Chapter 163 : Middle Continent’s Treasures (1)

Chapter 163 : Middle Continent’s Treasures (1)

Eventually, Li Qiye chose a deep lake. It had stagnant water where the bottom of it was nowhere in sight. It exuded a cold and supressive atmosphere. People couldn’t help but to shiver standing next to the lake.


After Li Qiye finished his transaction ceremony, the entire deep lake poured out a brilliance as dark as black ink. Waves and waves of black lights resembling demonic swords soared to the heavens, causing others to shiver without the coldness. It was as if a devil was coming into being from underground.

“Xshhh… Xshhh… Xshhh…” When all of the black lights were interwoven into one place, a devious laughter appeared. A shadow stepped out from the black light without a coffin. Moreover, this shadow was entirely shrouded with black fog as thick as ink, rendering its real appearance impossible to discern. Within the black fog, there were the sounds of roars along with transforming mist. It seemed as if there was a prehistoric fierce beast wanting to rush out.

The evil energy of this shadow caused the group of Nan Huairen to cringe. This evil energy directly affected their souls as if a devil had its gaze on them.

“Xshh…” The approaching shadow let out an insidious laughter and devilishly spoke: “Heavenly Ancient Corpse Messenger, even though I have heard of this, this is my first time seeing one. Little Kid, hand over all of the Corpse Treasures, then maybe I will spare you from death!”

This Treasure Lord’s first words after appearing changed the colors of everyone. They didn’t expect this Treasure Lord’s sudden upheaval; it was not like the old daoist that followed the rule of the transaction.

“If it is a transaction, I welcome it. If you want to rob, then scram for me!” Only Li Qiye was as calm as a mountain while facing this Treasure Lord with evil energy piercing the heaven.

“Little Thing, when I was alive, my title alone would be enough to frighten you!” The black shade ominously spoke.

Li Qiye smiled carefreely and responded: “Only a remnant of the Dragon Ming Ancient Dynasty, not enough to reach the apex. Today, if you want to trade, then take out the heritage of your Dragon Ming Ancient Dynasty. If not, then get the hell back to your grave for me.”

“Little Demon, who are you…” The shadow immediately screamed like the thunder and, in this very second, made a move. A ghastly black hand reached out and directly struck towards Li Qiye.

A ghastly hand that could conquer even the heaven and earth and carry the sun and the moon, it was able to catch the Yin and Yang. With just this hand, even Heavenly Kings’ souls would fly away. It didn’t matter that this shadow was a dead person with non-existence life force. At this moment, it was still an unbelievably frightening existence!

“Clang– Clang– Clang” However, with life and death in front of his eyes, Li Qiye — like the storm — banged on the Frightened Corpse Gong. The torrentuous sounds of the gong rushed out, grinding on the grand earth and surprised even the heaven above and hell below.

“Ahh–” A pitiful scream sounded, causing the group of Niu Fen to jump. They all thought that Li Qiye was captured by the black shadow, but when everything became clear, they were all frozen.

A hand suddenly penetrated from below the earth. This shriveled hand resembled a bird claw. It was covered with green feathers. The hand rushed out from the ground and grabbed the black shadow in a flash. The extremely sharp nails pierced through the black shadow as it bellowed and shrilled.

Four drops of blood dripped down from the black shadow. They were extremely bright, like four blood diamonds. They were immediately devoured when they hit the ground and emitted a curl of smoke.

“One blood, one year. So what if you were buried for millions of years? In the end, you still had to give it back to the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground.” Seeing the four drops of blood disappearing on the ground, Li Qiye nonchalantly smiled and said.

After being kneaded by the green feathered claw, the black shadow was completely annihilated without even ashes or bones left. Under this green feathered claw, even if one was once a fierce character with illustrious titles that swept through the eight directions, it was not enough to reach the apex. They would be strangled like an ant.


The green feathered claw sunk back into the ground, and the lake of death also collapsed as well. This location eventually became a flat plain.

“One Feng Shui Treasure Earth destroyed, and a new one will be born.” Li Qiye slowly smiled and said: “Dogs cannot change their habit of eating shit. After millions of years, even a remnant still thinks that it is the supreme Ancient Ming! If I didn’t end your existence, it would be a disfavor to myself.”

The group’s legs were frightened weak from fear and they sat straight down on the ground. Shi Gandang and Tu Buyu, hearing Li Qiye’s words, had their hearts in shock. Li Qiye — from the start — didn’t want to trade with the opponent. Rather, he only wanted to kill him — Li Qiye wanted to kill the Treasure Lord in this Feng Shui Treasure Earth!

Shi Gandang used to be a ferocious monster and Tu Buyu traveled across the eight directions and had seen many things. Yet, their spines still ran cold. Plotting against a Treasure Lord — not many people would dare to do this!

The sudden appearance of the green feathered hand also frightened countless shivering Earth Corpses in this area. At this time, even the powerful Earth Corpses all hid in their nests without daring to come out.

“What was that green feathered hand?” The person that was the most calm was still Li Shuangyan. Although she was surprised, she still calmly inquired.

