Chapter 1644: Long Aotian’s Second Shot

The spectators on the horizon held their breath and wondered whether Pearl City can get through this after seeing the defensive perimeter.

Many leaders in the Grand Sea wanted Pearl to make it through this disaster. In their mind, it would be a great morale boost for the other cultivators. At the very least, it would show that Soaring Immortal wasn’t unbeatable. Many other lineages would agree to rise against them.

Of course, if Pearl were to fall and become nothing after this battle, it would be a great blow to everyone in this region. At that point, no powers would dare to oppose Soaring Immortal.

Aotian stood on top of his pathway and looked down at Pearl. He said coldly: “Peacock Bright Monarch, it’s not too late to hand over the remaining demons and sea monsters or face the consequences.”

“Imperial Prince Long, Pearl will not compromise with anyone.” The beautiful monarch was heroic at this moment, standing on top of the city wall. She personally presided over the battle like a gallant and charming general.

She continued: “Those who do not violate the rules of Pearl will be allowed to stay for as long as they want. We will not expel anyone or hand them over to any powers. If you have feuds with them, wait until they leave Pearl and settle the score then. But if you want to use force against us, then we shall fight!” She spoke like a true ruler.

“Well said!” Many big shots couldn’t help but applaud.

“Looks like you won’t cry till you see the coffins.” He replied: “Your Pearl City dares to stop us? That’s akin to an ant trying to stop an elephant, not knowing your own limitation! If you surrender now, we will let this go out of consideration for the alliance. Otherwise, we will erase your Pearl City from the Grand Sea.”

The monarch was firm earlier so Aotian didn’t show any reservation. He aggressively stated his demand.

The experts at Pearl angrily glared at him. Everyone knew about how strong Soaring Immortal was but Pearl was no slouch either. But now, Aotian treated them as if they were nothing. How could they swallow this anger?

“We’ll take you on then.” The monarch’s attitude remained the same: “Let fate and the heavens be the deciders!”

The disciples from Pearl felt their blood boiling after the common battle cry and repeated: “That’s right, let fate and the heavens be the deciders!”

In just a moment, morale was at an all-time high for Pearl. The disciples wanted to rush out and fight without any intention of compromising or surrendering.

The battle was on the verge of starting but the monarch was still in charge while Zi Cuining was nowhere to be found.

Zi Cuining didn’t need to show her face because the monarch was the lord of Pearl. She had the authority to make all the decision while Cuining as the sect master only needed to give her assistance.

“Fine, then I’ll personally destroy your city today.” Aotian claimed.

“Such boldness. Long Aotian, you really think your sect can destroy whoever it wants in the Grand Sea?” A loud shout came about: “I, Hai Lin, don’t believe it!”

“Boom!” A dragon roar came about. A four claws golden dragon shattered through space and appeared in the sky above Pearl.

There were two people standing on the dragon. The first was a fierce youth while the other was an old man - Hai Lin and Ding Yuanhou.

“They’re here to help Pearl!” Someone shouted at this sight.

People weren’t overly surprised to see the two since Hai Lin was Aotian’s mortal enemy. Aotian destroyed their home and massacred their people. It was an irreconcilable feud. 

It was more surprising to see Ding Yuanhou helping Hai Lin. It looks like their relationship was quite deep. Many big shots nearby were slightly shaken to see the reinforcement. It showed that Pearl wasn’t fighting alone and that some people were willing to oppose Soaring Immortal.

“Hai Lin is really an unkillable cockroach, won’t die after so many close calls. If he can survive, his future will be quite good.” One expert smiled wryly after seeing Hai Lin completely recovered.

“Only a loser, can’t reach the apex!” Aotian simply glanced at him and arrogantly mocked.

Aotian didn’t care for Hai Lin. He was only annoyed that Hai Lin was saved by seniors from the sea monster faction again and again before certain peril. 

“Long Aotian, with regards to cultivation and power, I am not your match. But it’s not like you haven’t lost either, Brother Li made you run like a dog losing its master.” Hai Lin smiled and said. He didn’t find losing to Aotian shameful at all.

Aotian didn’t like this being brought up. He scowled with murder in his eyes: “A sharp mouth is useless. Come, I’ll teach you another lesson.”

“That’s precisely why we came. Let’s go!” Hai Lin shouted as he soared to the sky with his trident like a dragon.

“Moo!” Yuanhou assumed his true form, a black bull capable of devouring the sky. Its stomp could determine victory and defeat.

“Rawr!” The golden dragon also roared and rushed to the sky with the ability to call for winds and rains on top of creating a tsunami.

In a short time, the three combatants took positions and were ready to fight.

“Mere insects!” Aotian wasn’t afraid at all and yelled. An imperial weapon appeared as he also stepped into the sky vault to fight against the three by himself.

“Rumble!” They fought a star-crushing battle up above and gambled with their lives. Their tyrannical aura assaulted the world.

“The Heaven’s Will is about to come out so the war will be even more devastating. The sky shall be punished like this more often soon.” A big shot who had seen the previous competition murmured.

Successive battles have been fiercer than the previous. Everyone began to get used to such magnificent scenes. They understood that this particular star-crushing fight would become a common sight in the future.

This was because during the competition, the Emperor Candidates, their dao protector, and their sects would go all out especially nearing the end. The nine worlds would tremble at that point!

Aotian wasn’t using the Virtuous Sword but he still had an imperial weapon. Any of them became amazing in his grasp as if an emperor was here in person.

The four of them went all out but they still couldn’t stop him and was forced back continuously. He swept through like a True God with his imperial weapon and his aura rampaged causing the spectators on the horizon to shudder. He was truly ferocious at this moment, causing others to have the urge to submit.

“Soaring Immortal’s successor is really invincible.” Someone commented.

The golden dragon and Ding Yuanhou were considered to be Legendary Godkings. Hai Lin was a bit lacking but he was young and vigorous with ample blood energy. This meant that his battle prowess was incredible. Alas, this was still not enough.

“Wooo-” At this time, the horn to battle resounded from Soaring Immortal.

With loud explosions, their experts joined the battlefield.

“Kill!” Several ten thousands of cavalries rushed towards Pearl like a steely flood. There were plenty of experts among them with the leading commanders being Godkings.

“Rumble!” Their blaring march echoed in the sky and their roars threatened the heavens!

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