Chapter 166 : Ants Moving a Coffin (2)

Chapter 166 : Ants Moving a Coffin (2)

“Hmph, little animal, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect won’t be jumping for many more days! This thing doesn’t know life from death; only a declining Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect yet still dares to be enemies with my Heavenly God Sect along with the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom! Sooner or later, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect will become a faint speck of dust in history!” In Ancient Sky City at a congregation of young geniuses, when someone brought up that Li Qiye was also here, Dao Child Shengtian coldly snorted and contemptuously said without a care.

Hearing this, many people shivered and glanced at each other!

At this moment, they understood the implication of his words and the warning that the Heavenly God Sect and the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom were now allies! When such a monstrous monster was brought up, any sects and experts would both shudder in fear.

“Without seeking death, it will not die. Why did a declining Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect mess with a monster like the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom?” After listening to Dao Child Shengtian, a young genius lamented.

Dao Child Shengtian’s visit to Ancient Sky City left many youngsters envious and jealous. However, even if they were jealous, they couldn’t do anything about it. During the current times within the Grand Middle Territory, there weren’t that many young people that could compare to Dao Child Shengtian.

However, a different young genius had just arrived, so the light on top of Dao Child Shengtian became slightly fainter.

“Jewel Pillar Saint Child has arrived.” This message came from the city. Even though very few people actually saw him, it quickly resonated.

“Jewel Pillar Saint Child is here?” Someone with inside information emotionally murmured: “Jewel Pillar Saint Child is a grand completion Sacred Mountain Physique. His arrival… Does this mean that an ancestor with a grand completion Saint Physique wants to be buried in the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground?”

“What? A grand completion Sacred Mountain Physique? The Sacred Mountain Physique is one of the twenty-four King Physiques!” Hearing this information, one cultivator’s mind was shaken while some others had to take deep breaths.

A natural born King Physique and a grand completion King Physique were two entirely different matters. Natural born King Physique — this meant that one had the chance to cultivate a King Physique to completion! However, without a suitable Physique Law, even a natural born King Physique wouldn’t necessarily be able to reach the grand completion of the King Physique!

A grand completion King Physique was a very frightening thing to cultivators. Once a Physique reached grand completion, to a large extent, cultivation no longer mattered. Normally when a grand completion King Physique cultivator came out, no one would care whether he was a Royal Noble or an Enlightened Being. A grand completion King Physique was sufficient as a deterrence to others!

“The Jewel Pillar Sacred School, truly unfathomable. They are worthy of being named the heritage with the most Physique Laws in the Grand Middle Territory.” An older cultivator enviously exclaimed.

Fate Merits, Longevity Laws, and Technique Forms all could be created. For example, Enlightened Beings, Ancient Saints, Heavenly Sovereign, and Heavenly Kings could create their own Fate Merit, Longevity Law, and Technique Form.

However, not everyone could create Physique Laws without a prior precedence. If one was not a natural born King Physique, even if they searched for millions of years, they would still not be able to create a King Physique Law. Without the same Physique, one could not understand its Physique Law.

There were countless geniuses who started with a Mortal Physique and tried to create a Xiantian Physique Law or King Physique Law, but very few were actually successful! So, to any sects or heritages, the value of Physique Laws were much higher than Fate Merits and Longevity Laws.

“Jewel Pillar Saint Child is the descendant of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School. He is a very low-key person even though he is a natural born King Physique and, at the moment, is a grand completion King Physique!” A cultivator from the Jade Valley Country knew the situation and said in a low voice.

“A natural born King Physique, and is now a grand completion King Physique. This is a step-by-step prelude to becoming a grand completion Saint Physique ah!” A cultivator breathed in cold air after hearing this news.

A grand completion Saint Physique was frightening and could be said to be invincible! Other sects and heritages wanting a grand completion Saint Physique was absolutely not easy, and it was harder than reaching the heavens! However, the Jewel Pillar Sacred School was different.

Referred to as the school with the most Physique Laws in the Grand Middle Territory, they had created several characters with grand completion Saint Physiques — in the past — who were invincible in the Nine Worlds and ten earths — very intimidating! Even Immortal Emperor’s lineages and Ancient Kingdoms could not produce more grand completion Saint Physiques than the Jewel Pillar Sacred School!

Such a message caused many grand and ancient sects in the Grand Middle Territory to shiver on the inside. If it could produce another grand completion Saint Physique in this generation, then this was a chance for them to reach for the invincible Immortal Physique or shoulder the Heaven’s Will and become a generation of an Immortal Emperor!

The appearance of the Underworld River along with the Underworld Boat signaled a sky-shattering event, causing all of the sects inside the Grand Middle Territory and even the ones in the Eastern Hundred Cities, the Southern Crimson Earth, the Western Desolate Wasteland, and the Great North Sea to depart towards the Grand Middle Territory.

To many sects and nations in the Eastern Hundred Cities and Southern Crimson Earth, traveling across a territory was an extremely difficult thing and required a large amount of Refined Jades to open the dao gateway. Ordinary sects could not afford such an expense, which was why any sects that could go to Ancient Sky City were extraordinary existences with absolutely powerful strength!

