Chapter 169 : Ancient Street (1)

Chapter 169 : Ancient Street (1)

Seeing Li Qiye sitting calmly on the chair, Lei She’s expression couldn’t help but become cold. While looking down on Li Qiye, he chillingly said: “His Majesty is becoming more careless. Such a great matter, yet he left it to a junior not knowing the immensity of the heaven and earth in charge! Only a declining Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, what kind of power would a junior have to change the tides…”

At this moment, Li Qiye finally batted his eyelids and slowly said: “Who do you think you are, anyway? Running up in front of me and pointing your finger. If you are not convinced, then go talk to the old men of the War God Temple and accept this deal. I, your uncle, will not grab this deal from you. If you don’t have the ability to accept the deal, then don’t be clowning around in front of your uncle! If you don’t have this ability, then quickly scram for your uncle!”[1.  Not quite your uncle here, but it fits. The term is more of a self-referent of an arrogant master to show disdain towards whoever the person is speaking to]

“Ignorant junior…” Li Qiye’s words immediately made Lei She’s expression to be extremely difficult to look at; he had angry eyes and was overflowing with Saint power. His eyes shot out a cold flash with a devouring momentum that aimed for people.

This truly frightened Elder Yun, and he quickly tried to mediate. He pulled back Lei She, who wanted to explode, and said: “Uncle, you are a benevolent great character. Young Noble Li is a red-blooded young man, and he speaks rashly…”

“Elder Yun, what is a red-blooded young man, hmph! Only a small character from the CLeansing Incense Ancient Sect, yet he still dares to open his mouth and shame a Supreme Elder of our Nine Saint Demon Gate. This is not holding our Nine Saint Demon Gate in his eyes…” Leng Chengfeng coldly said while standing to the side.

He was instigating a conflict. With his grandmaster as his backing, Leng Chengfeng had more confidence while speaking to Elder Yun.

“What the hell are you!” Li Qiye interrupted Leng Chengfeng and coldly glared at him as he said: “If you are not satisfied, then go talk to Demon King Lun Ri. Don’t be farting in front of me! Right now, your Nine Saint Demon Gate is asking me a for a favor, it is not I, your grandfather, wanting to suck up to your stinky feet! Someone without the qualifications to speak, get the hell out to the side for me!”

“This little child doesn’t know life from death!” Lei She, with fierce eyes, took a step forward and a murderous intention suddenly flew out. Then, he coldly said: “Daring to speak arrogant words… Today, I will teach you a good lesson in place of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!”

Li Qiye sat in his place and slowly replied: “Teach me? Only with you? Are you capable of this?”

“Little Demon…” These words enraged the shivering Lei She as his outrage reached the heavens. Finished speaking, his hand immediately reached for Li Qiye. With five fingers like mountains, they suddenly entrapped Li Qiye inside.

“Little Brother Lei…” At this time, a thunderous voice rang and a person took a step forward with his True Dragon-like arm sweeping horizontally to suddenly grab Lei She’s hand.

“Little Brother Lei, this matter ends here. This person is a guest!” The old man whom had just arrived said in a deep tone while holding Lei She’s hand.

This newly arrived old man had a tall and strong body that was surging with Saint power. Without a doubt, this was an Ancient Saint! His hair was crimson like fire and he had two dragon horns on his head.

Seeing this red-haired old man, Elder Yun became happy and immediately said the word, master.

“So Older Brother Chi Yun also left your isolation.” Seeing the red-haired old man, Lei She withdrew his hand and coldly snorted.

It turned out that this old man in front of them was also one of the four Supreme Elders of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. The master of Elder Yun — Chi Yun! He was a draconic serpent that succeeded in the dao and had lived past many long moons.

“The matter here is too important and His Majesty is meeting the elders of the War God Temple. Thus, I can only personally come here myself. I didn’t think Little Brother Lei would also come. I heard recently that Little Brother Lei was leisurely traveling, but you also came to Ancient Sky City.” Supreme Elder Chi Yun slowly said.

There was some smell of gunpowder between the two brothers. Lei She only coldly snorted and didn’t say anything else.

“I don’t have any business here, you two can take your time to catch up.” Li Qiye didn’t have any interest in the brothers’ quarrel, so he carefully put away his Universe Pouch and turned around to leave.

“Young Noble Li, our hosting is insufficient, please forgive us.” Elder Chi Yun, on the contrary, was trying to win over Li Qiye.

As for Lei She, he didn’t like Li Qiye and hated that he couldn’t make a move to teach this brat a lesson about the immensity of the heaven and earth! However, due to the presence of Chi Yun, it was inconvenient to make a move.

“Shuangyan, you are the descendant of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, a genius of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, and also trained by the Nine Saint Demon Gate. Instead of putting effort in cultivation, you are wasting the days in a third-rate sect — this is you destroying your future.” Lei She’s heart was boiling with anger, and he couldn’t help but to coldly scold Li Shuangyan who was his junior.

Li Shuangyan originally was leaving with Li Qiye, but hearing this, she did not become angry. She only quietly said: “A grand matter like this was from the ancestral teaching, and it was especially decided by Elder Jian. If Elder Lei has any questions about this matter, you can bring it up with Elder Jian. Shuangyan is only a junior, Elder Lei has no need to speak with me.” Li Shuangyan replied in an appropriate manner towards Supreme Elder Lei She.

Li Shuangyan’s retort left Lei She’s expression to be uglier, and he heavily grunted. The unbearable anger in his heart ignited even more, but he could only hold it inside.