“Rule, punishment, iron law of the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground… You can call it however you want.” Li Qiye smiled: “I am an Earth Messenger at this moment to make transactions so whoever violates the deal will be punished.”

“That thing from earlier was an Ancient Ming!” Niu Fen took a cold breath and said: “He actually came from the Dragon Ming Ancient Dynasty in the legends! This, this is the ancient dynasty built by Immortal Emperor Long Ming ah!”

“It was only a dreg of society. Within the Mortal Emperor World, should any Ancient Ming dare to act arrogant, then kill without mercy!” Li Qiye emotionlessly said.

The young ones didn’t dare to interject while the previous generation, like Shi Gandang, was aghast due to these words. They felt that Li Qiye had an unspeakable murderous intent against the Ancient Ming as if they were enemies.

They naturally felt that it was an impossible matter. The first clan of the Ancient Ming had not appeared in the Human Sovereign World for tens of millions of years. How could a fifteen year old boy be enemies with the Ancient Ming race!

“The heavens lasts for ages, and the earth is vast and obscure. Return to the road, return to the bridge; the Ancient Heavenly Earth Messenger is here… Gods and devils, along with the Earth Corpses, all take three temples back…” While the younger generation — including Li Shuangyan — had many questions, Li Qiye didn’t answer them and continued the journey of finding more Feng Shui Treasure Earths.

After crossing high mountains, Li Qiye finally chose the third Feng Shui Treasure Earth and the second Treasure Lord.

This was an ancient unfathomable cave. After Li Qiye performed the transaction ceremony, waves and waves of rumbling noises arose. After a while, everyone saw four skeletons that carried a giant coffin out of the ancient cave.

This coffin was exceedingly extravagant. It was crafted by the rare and precious Heavy Celestial Heavenly Metal; this was a finest rank metal used to craft amazing weapons.

When the giant coffin came down, the thunderous sound appeared and even the grand earth trembled. An old man with a childish face and gray hair came out. Even though he was wearing a common plain cotton robe, it was untainted by even a speck of dust. It was as if he was an old immortal coming out from a painting. If his eyes weren’t closed and this wasn’t the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, then others would find it hard to imagine that this immortal old man ahead of them was a dead person.

“A little interesting, even the descendant of the Multitude Immortal Pavilion is no exception and still wants to be reborn.” Li Qiye sat on the ground and calmly said.

Hearing the words “Multitude Immortal Pavilion”, the little ones were fine while the group of Niu Fen shuddered in bewilderment. The Multitude Immortal Pavilion was an extremely mysterious existence and was famous along with the War God Temple. However, they were a lot more low-key than the War God Temple. The world rarely saw disciples of the Multitude Immortal Pavilion, but, any disciples from the pavilion were all of the heaven defying generations.

This person was a descendant of the Multitude Immortal Pavilion… What kind of powerful and how terrifying was this existence?

“I’m only a mere unfilial disciple that’s not worthy of the three words Multitude Immortal Pavilion.” Even though he was a dead person buried in this place, the old man spoke in such a nice and friendly manner; it was like a gentle spring breeze brushing by.

Li Qiye smiled and took out a stem root from the Heavenly Ancient Treasure Box. It was not too long and was of a golden color that seemed as if it was made from Godly Ore. This Crimson Gold root seemed to have been eaten by insects; it had many little holes.

“If you came from the Multitude Immortal Pavilion, then I don’t need many words about where in the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground this strand of Crimson Gold Insect Devour is from.” Li Qiye placed this item in front of him and said.

The old man pondered for a moment, and he slowly took out a stone pagoda and placed it in front of him. This stone pagoda was not large and could even be described as being very rough. But then again, it was polished without edges as if it had been polished again and again.

“Mysterious Ancient Pagoda — one pagoda to go through the underworld, a Foreign Dao Mysterious Treasure that’s able to lock the grand dao high above and suppress all evils below. It was polished in my hands for 80,000 years!” The old man carefully said.

“Deal.” Li Qiye immediately took the Mysterious Ancient Pagoda and casually threw it to Shi Gandang as he spoke: “Since you are already a guest advisor of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, this will be considered as an introductory gift. As long as you are loyal, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect will not mistreat you!”

Shi Gandang didn’t think that he would have a part with the treasures, so he quickly regained his wits and solemnly bowed towards Li Qiye. This respect came from the heart!

The old man accepted the Crimson Gold Insect Devour root and contemplated for a bit before placing another item in front.

This was a mirror that had an ancient style. Its material was unknown, but the mirror was concave inward like the mouth of a fish. The moment this mirror appeared, a Virtuous Paragon aura rushed out!

“Dragonfish Transformation Mirror — made from Dragonfish Saint Copper with seven runes Grand Dao Treasure Metal. Even though the seven runes did not become words and phrases, this Life Treasure had followed my entire life, a Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure!” The old man said.

This phrase left the hearts of the young ones quivering. A Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure — so terrifying and powerful. From Seven Runes Saint Copper… This Life Treasure was too valuable. They know, in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, the first elder also had one!


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