Chapter 164 : Middle Continent’s Treasures (2)

Chapter 164 : Middle Continent’s Treasures (2)

Li Qiye looked into his treasure box and eventually took out a cicada shell that looked like a piece of silver; it was seemingly alive. Without a careful look, one would think that this was a silver cicada.

“Void Intention Silver Cicada Shell — lived in the depths of the Void Intention Valley, it is able to give you twenty more days of living!” Li Qiye placed the silver cicada in front of him and told the old man.

The old man did not say anything and packed up the Void Intention Silver Cicada Shell. This meant that the transaction was successful. Li Qiye grasped the Dragonfish Transformation Mirror and quietly threw it to Qu Daoli.

Compared to the group of Nan Huairen, Qu Daoli was only a disciple promoted by Li Qiye later on so his relationship with Li Qiye was a bit shallow. He didn’t expect to have a part of the treasure sharing. After accepting the mirror, he quickly bowed towards Li Qiye!

A Virtuous Paragon’s Life Treasure… How precious was this? To a third generation disciple like Qu Daoli, this was something he didn’t dare to think about before.

There was one last transaction so Li Qiye looked at the treasures left in his box. He then took out a small bowl. This small jade bowl was sealed with a little bit of fresh blood inside, but this blood was not particularly bright and vivid.

“Diluted treasure blood, you should know its value.” Li Qiye placed this bowl of blood down and slowly said.

The old man whose eyes were always closed suddenly opened them and revealed a bloody ray, then they were closed again.

After a long silence, the old man took out an ancient flag. This ancient flag was a bit tattered and had a hole on its body. However, this flag — once surfaced — immediately emanated a sky-piercing murderous intent. It was enough to cause others to feel that they have been beheaded and that their lives have been ended.

The moment this flag appeared, the group’s expression turned pale. The killing intent of this flag was too strong, causing others’ hearts to flutter.

“This was a Murdering God Banner of the old battlefield! I didn’t think that you would have obtained it.” Seeing this flag was outside of Li Qiye’s expectations. He then took the flag and said: “Deal.”

The old man put away the blood drop in the bowl and turned around to lie in the coffin. Finally, it was lifted by the skeletons back to the ancient cave.

“Do your best to cultivate. This flag is extremely important, don’t disappoint me.” Li Qiye threw the Murdering God Banner, with its soaring killing intent, to Nan Huairen.

Holding this flag, Nan Huairen couldn’t help but feel incredulous. He quickly kneeled to the ground and bowed his head as he said: “Thank you, Oldest Brother, for considering me.”

Even though Li Qiye gave the extremely powerful and heaven-defying Murdering God Banner to Nan Huairen, no one had any objections. Everyone knew that Nan Huairen was the first to swear loyalty to Li Qiye and was set on following his Oldest Brother. To be bestowed such a sacred item was not any bit surprising.

Taking advantage of the gap in transactions, Chen Baojiao had been holding back a question for a long time. She could refrain no longer and asked: “Corpse Treasures that are able to prolong life, are other cultivators unable to use them?”

“No, Corpse Treasures are only useful for the Treasure Lords and Earth Immortals.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “However, Corpse Treasures that are able to move Earth Immortals are not many.”

For the last transaction, the group was quite nervous. Li Qiye took them to the boundary of the Dragon Veins. Finally, Li Qiye chose an absolutely towering sky-high giant mountain. Standing on top of the mountain, the whole world was within a single glance!

Standing on top of such a place, the young ones couldn’t help but feel astonished. This mountain was truly too majestic and could simply be called the number one mountain!

“Not a Dragon Vein, but no lesser than a Dragon Vein. I will gamble this one time, ah.” When Li Qiye chose this Feng Shui Treasure Earth, he movingly said.

Finally, Li Qiye completed the transaction ceremony, and there was a person who immediately rushed out. No one saw how this person appeared.

When they clearly saw this person, the younger generation group of Nan Huairen was stunned. In front of them was a women a bit over thirty with peerless elegance. It was difficult to describe with the brush and ink. This woman’s peerless elegance possessed a mature charm, making people’s hearts beat faster!

Li Shuangyan had a supernatural beauty, and Chen Baojiao was country and city toppling, but compared to the woman in front, they were lacking a mature air. Chen Baojiao was a beauty bringing about calamities and floods with a poisonous charm, but she did not have the same maturity and sultry atmosphere like the woman ahead.

If the woman’s eyes weren’t closed, then Nan Huairen’s group wouldn’t have believed that this woman before them was a dead person.

“The Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom’s princess, the number one beauty of Immortal Emperor Yan Wu’s era. With the best appearance and extreme talents — all three being at the Saint level, she was enough to shock all the heroes. Although the number one beauty title is a bit too much, it was not far off.” Li Qiye looked at the woman in front and sighed with emotions. [1]

This grand beauty renowned in an era, as the Dark Crow, he had seen her once. Unexpectedly, at this moment, he could meet her again. However, a meeting after millions of years… She was already dead!

