Chapter 1620: Gu Zun

In a secretive location filled with fog in the Grand Sea with a green shala tree, a young man approached with a matchless posture. His arrival dispersed all the fog. [1]

This man had an immortal aura with many visual phenomena accompanying him. His supreme temperament would make others want to bow in awe. It was as if he was an emperor during their youth. 

The earth and dao resonated with him with visions and hymns. One could easily imagine just how powerful he was.

Long Aotian, this was a name in the legends. People called him an imperial prince.

His eyes fell on the shala tree with a man meditating beneath. He looked quite old despite his green hair. Death seemed to be imminent; this was his final twilight.

He wore a gray robe and sat there leisurely without any expression.

“Senior Gu Zun.” Long Aotian still called him senior even though he wasn’t showing his aura. Remember, this was the imperial prince of this generation. He wouldn’t utter such honorifics so easily.

Gu Zun was one of the ten eonic geniuses and currently in charge of the scene behind Heaven Suppression. He wasn’t that famous but those who truly knew about his might were very respectful towards him.

“Imperial prince, the pleasure is mine.” Gu Zun said flatly with no intention of standing up to greet Aotian.

Long Aotian stared at him with his eyes derivating the myriad dao. This gaze penetrated the yin and yang as if wanting to see through Gu Zun.

Gu Zun sat there, unperturbed as if nothing had happened. His terrible gaze couldn’t affect him at all. 

“Senior, you have personally agreed to this marriage and that Heaven Suppression will support us. However, your city lord refused this marriage yet you are just standing idly by! This is not the agreement between you and my Soaring Immortal Sect.” Aotian said slowly.

“The marriage thing is not us changing our mind or a break in the agreement.” Gu Zun gently shook his head: “This came from Li Qiye. He wishes to seize the Heaven’s Will so he views you as an opponent and intending on using this as a way of hurting your dao heart. This will make his future path easier.”

“My dao heart isn’t so easily shaken!” Aotian said: “But, senior, your inaction this time really makes one wonder. Will Heaven Suppression give us an acceptable answer?”

Aotian came with a condemnatory tone. Others wouldn’t dare to speak like this in front of Gu Zun but not Aotian due to his incredible achievements, not to mention his sect.

He was already giving Gu Zun enough respect by calling him “senior”.

Gu Zun didn’t seem to mind the aggressive tone at all: “It’s a bit meaningless for me to do anything, the opportunity is left for you. Li Qiye’s fame is great right now, like the sun during high noon, the most promising candidate for the throne. If you can kill him, no one else will dare to oppose you in Mortal Emperor anymore. Li Qiye will only be a pile of bones beneath your feet. At that time, you can win the beauty back and gain the worship from the people of the nine worlds. If I were to take action, it would be robbing you of this chance. Others would only say that I have bullied Li Qiye since he’s part of the young generation.”

Gu Zun spoke in a pleasing manner with a completely reasonable argument. Aotian slightly snorted and couldn’t retort. 

“If this is the case, excuse me then. But may I ask, what is Miss Cuining doing? Why is she going with Li Qiye?” Aotian spoke.

“You don’t need to worry about that. The city lord has returned to Heaven Suppression.” Gu Zun answered: “The marriage is already set in stone. All you need to do now is defeat Li Qiye and shoulder the Heaven’s Will as soon as possible. That is the correct path.”

“Senior, you don’t need to worry about that either. Li Qiye might be notorious right now but once I see him, I’ll cut off his dog head and sacrifice his blood to my dead brothers!” Aotian spoke with absolute confidence.

He couldn’t be blamed for having such bravado. His grand dao was complete on top of having the arts of five emperors and a grand completion Immortal Physique. The only thing he was lacking right now was the Heaven’s Will. In his eyes, no other youth could match him in the contemporary. It was only a matter of time before he kills Fiercest.

Gu Zun explained: “It’s not hard for someone of your power to kill him but he also has behemoths backing him up. For example, the grand completion Immortal Physique from the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Middle Continent Princess. Do not underestimate them!”

“Only a grand completion Immortal Physique, there are more than just one of them in this world. It’s one thing if this person doesn’t come out but if they want to interfere, I’ll see how strong they are!” Aotian confidently said.

Few in the contemporary would look down on grand completion physiques; Aotian was one of them. He believed that his current capabilities were enough for him to challenge anyone. In fact, his confidence wasn’t due to possessing an arrogance nature. Ever since his debut, he hasn’t tasted defeat before and had killed Godkings.

“Imperial prince, don’t be complacent. Your achievements today are peerless but remember, two fists can’t handle four hands. You need to be prepared for this and ask your ancestors to be your dao protectors. If you can’t overcome these obstacles, you can’t become emperor and win the beauty’s heart.”

“Rest assured, senior, Ancestor Long will be my dao protector and personally come out if necessary. He’ll flatten the Heavenly Dao Academy! Those who oppose me and Soaring Immortal shall be killed without mercy!” He said firmly.

“Of course” Gu Zun nodded: “With Ancestor Long, no one will dare to block your path and fulfill the legend of a lineage having six emperors!”

“Senior, no need to waste energy worrying about Li Qiye’s matter.” Aotian said: “But you need to stop watching with folded arms about one thing since we are an alliance.”

“What is it? Just say the words and Heaven Suppression will do our best without uttering a single complaint!” Gu Zun said.

“Heaven Suppression is the leading power of the Grand Sea. Right now, a few remnant demons and sea monsters are hiding in the depth. I need senior to give me some guides to find them. I want to personally annihilate them to create an unshakable imperial foundation at the Grand Sea!” Aotian’s eyes turned cold with an oppressive aura after this declaration.

“Oh, this matter.” Gu Zun smiled: “Just a trivial thing, don’t worry, Heaven Suppression will assist you. These demons and sea monsters can’t reach the apex. Their armies are routed by you, they trembled before your name while living a borrowed life.”

Aotian enjoyed being praised by Gu Zun. In this world, so many praised him nonstop but he simply didn’t care for them. Alas, it wasn’t the same when it came from a character of Gu Zun’s level.

This was an eonic genius with a peerless constitution in present time. Being praised by Gu Zun was a glorious matter.

“Very well, I will wait for your news, senior.” Aotian nodded. He initially came to question Gu Zun but left happily.

After Aotian left, a burly man appeared before Gu Zun. He didn’t look too old so his white beard became even more conspicuous.

This was Gu Zun’s disciple, the loyal Ye Jiuzhou.

“Jiuzhou, order some people to be his guides to find those demons hiding in the trenches. Let him kill for a bit to satisfy his vanity.” Gu Zun ordered.

“Master, don’t worry, I’ll send some elders that are very familiar with the sea to show the prince the way.” Jiuzhou answered respectfully.

Gu Zun simply smiled. In his mind, Aotian was only a pawn. There was no chance for Soaring Immortal to separate themselves from this storm now.

“Master, the city lord came back. She has opened the Black Dragon Hall and released the ancestors.” Jiuzhou reported.

“I know.” Gu Zun nodded. He wasn’t surprised at all for he had expected this to happen.

1. According to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha was lying between a pair of shala trees before dying

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