Chapter 1683: The Battle

The changed chants were too difficult to detect even for the most powerful ancestor there. After all, the queen was an amazing genius on top of being stronger than some ancestors. Plus, they have never seen the mantra manuals of the Ancient Ming before.

Furthermore, the new entry chants had no negative effects on the disciples. On the contrary, there were many improvements such as faster cultivation speed. This was the reason why the majority of experts in the sect had trained this particular chant.

Lastly, the sect had been sealed for three generations. This gave the queen hiding in the shadow a great opportunity and room for her plans.

“I’m the culprit?” Li Qiye smiled in response: “Its fate is due to its own choice. The ancestors that supported you knew exactly what they were doing yet they still chose to do so! The real culprit is the sect’s uncontainable ambition. After having five emperors, you all really think that you’re the heaven’s favorite, the ruler of the nine worlds, capable of producing emperors for generations. That’s why a bunch of geezers wants to take the shortcut to reach an even more powerful bloodline. That’s why the Ancient Ming was able to infiltrate.”

“You can rule so why can’t we? Not everything is up to you!” The queen coldly said.

“Fool.” Li Qiye sneered with disdain.

Even Gu Zun was shaking his head: “One should never overestimate a woman’s intelligence. Once they become stubborn, that’s more frightening than anything.”

“I’m not here to talk about morality with you. I’m here to kill you, it’s time to end this.” Li Qiye no longer wished to talk. A murderous glint appeared in his eyes.

In an instant, he teleported in front of the four imperial princes and said: “Remember well, I am a very brutal person. I will let your mother watch you die and vice versa. This is the price of conspiring with the Ancient Ming, bringing darkness to the nine worlds. Eternal damnation is your fate!” 

With that, a second Li Qiye appeared. This was the one created by the World Seal and was identical to the real one. The two of them released their thirteen palaces and the fused physique godfiend.

“Boom!” The two godfiends instantly sealed the area and the four princes. 

At the same time, his inner physiques lit up. The four physiques emerged along with the two domains.

This, in turn, became four domains in total. One could imagine how terrible his arsenal was at this moment. The entire temporal area became melted.

“Open!” The four princes shouted, wanting to break the suppression. They reacted quickly and fused together but this wasn’t enough.

In the past, his nirvana form alone fought them to a stalemate. Now, two Li Qiye at their peak form completely overwhelmed them.

“Kill!” The queen furiously took action with her hair flying. Her first strike was extremely tyrannical.

“Clank!” An invincible spear spanned through the realms to stop her path, not allowing her to take half a step forward.

“You deserve death!” The azure dragon sternly aimed for the queen with a terrible bloodthirst.

For the legion, the Ancient Ming was their mortal enemy. So many brothers from their legion have died to the Ancient Ming. After so many generations of struggle and bloody battles, they would never forgive anyone who conspires with this race!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The two raged on. The queen was anxious to save her children so she turned into a saintess of the high heaven, wishing to use this heavenly power to unleash world-destroying techniques. Emperor Assailants were no match for her.

Meanwhile, the legion was furious as well. This wild dragon tore apart the firmaments with its spear spinning like a tornado to attack her.

Worldkeeper and the individual members of the legion were powerful enough already. This form only amplified their might even more. The queen was having a hard time and had to stay on the defensive. This was the real power of the legion, it was going easy a while ago.

Meanwhile, Gu Zun retreated to the side and nonchalantly watched. He didn’t try to escape because he didn’t have the chance. His brother-in-law was hiding in the sky and had sealed the area already. If he tried to make a move, his brother-in-law would suppress him whenever.

More importantly, he had no intention of escaping. This was his last chance. If the Ancient Ming were to appear, he could aim for a tie. However, death was assured if the Ancient Ming didn’t show up.

Of course, he wasn’t afraid at all. Death was not scary to him.

“Buzz!” The two Li Qiye opened their fate palace. A primordial expanse released the three vessels.

When the three vessels appeared, not to mention the sect, the entire Mortal Emperor World changed. Li Qiye’s vitality soared because of the vessels and engulfed the world. It continued to increase and eventually, this vitality might cause Mortal Emperor to explode.

All living beings were suffocated because of him. The Mortal Emperor World has become a sea of blood while all other inhabitants were fish within. However, they didn’t know how to swim and would eventually drown.

The more terrible part was when the vessel of genesis appeared. Everyone had an illusion that a second world was opening. It was full of primordial chaos and immortal vegetation. This newly formed world looks like a paradise, yearned by all.

Because of this illusion, many began to walk towards this world. In fact, they were wasting their time since they couldn’t enter.

Once the vessel of athanasia appeared, everything became eternal. It was as if Li Qiye was indestructible and immortal. Everyone thought that he was ascending under the power of this vessel, jumping out of the nine worlds, the reincarnation cycles, and the yin and yang. Nothing could hold him back any longer.

“Boom!” His four physiques were shouldering the three vessels in the sky.

A terrible cataclysm resounded in the form of thunder ponds. Nets of lightning emerged everywhere all around Mortal Emperor with sonorous thunders.

It seemed that the high heaven was opening a portal of tribulation. This power of judgment poured down like a flood, seemingly wishing to end Mortal Emperor.

“Oh god.” All existences were pale and dazed beneath the lightning tribulation. They were forced down to the ground in fear. It wasn’t a fear of power but an instinctive one out of respect, one that any living being would have towards the high heaven.

All existences were insignificant compared to the heaven. They must prostrate on the ground, unable to resist this power!

“Boom!” All of the lightning bolts directly struck Li Qiye. This illuminated the entire Mortal Emperor World like the explosion of a million suns. Countless experts couldn’t open their eyes, not even with their heavenly gaze. This power was simply too much.

Even an Emperor Assailant wouldn’t be able to handle it. This was just like the tribulation of an Immortal Emperor. Only such characters would have to endure this type of tribulation. Only they are qualified to be subjected to this level of force!

Li Qiye’s three vessels utilized to their limit have invited the rage of the heaven. It wouldn’t allow for this type of power to exist so it must destroy the vessels.

Li Qiye wasn’t afraid at all. The four images in his palaces activated a well. 

The pillar of life pierced directly into the thunder ponds and crazily absorbed this power.

The spring of life like a great ocean withstood the incoming lightning bolts.

The cauldron of life poured out words of the grand dao and turned into a primordial flame. It also refined the absorbed power of the lightning bolts earlier, turning it into Li Qiye’s own.

The tree of life blotted out the world with its leaves and offered Li Qiye the majestic power of life!

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