The supreme beauty ahead, with her pretty features, opened her eyes and the bloody rays appeared. She then closed her eyes and didn’t say anything.

Li Qiye sat on the floor and the supreme beauty also sat down. Li Qiye opened his treasure box and looked at the last three Corpse Treasures. Eventually, he took out all of the three treasures at once and stared at the supreme beauty ahead as he slowly said:

“My three Corpse Treasures, all to trade for that item of your Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom!” Once Li Qiye’s words came out, the supreme beauty turned around and left without a word.

“I’ll add another condition. Outside of the transaction, I will tell you where Chu Yuntian’s burial is located!” Li Qiye immediately called out.

The supreme beauty’s body became stiff and quickly turned around with her scary gaze, looking at Li Qiye. This bloody ray seemed as if it wanted to crucify him as she was trying to see through Li Qiye.

“Don’t be too emotional. A big fluctuation is not good for you. You have accumulated, little by little and through the countless moons, to save up your origin longevity, do you hope to use it now?” Li Qiye calmly continued: “In the present time, I’m afraid that people who know about Chu Yuntian no longer exist. If I know, I will not be using words to trick you!”

Finally, the supreme beauty closed her eyes and slowly sat down in complete silence.

“I know this item of the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom is in your possession. That year, when the kingdom met its calamity, that item did not appeared. The only explanation is that you took it away! I will let you know the matter of Chu Yuntian, and it will also complete your desire! Cut this thought, then maybe you can come into being with a new rebirth! Think about it carefully.” Li Qiye slowly spoke.

The group of Shi Gandang acted like monks who were scratching their heads in complete confusion. They naturally didn’t know who Chu Yuntian was and were lost about the Middle Continent’s item even more. This secret was only known to Li Qiye alone.

As for why Li Qiye knew so many things, they wouldn’t ask anymore. They were becoming accustomed to Li Qiye knowing all things.

The beautiful woman contemplated for a long time and finally took out a stone box. She gently placed it on the ground, still silent.

Li Qiye slowly placed his hand on the stone box, but he didn’t open it. He simply sensed it and finally sighed: “The Middle Continent’s treasure, ah!”

He placed the three Corpse Treasures in front of the supreme beauty and whispered. Li Qiye’s voice was extremely soft, and only the supreme beauty could hear it.

After listening, the supreme beauty’s body was shaken and she suddenly opened her beautiful eyes, revealing a bloody ray like the rainbow.

“Don’t be excited, your lifespan doesn’t come easily. If you use it now, then it would be a waste of countless moons.” Li Qiye gave a warning with a deep tone.

Finally, the supreme beauty closed her eyes and took the three Corpse Treasures. Then, her shadow disappeared without a trace. No one could clearly see her method of departure.

Li Qiye solemnly put the stone box away without saying anything.

Then, he patted Luo Fenghua’s shoulder and said: “When there is a chance in the future, I will give you a treasure!”

“Biggest Brother, I am already very satisfied with the Soaring Dragon.”

Even though Luo Fenghua didn’t get anything in this treasure sharing trip, Luo Fenghua was already very satisfied. The Ancient Intent Fasting gave him a Soaring Dragon because of his oldest brother’s face. This was already a great occasion for him. Plus, having come this far, it was all due to his oldest brother’s guidance.

As for Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, needless to say, they knew the right amount of propriety.

Niu Fen didn’t care too much about treasures. In fact, he had a lot of treasures. To him, Li Qiye teaching him the Eighteen Solutions was more valuable than all of the treasures in this heaven and earth!

Li Qiye decided the location. They descended from the mountain and were ready to leave the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground.

“Over there…” After leaving the mountain, when they wanted to go around a corner of a valley, Li Shuangyan noticed that there was a strange thing in front of the valley. She hurriedly pulled on Li Qiye’s sleeve and whispered to him.

Li Qiye lifted his head to look and the people in the back also followed suit. At this moment, they saw that there was a coffin slowly drifting out of the valley.

In the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, to suddenly witness a flying coffin would instill the creeps into anyone.

This slowly moving coffin was too strange and was completely silent!

At this moment, not mentioning the younger generation, even the group of Shi Gandang was frightened on the inside.

Li Qiye analyzed this coffin and shivered in his heart. His eyes became serious as he stared at the coffin leaving from the valley! He was shocked because he didn’t think that he could see such a ghastly scene again! This was not his first time seeing such a scene.

This coffin was very common. It was as if it was made from the most ordinary of wood. Inside this burial ground, there were many better coffins; with copper coffins, bronze coffins, and there was even Godly Wood coffins. This coffin in front made by the most common wood was not worth mentioning.

“Down, down, there are ants beneath!” Xu Pei meticulously found out how the coffin was moving, and she muttered.


  1. Yan Wu = Hate all things

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