The Elder Jian mentioned by Li Shuangyan was another Supreme Elder of the Nine Saint Demon Gate — Jian Chen. Even though Jian Chen was one of the four Supreme Elders, his status was far above the other three Supreme Elders, and his cultivation was even more unfathomable!

Eventually, Lei She suppressed his burning anger and watched Li Qiye strutting away.

After returning to their place, Li Shuangyan reminded Li Qiye: “Be careful of Elder Lei, he is your biggest opposition in the Nine Saint Demon Gate. His Lei She’s first branch isn’t going to easily live with this!”

“He’s only an Ancient Saint. If he is not convinced, he can come and bite me ah.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

Li Shuangyan softly sighed and still continued to persuade with earnest and well-meaning advice: “It is easy to dodge the spear in the open, but hard to avoid an arrow in the dark. I heard that recently, Elder Lei She’s first branch had been very close with the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom. My master over there sent news that, not long ago, Older Brother Leng took a trip to the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom and Elder Lei even had the intention of letting him join the Ancient Kingdom.”

“I didn’t think that your Nine Saint Demon Gate’s disciples could also join another sect.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but to take another glance at Li Shuangyan.

Li Shuangyan replied: “This type of matter is dependent on the situation. If the two countries were in an alliance, experts in my sect could become an ambassador and accept the title bestowment from the Royal Expert of the other country to become a Royal Noble. This sort of thing happened throughout the history of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. If the circumstances permits it, then the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect disciples can also join other sects.”

“Looking for more powerful allies.” Li Qiye smiled and understood the policy of the Nine Saint Demon Gate.

“Sometimes, this is a matter with no other choice.” Here, Li Shuangyan looked at Li Qiye and continued: “After the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s decline, as the most staunch ally of the sect, our Nine Saint Demon Gate also suffered a great impact. Without powerful allies, our Nine Saint Demon Gate would have found it difficult to stand. This was why, should the situation permit and both sides have an agreement, the geniuses of our sect can also join a different sect.”

“Such as the War God Temple!” Li Qiye slightly nodded while understanding the interests hidden within. The Nine Saint Demon Gate was indeed powerful, but, like the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom and certain Immortal Emperor’s lineages, they were stronger than the Nine Saint Demon Gate.

Li Shuangyan nodded her head in agreement: “My Nine Saint Demon Gate did have some of our most outstanding geniuses join the War God Temple in the end. This is also one of the reasons why the War God Temple strongly supports our Nine Saint Demon Gate.”

Li Qiye did not find this matter strange. In many grand sects and powerful nations, ancient factions and sacred schools, even Immortal Emperor’s lineages all exchanged their disciples or brought their best disciples with the highest aptitudes to a more powerful sect. Such things belonged to the exchange of interests amongst allies!

Li Qiye only smiled regarding this matter. This was an internal affair of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, and he did not bother to ask more.

“No matter what, the first branch of Elder Lei She still wants to rise using the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, especially Older Brother Leng. When he couldn’t become the inheritor of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, he became even closer to the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom. Elder Lei is not a simple Ancient Saint like he seems; he is an Eight Celestial Ancient Saint, and some people even speculated that he has the chance to break through to the Ninth Celestial. You are better off being cautious of him.” Li Shuangyan earnestly reminded Li Qiye.

The Enlightened Being realm goes up to the Seventh Celestial. Each level was One Celestial. A Seven Celestial Enlightened Being was the highest level of the Enlightened Being. A grand completion Seven Celestial Enlightened Being would step into the Ancient Saint realm.

However, there were always cultivators more talented than others. They could exceed the Seventh Celestial limit to form the Eighth Celestial, or even the Ninth Celestial! Eight Celestial Enlightened Beings were heaven-defying existences while Nine Celestial Enlightened Beings reached the true limit and broke through the chains of the dao. They were even more unfathomable because the Ninth Celestial title was eternal! Once one achieves the Nine Celestial Enlightened Being realm, this title would follow one throughout their entire life! From the ancient past till now, not many cultivators achieved the Nine Celestial title.

Regarding Li Shuangyan’s earnest reminder, Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh. He slowly looked at Li Shuangyan for a little bit and slowly smiled before he said: “Little Shuangyan, you are my maid, not my babysitter. You don’t need to be so attentive like this.”

“You go to hell a…” Li Shuangyan’s face turned red by his words, and she gritted her teeth from anger. No longer caring about the image of a lady, she rudely kicked forward.

“It is only a joke, do you need to be so excited?” Li Qiye slid over and smilingly said.

Li Shuangyan’s soft chest swayed up and down from anger as her face blushed. This youthful girly attitude like a liberating colorful peach plum was movingly beautiful. She angrily glared at Li Qiye, and she was clearly older than Li Qiye by a lot. Yet, she was called “Little Shuangyan” by this little kid in front of her, how could she not tremble with anger?

“Be cautious, anger is bad for your health.” Li Qiye smiled and turned around to leave: “I will be refining a dan cauldron, don’t bother me.”

Li Qiye left, leaving behind the angry Li Shuangyan. After a long while, Li Shuangyan quelled the anger in her heart and thought about Li Qiye’s arrogance. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and, ultimately, she had to let out a smile.

In the room, Li Qiye took out the Wan Heavenly Cauldron and fueled the fire. The flames turned into individual medicinal cauldrons and Li Qiye threw the spirit medicines that were well prepared by the Nine Saint Demon Gate — one by one — into the cauldrons.


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