Chapter 1650: Worldkeeper True God

Everyone was stunned by this shocking scene. The five Legendary Godkings from Soaring Immortal have been slain in no time at all. Even Long Aotian with his grand completion physique lost after just one move. How terrifying was this character?

This was the reason why everyone thought the newcomer was an emperor.

In the corner of their eyes was an old man with an austere expression. His face seemed to have been polished by time itself. In the end, nothing could ever change it again. Each feature and lines were clearly defined. 

He was riding a divine stallion. Despite being made from bronze, it was full of life and its muscles were animated. The old man didn’t have a frightening aura or a sky-engulfing vitality. He simply stood there in the sky and time seemed to have been frozen.

No one could ever get past him or even think about defeating him. He was the most fortified line of defense in the world. Nobody knew the origin of this old man, not even the most knowledgeable Godking.

“Child, your cultivation is not bad.” The old man looked at Long Aotian and said slowly: “Unfortunately, the only person who can fight me from your sect is Asura. The rest won’t be able to stop a single blow!”

People listened attentively to each of his words. They didn’t know who Asura was but this must be a terrifying character as well.

In this world, how many would actually dare to make this statement? Even Long Aotian was aghast to hear this since he certainly knew who Asura was.

Forefather Asura was once the strongest among their old ancestors. Some ancestors in his sect once said that outside of Immortal Emperors, if Forefather Asura wasn’t the strongest, he would still at least be second place!

Due to having such a powerful existence as his dao protector and stood up for him, Immortal Emperor Ren Xian was able to come out to win the throne.

Unfortunately, even this powerful forefather couldn’t survive the tribulation of time. In the end, his lifespan withered and he left this world!

Right now, this old man had just said that only Forefather Asura could fight him from Soaring Immortal. He could easily imagine how strong the old man was.

“May I ask who you are?” Long Aotian took a calming breath before speaking with a serious expression.

“Worldkeeper True God.” The old man said flatly without too many thoughts.

Worldkeeper True God! Many experts glanced at each other after hearing this title. Even the Godkings from the last generation haven’t heard of it before.

However, inside the depth of one imperial lineage, an extremely ancient old man sat up from shock. His profound eyes became dazed as he murmured: “Worldkeeper! He’s actually still alive. This is a surviving True God from the Immortal Slaying War! An ancient legend but there is only one existence in this world that can summon him!”

Having thought to this point, this undying existence shuddered and immediately climbed back into his coffin without saying anything else.

“Worldkeeper!” Long Aotian was astounded and took a step back in horror.

He had heard of this name before since he was the successor of his amazing sect. This was a name full of legends.

Worldkeeper! How many people would dare to claim this magnificent title on top of the True God designation? But both of these things were part of this old man’s title.

This was an existence with an extremely precious bloodline, an old general that had participated in the Immortal Slaying War and still managed to survive.

“I’m not here to harvest your lives so I won’t trouble you any further.” The true god looked at Long Aotian then glanced at some hidden people in the sky and said leisurely: “If your sect still has some imperial princes who think they are amazing, then go for it already. In this generation, my Azure Dragon Legion has received the order of his Excellency and shall trample your sect!”

His tone was calm but the content was domineering. Anyone would feel a chill after hearing the old man’s declaration towards Soaring Immortal.

“Ah!” This was the last of the screamings. The legion had finished sweeping through the entire battlefield and eliminated all enemies. Not a single man from Soaring Immortal was left alive.

They then stopped inside Pearl. The guards from Pearl trembled while looking at them, especially the cold eyes of the older soldiers. They kept on walking backward and didn’t dare to look into their eyes. There was a sharpness within that could pierce the heart, a truly nightmare-inducing endeavor.

“Boom!” In a trice, the entire legion left Pearl and floated to the sky. They lined up in an orderly fashion in front of Li Qiye.

Meanwhile, Aotian calmed himself and knew what kind of legion he was facing. It wasn’t shameful for their legions to lose to this one so quickly because this was a force that had participated in an ancient war. They have even massacred the most terrifying race of them all, the Ancient Ming!

This legendary legion worked together with the old sages of the nine worlds to destroy the Dragon Ming Ancient Dynasty and stopped their reign.

“Very well, we will meet again and my sect will have our payback!” Aotian solemnly said. With that, he instantly disappeared into the horizon.

In his eyes, they have lost this battle completely! However, they were still fine since they had another powerful legion!

At this time, the true god jumped down from his stallion and came before Li Qiye. He kneeled down without saying anything.

“Whoosh!” All of the soldiers from Azure Dragon formally kneeled down before Li Qiye.

This scene shocked so many people. Some felt their blood boiling while looking at this invincible legion. However, it was submitting to Li Qiye at this moment. Any man who could stand at such a glorious position would feel an uncontainable excitement. There wouldn’t be more to ask of life. 

“Azure Dragon protects the Son of Heaven. One hundred fight to slaughter the immortal!” The true god’s voice echoed across Mortal Emperor and deterred all existences. The nine worlds trembled once more. [1]

“Azure Dragon protects the Son of Heaven. One hundred fight to slaughter the immortal!” Each soldier shouted in unison and threatened the world again. All existences would shudder before their rallying cry.

When Azure Dragon’s horns sounded again for their second glorious coming, the world should brace itself. Everyone in the crowd was shaken, either from horror or astonishment.

Li Qiye felt the corners of his eyes moistening while looking at the legion and the old soldiers that have survived the previous war.

“Azure Dragon protects the Son of Heaven. One hundred fight to slaughter the immortal.” He said slowly: “The old valorous shall be undying, Azure Dragon shall be eternal!” 

“The old valorous shall be undying, Azure Dragon shall be eternal!” The young ones in the legion applauded while the older soldiers with their austere expression shouted as well. They inevitably became sentimental.

Back in those years, they fought against the Ancient Ming and risked their lives together. Now, they were finally back under the banners of the Azure Dragon Legion, back before His Excellency. They shall see glory again in this generation by protecting the nine worlds!

Li Qiye’s frozen heart felt warm after seeing each of the old soldiers’ face. He secretly wiped away his tears, not wanting others to see his moment of weakness.

Next, he placed his palm on the true god’s head and stated: “All of you are my pride, my reason for arrogance! Rise, no need for formality.”

The entire legion stood up with the true good. The old soldiers stared at Li Qiye while trying to carve his appearance into their mind.

Li Qiye had done the same for them in the past. These were comrades who fought alongside him, stained with blood.

He had buried many soldiers and brothers. He once watched their blood flow on the ground. They have experienced the cruelest and hardest period during the dark era of the Ancient Ming. They laughed loudly together and cried quietly together…

1. I’m not happy with this translation. In the original raw, heaven and immortal rhymes with each other since it is tian and xian.

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