Chapter 167 : Jewel Pillar Saint Child (1)

Chapter 167 : Jewel Pillar Saint Child (1)

Leaving the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground, the younger generation took a deep breath of relief. At this moment, they felt like birds flying freely in the sky. They then went home to Ancient Sky City. However, as they were leaving, they met a person wandering under the mountains. This person, who was hovering outside of the Burial Ground, had the impulse to go in. However, he then thought about it again carefully and wandered outside instead, not daring to go in.

This person’s eyes became serious after seeing the group of Li Qiye coming out of the mountain. Especially after seeing Chen Baojiao, his expression sank. He took a step forward and suddenly blocked the path of Li Qiye’s party.

This person blocking the front felt as if Mt. Tai was towering right before them. With a majestic height, it rendered others unable to climb past and caused others to look upward, making breathing difficult!

At this point, the group clearly saw the appearance of this person blocking the way. It was a young man older than twenty years of age. With a tiger-like forehead and cold eyes, he had a firm and resolute presence. Even though his stature was not especially big, it gave others a feeling of admiration like observing a tall mountain. It was as if he was particularly huge, causing others to uncontrollably look up at him.

The young man ahead was dressed in black with normal energy and an invisible godly aura, but he still resembled a godly mountain across the sky, separating the heaven from the earth. Regardless of where he stood, he would still be an untouchable giant mountain. Even when his unimposing presence remained, it was suffocating to others!

Firm and resolute, this young man ahead of them in black clothing seemed like an incarnation of an immovable godly mountain.

“Oldest brother…” Seeing this young man before them, Li Qiye didn’t say anything. However, Chen Baojiao who was next to his side focused her eyes and darkened her expression. She stared at this young man ahead and coldly said: “Oldest Brother is here to hunt me for the sect?”

“This is not the case.” The resolute young man with an aura that dominated everyone shook his head and said: “Little Sister, you are taking the wrong step, and this is a mistake for life! The school did not mistreat you, and His Highness even viewed you as his own daughter. Even though I am not here to capture you, but as the descendant of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School, I still wanted to advise you with a sentence: turn back and you will see the shore! There will be opportunities to make up everything.”

“Saint Child said too much. My Young Miss is a disciple of the Chen Clan. At the Chen Clan, she had destroyed her dao foundation and gave everything back to the Chen Clan before she left. At this moment, she especially does not have any connections with the Jewel Pillar Sacred School and the Jade Valley Country.” Shi Gandang stood in front of Chen Baojiao and said with a deep voice. At this time, his Enlightened Being aura shot towards the sky and had the inclination to fight a battle.

Even though Shi Gandang was an Enlightened Being of a generation, he did not dare to underestimate the young man in front of him.

Jewel Pillar Saint Child! Hearing this title, Nan Huairen’s group knew the background of this youth. Especially Nan Huairen, who was always outside, his heart couldn’t help but shake. In the legends, Jewel Pillar Saint Child was a grand completion King Physique.

“Grandpa Shi, I have no intention of making life difficult for you. However, I hope that you will dissuade Little Sister Chen with some words!” Jewel Pillar Saint Child said with a deep tone.

“I am not a disciple of the Chen Clan and definitely not a disciple of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School and the Jade Valley Country. Because we used to be in the same sect once, I still called you Oldest Brother. If Oldest Brother is here to convince me, you should just go back!”

At this point, the younger generation couldn’t chime in. They could only wait to see the situation develop and wait for Li Qiye’s command.

“Little Sister, you are corrupting yourself and hurting the school’s reputation.” Jewel Pillar Saint Child swept across the group of Li Qiye once and didn’t put them into his eyes. Then, he said: “Today, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is but a third rate small sect; it is not enough to protect you…”

“Less pesky words–” At this moment, Li Qiye became impatient and waved his hand. It was as if he was chasing away a fly, and he said: “A good dog does not block the road. This master is in a hurry to return home and embrace beautiful women, okay? Quickly scram to the side for me!”

Li Qiye’s words left Jewel Pillar Saint Child with a sunken expression. He overlooked Li Qiye with eyes that resembled godly lanterns and a voice as heavy as iron: “You are Li Qiye, right?! Daring to bluster… I want to see whether you have some capabilities!” After the words came out, his big hand descended down from the sky.

Jewel Pillar Saint Child’s move did not have any mysterious merit laws nor murderous techniques; it was a simple hand descending down like a mountain from the heaven, capable of suppressing gods and devils.

A grand completion King Physique, the Sacred Mountain Physique — one hand with the power of one million jin. To him, his Physique was powerful enough for him to not activate any merit laws and borrow Life Treasures’ power to slay the enemy.

Shi Gandang’s expression darkened after seeing the sudden move from Jewel Pillar Saint Child. He wanted to take action, but Li Qiye coldly sneered and reached out with one hand. He held it like an axe and directly chopped down ahead.

Li Qiye’s move also didn’t have any technique nor merit laws. He directly used his flesh — plain and simple.

Li Qiye’s action changed Shi Gandang’s expression. Jewel Pillar Saint Child was a grand completion King Physique, and Li Qiye was competing with him in Physiques? This was seeking death, right?

