Chapter 1666: The Unthinkable Answer

Li Qiye smiled at the astounded Gu Zun: “Yes, just like your imagination, you have always been able to open the treasury. Your blood is the key!”

“No, it’s impossible!” Gu Zun turned slightly pale, finding it hard to accept this truth.

Remember, he has been working on this treasury for a long time without being able to open it. Back then, the Black Dragon King and Immortal Emperor Qian Li personally watched it on top of another augmentation by Immortal Emperor Yin Tian. It was understandable that he didn’t have an opening. But now, the real answer was that he, himself, was the key. It was too much for him to take.

“Try and see.” Li Qiye smiled again.

Gu Zun took a deep breath and tried to regain his calm demeanor. Nevertheless, his expression was still slightly awkward since he already knew the answer.

He walked in front of the old, mottled entrance and took a deep breath before stretching out his finger. A drop of blood flowed into the lock while his finger was quivering.

“Creak-” After his blood drop entered the lock, the heavy door slowly opened with exquisite movements. 

He seemed to be struck by lightning and took a step back, paled. The answer was finally confirmed.

In the past, he had tried multiple times to find a method of entry or sneaking in. However, this place was created by the hardest material in the world, sealed by the most fortified method with emperors, and guarded by the Black Dragon King and the others.

This impregnable treasury was out of reach even for an eonic genius like him. It was simply impossible to open. He had dreamt about entering many times but now, it was right before him yet he felt fear and didn’t dare to enter.

“Since you have planned for so long, why not go have a look?” Li Qiye said slowly as Gu Zun was frozen at the entrance.

Gu Zun took a deep breath and stepped inside the treasury despite knowing the answer. He chose to face it because he was not a weak coward.

There were no immortal lights in the treasury or the hymns of divine weapons, no beautiful armors either. It was a completely empty treasury!

Gu Zun turned pale inside the treasury. He trembled despite his best effort to calm himself. The treasury he coveted so much has always been empty! Not even in his dream would he ever have expected such a thing.

Li Qiye didn’t sneer at him and simply watched quietly.

In the end, Gu Zun regained his composure. His pale face had its color returned.

He couldn’t help but smile: “That’s Your Excellency for you, I am but a child compared to you in terms of scheming. Using the most precious metal to create a treasury and made all of these big shots stand on guard just for it to be empty…”

It was a very forced smile, even uglier than crying.

“So you have schemed against me from the beginning, even before you taught me cultivation. I was naive enough to think that you were earnest in that endeavor. So I was listed in your list of traitors from the start!” He smiled bitterly.

“You’re off there.” Li Qiye shook his head: “I didn’t teach you for the sake of it. If I didn’t want to, you think the Black Dragon King could have convinced me otherwise? That’s right, this treasury was created because of you in the beginning. It is not only because of your natural disposition towards betrayal. More importantly, it is because you are one of the ten eonic geniuses, such a rare and precious aptitude. Even though I don’t really care for talents, I didn’t wish to see you being wasted before me. This treasury is only a test for you. Despite your great talents, you ultimately failed the test. You thought your current dao heart is unyielding but you couldn’t resist the temptation!”

He continued on: “I was vigilant against you not because of your disposition but because you couldn’t resist temptation from the start. I have seen countless geniuses and even the eonic ones. When a genius can’t resist temptation, then he won’t be bringing good fortune to the nine worlds, only calamities.”

“In the end, you are still correct.” Gu Zun smiled.

Li Qiye stared at him and said flatly: “Do you know why I still haven’t killed you? It is not only because of your brother-in-law but because you have still been able to protect your dao heart to a certain extent. At the very least, you didn’t cross the line and experimented with the Ancient Ming. That’s why I didn’t kill you yet!”

“I am honored.” Gu Zun respectfully said.

“You won’t turn back and will keep continuing on this path.” Li Qiye added.

“You still won’t spare me, what begins must end, right, Your Excellency?” Gu Zun had finally calmed his emotions at this moment.

“All of this doesn’t matter at this point. It is destined to happen.” Li Qiye gently shook his head.

Gu Zun smiled back: “Then I have no regrets. Having a pursuit is necessary for one’s life. Being able to oppose you is the happiest thing in my life, my greatest achievement. After the destruction of the Ancient Ming, how many people have actually dared to truly take you on? I am insignificant compared to you. However, even if I’m only an ant, I want to be one that does not know its limit, one that doesn’t want to submit to your wish, Your Excellency!” 

“Quite courageous!” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Everyone wants something different. If your pursuit is to oppose me, then I can’t do anything else but kill you.”

“I know.” Gu Zun didn’t become alarmed and said: “If you want to see my ace card, then follow me.” He disappeared afterward.

Li Qiye smiled and disappeared as well. He crossed through space and gave chase.

In the next second, the two of them emerged above a vast sea. This was still the Grand Sea but it was in the southernmost area. This desolate region rarely had visitors and was without any lineage.

The tides here were fierce and violent as if the sea itself was enraged.

“Your Excellency, this sea region is familiar, right?” Gu Zun smiled and said.

“Rumble!” The sea split and became chaotic. It looked like a portal was opening from below and nine gigantic figures came out. Their aura rampaged like a terrible primal flood!

They immediately blotted out the sky and took away light from this region. The sea only made it up to their knees. One crush alone could annihilate the entire realm.

They were all monsters with different forms. One had a large fish body and a tiny human head; one more had the body of a five-clawed flood-dragon. Another one had a large shell on its back and resembled a clam…

They resembled sea monsters but didn’t have the same aura. The nine instantly surrounded Li Qiye while Gu Zun stayed outside.

“Your Excellency, are you familiar with these nine friends too?” Gu Zun smiled and said.

“How can I forget the nine Sea Kings?” Li Qiye chuckled after seeing them.

“Gentlemen, here’s your old friend, His Excellency, Dark Crow!” Gu Zun smiled and said: “This is the man who suppressed you all at the bottom of the sea. His Excellency had gotten back his body in this generation, it’s time for vengeance.”

The nine monsters immediately became serious. Their eyes shined like the sun in the sky and illuminated the region.

Everyone would be horrified by this terrible scene.

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