I’m still leaving it here.”

Having said that, he gently sighed and even took out the Nether Emperor Hexagear Launcher to hand it to Worldkeeper: “Take good care in keeping this item.”

“Your Excellency!” Worldkeeper was astonished this time. He accepted the item with both hands and still felt hesitation: “You created this weapon to kill the emperor and gods and you need a deterring threat up there. I can’t accept this, it’s better if you keep it.”

“I want to as well, but someone with a great burden like you also knows that you might not only be facing the Ancient Ming later. But just them alone is enough for me to worry.”

He paused for a moment before continuing: “They still have Immortal Emperors hiding, this is the thing that worries me the most. When the war starts, the Ancient Ming will have no other choice but to go all out. That will bring an unimaginable disaster to the nine worlds.”

“The Ancient Ming is indeed heaven-defying. Their emperors are still able to stay in the nine worlds even after shouldering the Heaven’s Will.” The true god said with exasperation.

“What can we do about it? Who can we blame for the fact that they have the Corporeal Zone?” Li Qiye smiled wryly: “Luckily, because of the Heaven’s Will, despite hiding right now, they will have to avoid the villainous heaven the moment they come out. That’s why they don’t show themselves too easily due to the inevitable price. They’re biding their time before going all out. Thus, they also need one decisive battle to settle it all.”

“If these hiding emperors won’t take risk, what is considered a ripe moment for them?” The true god asked for clarification. He needed to understand many things since the responsibility to protect the nine worlds was his in the future.

“If these emperors want to hide from the villainous heaven completely, they have to be able to master the Corporeal Zone. This is easier said than done. The minimum requirement is twelve emperors. Of course, it would be best if they all have grand completion Immortal Physique as well. Otherwise, they can try reducing it.” Li Qiye said slowly.

“Twelve emperors!” True god’s expression darkened. He naturally understood the significance behind this! Twelve emperors existing at the same time would be extremely horrifying, even without the Corporeal Zone! No one could stop twelve emperors at the same time in the nine worlds. Plus, no two emperors have been together, at least not in the nine worlds. Just imagine twelve…

“I wonder how many emperors are still hiding then?” Worldkeeper became worried.

Li Qiye pondered for a bit before answering: “Ancient Ming emperors also go up after receiving the Heaven’s Will. However, they were hunted instantly, this is something the people up there are one-hundred-percent adamant about!”

“I have been up there several times and carefully analyzed it. There are still nine emperors that haven’t appeared from that race. Either they hid really well after coming up or they have been hiding in the nine worlds. Regardless of the real situation, you need to prepare for the worst.”

“Nine emperors! They are actually hiding nine!” Worldkeeper took a deep breath and murmured.

Worldkeeper knew full well just how terrible the race was from being their lifelong foe. However, he was still astounded by this revelation. Nine emperors were no joke. This was an earth-shattering news.

“That’s the Corporeal Zone for you.” Li Qiye gently sighed: “I’ve always wanted this item but never had the chance.”

“Nevertheless, if the Ancient Ming wants to rise again, they have to go back in full force. Otherwise, even if they were to reign again, they would still be hunted up above. In the past, they ran for their lives and only managed to run down here due to the Corporeal Zone. Otherwise, they would have been annihilated completely. They do not accept this. In their eyes, the nine worlds are only their garden for them to recuperate. After sufficient preparation, they would suck everything from the nine worlds, all resources!” He sighed and said.

“So the Ancient Ming still want to go up there.” Worldkeeper murmured.

Li Qiye nodded: “Yes, they have two choices right now. One, to keep staying in the nine worlds so they need more time to obtain twelve emperors. Or, they will utilize this chance to rush up to the nine worlds during my ascension as well. Up there, they could gather twelve emperors in just one generation. If it reaches that level, they could indeed rise again!”

“Twelve emperors and the Corporeal Zone. That’s also an unstoppable force up there.” Worldkeeper said.

“Yes, once they have true control over the Corporeal Zone, it will indeed be very frightening. Even if the people up there work together, they would find it hard to suppress the Ancient Ming. This race might even have the chance to fight the ultimate battle too.” Li Qiye commented.

The true god was quiet and thought that the world didn’t know just how terrible the Ancient Ming was. Nevertheless, he happily said: “It’s fortunate that they have to avoid the heaven or the nine worlds would really suffer.”

“Not necessarily, even without needing to hide from the high heaven, the Ancient Ming wouldn’t be able to do much either. Our nine worlds have produced so many emperors so if all of them show up, they could gang up on the Ancient Ming and make their teeth fall all over the ground. It was precisely the fact that they chose to hide that they were able to survive. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to survive up there even with the Corporeal Zone in the beginning, let alone making it down to the nine worlds.”

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