In the last few days, cultivators from the Eastern Hundred Cities and Southern Crimson Earth began to appear in Ancient Sky City. There was even the Immortal Ghost race along with the Blood race — that were usually hard to find in the Mortal Emperor World — appearing in the city.

However, even with the grand sects and powerful nations from these external forces present, the Grand Middle Territory’s cultivators still had the hometown advantage. For now, the powers within the Grand Middle Territory still controlled the whole situation.

At this moment, countless grand sects and powerful nations and even Immortal Emperor’s lineages were calculating the Underworld Boat’s arrival time; especially the ones that had predecessors who wished to be buried inside the boat, they were especially meticulous.

Meanwhile, inside the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, Li Qiye’s group climbed the mountains and traversed the rivers under Li Qiye’s accurate directions to finally leave the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground.

Outside of the burial ground, Li Qiye immediately took off the ragged clothing on his body, including the Frightened Corpse Gong, and placed them inside the Heavenly Ancient Treasure Chest. Then, he garnered all of his strength and threw the treasure chest into the burial ground. The treasure chest was like a shooting star across the sky and it disappeared into thin air.

Li Qiye’s actions stunned everyone, including Li Shuangyan’s group.

“Big Brother, it’s, it’s, it’s a treasure ah! With this thing, aren’t we free to move in and out of the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground? Why throw it away?” Nan Huairen was flabbergasted and couldn’t help but to shout. If there weren’t Earth Corpses walking around, he would have rushed in to find it.

“Heavenly Ancient Earth Messenger, Heavenly Ancient Corpse Treasure, Heavenly Ancient Frightened Corpse Gong… Only when you are the Earth Messenger would you have their effects.” Li Qiye looked at him once and freely said: “This group of treasures coming from the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground… With this sealed treasure chest, as long as you understand the rules and the ceremony of the transaction, even if you aren’t an Earth Corpse, you would still be able to become a Heavenly Ancient Earth Messenger!”

“Heavenly Ancient Earth Messenger is assumed by Earth Corpses? Not cultivators?” Hearing this, the group of Qu Daoli got the creeps, especially Xu Pei. As a young girl, she also got the shivers.

“Of course not.” Li Qiye said: “To the Earth Corpses, if they had the opportunity to become free again and escape the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground, at that time, they would either become a Treasure Lord or an Earth Immortal, or they would truly rest in peace at this place, no longer being an Earth Corpse! Every generation, the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground will release some kits for Heavenly Ancient Earth Messengers! Earth Corpses with fortune would obtain them and have the chance to trade for their freedom. Whether they could trade for their freedom in the end, this depends on their transactions!”

“The transaction is very simple, either find a Treasure Lord or an Earth Immortal. However, whether it is a Treasure Lord or Earth Immortal, once the transaction begins, only three trades are permitted at most for each person. During the transaction process, whenever it is unsuccessful, both sides will immediately stop. Even if both are still only in the first round of transactions, they still must stop immediately! Therefore, both sides taking out their Corpse Treasures or regular treasures require some wisdom!” At this point, Li Qiye pointed at his head.

Then he smilingly continued: “If you are a capable gambler, then go to an Earth Immortal. Maybe with just one transaction, it will be heavenly frightening! However, many Earth Immortals don’t care for Corpse Treasures. This means that you have a great chance for the transaction to fail, and this would completely waste the Heavenly Ancient Earth Messenger’s kit!”

“Earth Immortal’s treasures from the transactions can allow for freedom?” Li Shuangyan asked in surprise.

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Not necessarily, it depends on what items you traded for. As long as it is heaven-shaking enough, then it really has the potential to trade for freedom.”

“Oldest Brother, from the past till now, were there Earth Corpses that traded successfully?” Qu Daoli couldn’t help but ask.

This question left Li Qiye’s eyes in a deep ponder. In the end, he didn’t answer this matter.

“Haha, Big Brother, even though we were finished with the trades, but, this Heavenly Ancient Earth Messenger’s kit… Good or bad, it is still a treasure. How could you throw it away?” Nan Huairen was still greedy and asked while laughing.

Li Qiye glared at him and lightly said: “These items do not belong to the outside world. If the kit was still sealed, then it would be easy to deal with. Heh, but if it was opened, whether you are finished with the transaction or not, or if there are still Corpse Treasures leftover, if you take it out of the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground, then be careful of an ominous event taking place.”

“How ominous?” Even the quiet Zhang Yu asked.

“Possessed by ghost! Speaking of no good, you will become crazy and rush into the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground. These items do not belong to the outside world. Once opened, this is equivalent to accepting the laws of the Burial Ground! If you want to take it outside, then that would be provoking the ominous.” Li Qiye answered with a smile.

“Possessed by ghost…” Hearing this, the younger generation couldn’t help but to change their expressions. Even Niu Fen took a look around. These words of Li Qiye didn’t seem to be a joke.

“So, even if there were cultivators who had picked up the Heavenly Ancient Earth Messenger’s kits before, how could they know how to use them? Why do you know the rules and the ceremony of the transaction?” Seeing the Li Qiye who was even younger than her in front, Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but to ask this question.

“Calculated with my fingers.” Li Qiye replied with a smile.

Chen Baojiao naturally was not satisfied with such an answer, but she could only grumpily glare at Li Qiye once.


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