As for Jewel Pillar Saint Child, seeing Li Qiye’s incoming hand, he coldly sneered. He had complete confidence in his Physique. In his perspective, Li Qiye was seeking his own death. As long as his big hand was rolling forward, not only would it be able to break Li Qiye’s hand, but it would also easily grind him into meat paste!

“Bang–” A loud boom exploded and both of them were shaken from the hit. Jewel Pillar Saint Child’s expression greatly changed. A “Boom” sounded as he took one step back on the earth, and the earth beneath his foot immediately shattered.

Under this strike, Li Qiye’s body was also shaking. His foot treaded heavily on the earth and a loud “boom” resounded as the earth was destroyed, causing the group of Li Shuangyan to lose their colors and immediately retreat to the back. In the blink of an eye, “Bang—bang—bang–” resonated as the mountain behind them actually ruptured.

Li Qiye destroying the mountain with one foot and Jewel Pillar Saint Child breaking the earth with one step shocked everyone! This was a battle of Physiques, it had nothing to do with merit laws and cultivation!

Still, the biggest storm in one’s heart belonged to Jewel Pillar Saint Child. He had absolute confidence in his Sacred Mountain Physique. Looking across the world, to be able to compete with his grand completion King Physique… There were not many! However, this Little Demon’s Mortal Physique was able to compete with him — this was hard to imagine! He couldn’t understand how a Mortal Physique was able to compete with his grand completion King Physique.

Jewel Pillar Saint Child, at such a young age, was a grand completion King Physique. This was a great matter however, he was underestimating Li Qiye too much. Even though Li Qiye was a Mortal Physique, he cultivated the supreme Hell Suppressing Godly Physique. His Physique Law was also the number one Physique Law out of all the Physique Laws. Even an Immortal Emperor creating an Immortal Physique Law would still be eclipsed!

Today, Li Qiye had some accomplishments with his Hell Suppressing Godly Physique. It was not surprising to fight against a grand completion King Physique. If this wasn’t the case, then the Physique Scripture would not be worthy of being one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures!

“Only a grand completion King Physique, there is nothing great about it.” Li Qiye looked at Jewel Pillar Saint Child and calmly said: “Wait until the day when you are a grand completion Saint Physique. Then you can come before me with a little posturing!”

Jewel Pillar Saint Child’s eyes became serious and they shined like godly lanterns. He stared at Li Qiye and was moved with amazement. Finally, he slowly spoke: “I didn’t know that the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect still had hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Today, I was mistaken. The mountains do not move yet the rivers continue to flow. There is still time; we will meet again one day!” Finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Even though Jewel Pillar Saint Child was arrogant, he was also a clever man and was not proudly blind enough to consider himself to be invincible in this world. Under this one strike, he noticed that even a grand completion King Physique didn’t have any advantage, so he was determined to leave and not become entangled.

This was also the intelligence of Jewel Pillar Saint Child. Regarding natural talents and cultivation, he was absolutely not weaker than geniuses like Dao Child Shengtian, but his fame was a lot smaller than Dao Child Shengtian because he had always kept a low profile; he knew when to advance and when to retreat!

“Actually a little bit smart!” Li Qiye was calm and carefree when he looked at the shadow of Jewel Pillar Saint Child leaving. He opened a smile and said: “But I do not know whether he can swallow this anger!”

As they were taught the supreme Immortal Physique Laws by Li Qiye, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were calm without any surprise regarding this matter. Li Qiye being able to teach them supreme Immortal Physique Laws… The level of Physique he was practicing was obvious!

However, the group of Shi Gandang and Tu Buyu was extremely shocked, especially Shi Gandang. He came from the Chen Clan, and he understood the meaning of a grand completion King Physique. Yet, today, Li Qiye’s Mortal Physique competed against Jewel Pillar Saint Child — how heaven-defying was this!

“Haha, when Oldest Brother mobilizes, he is invincible in this world. What is the big deal about a grand completion King Physique? Was it not suppressed by Oldest Brother’s Mortal Physique? Oldest Brother’s Mortal Physique is number one in the Nine Worlds!” Nan Huairen flattered with a smile.

Even though Nan Huairen looked a bit exaggerated, this did not affect the younger generation’s admiration towards Li Qiye. At this moment, the eyes of the young group of Luo Fenghua were bright with worship as they stared at Li Qiye. In their minds, Oldest Brother was unbeatable. A grand completion King Physique was essentially nothing. Their worship towards Li Qiye was approaching the point of blindness.

“Less patting the horse’s ass here.” Li Qiye smilingly scolded and slapped the laughing Nan Huairen’s back of the neck.

When they returned to Ancient Sky City, it was even more packed and bustling compared to when they left. Even a few cultivations from the Eastern Hundred Cities and the Southern Chained Earth could be seen.

Returning to the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s courtyard, the group of Nan Huairen loudly cheered while the group of Tu Buyu took a sigh of relief. Going into the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground was like taking a trip through the gates of hell. Even with Li Qiye’s strategy, they were still scared and on edge.

After they returned, there were no big characters arriving at the Nine Saint Demon Gate. The group of Tu Buyu was completely busy, especially Tu Buyu and Shi Gandang with their treasures. They were busy with figuring them out.

Chen Baojiao was now serving Li Qiye as he was settling down. Chen Baojiao, once the proud daughter of the heavens and a stunning beauty that affected all living beings was now a maid by Li Qiye’s side with peace of mind.

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