Chapter 1647: Bare Hands, Still Unstoppable

With the Virtuous Sword ready for battle, Aotian became much more confident with an imperial aura erupting and surrounding his body. It looked as if he was wearing the armor of an emperor, allowing him to be the sole master of the nine heavens.

Despite his surging will to battle, he was still cautious and gazing at the Immortal’s Blood Spear.

Back in the fight earlier against Hai Lin’s group, he still used an imperial weapon, albeit an ordinary life treasure.

But that wouldn’t do any longer against Zi Cuining and her spear. Aotian had to take out the Virtuous Sword because he would be the one to taste bitterness by underestimating her.

“Heaven Suppression Goddess! The City Lord!” Many cultivators were shocked to see her.

In a short time, they glanced at each other and felt that this was quite bizarre.

The alliance between the two sects was known by everyone but now, Pearl and Soaring Immortal were in battle. It was one thing for Pearl to be independent but even the current master of Heaven Suppression was fighting against Long Aotian.

More importantly, this was a marriage alliance determined by the seniors of both sides. This made people think about Fiercest taking the bride away and this ignited their gossip side.

“Looks like the goddess wants to follow Fiercest and doesn’t care for the marriage. No wonder why she is going against Long Aotian. That’s why Pearl is going up against Soaring Immortal too because they have her as their backing.” One youth stated.

“That’s Fiercest for you, stealing other people’s wives so easily. This level of marriage alliance is really a big deal but Fiercest doesn’t give a damn. More importantly, the goddess is smitten with him. His charm really has no bounds.” Another youth began to admire Fiercest.

A different cultivator who had visited Eastern Hundred Cities in the Grand Middle Territory also said with envy: “Fiercest isn’t only ferocious but he’s also very charming as well. I heard Fairy Mei and Sword Goddess Bai follow all of his orders. Other princesses are also head over heels for him. What more can a man ask for?”

In a short time, many youths were envious or even jealous of him. Just marrying any of the girls above would be the accumulation of good karma from three generations. But now, Fiercest had so many. How could they not be jealous?

“Sister, don’t forget about the agreement between our sects.” Long Aotian said slowly while looking at Cuining.

Aotian wasn’t embarrassed about the bride-stealing incident but he didn’t wish to dwell on it either. It was a political marriage without any romance so he didn’t mind.

“Imperial Prince Long, the moment you attacked Pearl, our agreement is no longer effective, at least in my eyes!” Cuining said.

“But Heaven Suppression is still our ally.” Long Aotian fiercely said.

“Gu Zun does not represent my Heaven Suppression.” She said slowly: “This is all his doing. If you want to show goodwill to my sect, then send back your troops or we shall be enemies!”

“Then we have nothing to say.” Aotian shook his head with a firm attitude: “This isn’t something you or I can decide. However, keep in mind that the path towards the throne is cruel. If you stand in my way, I will kill you.”

Aotian was an extraordinary person. In his mind, the grand dao was the most important; romance was insignificant. It didn’t matter whether he liked her or not, he wouldn’t show any mercy towards anyone standing in his way.

He had the right qualities to become an emperor - the right mindset, firm dao heart, and an unyielding determination to never look back.

“Very well, I’ll have a look at your techniques then.” Zi Cuining responded strongly without any fear!

“So be it!” Aotian fiercely proclaimed: “No one will hinder my step today, I shall flatten your city!”

“Clank!” A tsunami rushed out from the Virtuous Sword. Just its reflection alone could flip over the stars in the sky.

“Boom!” Aotian had yet to attack but a foot came from the sky with an unstoppable momentum, capable of suppressing all the realms.

Aotian’s expression dimmed down after seeing this foot and had to unleash a sword strike to stop the tyrannical stomp.

“Bang!” His amazing sword strike, incredible vitality, and supreme style were useless. He slammed into the city wall and was buried by the rubbles.

“Eat this!” In the next second, he suddenly appeared in the sky with an unbelievable speed. No one saw how he got out of the rubbles or slashed.

“Clank!” The strike split apart the primordial chaos, the galaxy, and the myriad dao with its incomparable sharpness. Godkings would be decapitated and the gods trembled in fear before this move.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” With a loud series of explosions, twelve fists instantly became one. This move crushed through everything and slammed into the sword strike.

The sky vault shattered instantly under this contest. A terrible black hole appeared. This would be an indelible mark on the sky for years to come.

Everything became dark. It took a while before the light came back. Everyone saw two people standing in the sky, one was Long Aotian.

“Fiercest! Fiercest is here!” A spectator shouted after seeing the other person.

The atmosphere became tense. All eyes became excited and the battle in Pearl could no longer hold their attention. Everyone only cared about Fiercest and Long Aotian as well as the second battle between them.

“So strong, fighting against an imperial weapon with his fist.” The last generation took a deep breath after seeing this.

It wasn’t like this was unprecedented. But this particular weapon was different. It was the Virtuous Sword that could even deter Legendary Godkings. They wouldn’t think about fighting it with their bare hands.

However, just his one fist alone could stop the sword. Just how tough and terrible was it? People became creeped out and felt that his fist could match any weapon in this world.

“Li Qiye!” Aotian’s bloodthirst erupted.

The two of them wouldn’t share the same sky. For Aotian, he needed to kill Li Qiye in order to become an emperor or it would be far out of his reach. However, even if he were to somehow become one but Li Qiye was still alive, the guy would forever be a shadow and a threat in his mind.

Thus, one of them must die for Aotian to have peace again!

Li Qiye looked at him and smiled leisurely: “You got well pretty fast after just several days. Looks like the medicine in your sect isn’t bad.”

Aotian simply snorted. Being struck into a different dimension by Li Qiye was his first taste of defeat. However, Aotian didn’t crumble or lost his self-confidence because of it. His dao heart became even tougher; he wanted to challenge the guy again and thought that Li Qiye would only be a paving pebble on his path towards the throne. This would make his journey even more complete and perfect.

“Not a bad dao heart, it’s no wonder why you have your current achievements.” Li Qiye glanced at him and smiled.

He was praising the boy. Many would have apprehension after losing to him once but there was only a negligible effect on Aotian. It showed how tough his dao heart was. It wasn’t a coincidence that he could become the successor of Soaring Immortal. His talents and dao heart together made him who he is.

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