Chapter 162 : Dealing with the Dead (2)

Chapter 162 : Dealing with the Dead (2)

The group of Li Shuangyan didn’t know what a Corpse Core was, but Niu Fen knew a little bit. Legends has it that there were a few invincible existences that wanted to reach the deepest part of the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground. However, their dao was destroyed and they lost their lives. Some, however, maintained their unharmed bodies and their blood essence. These things spent a countless number of years in the deepest part of the burial ground and finally turned into a thing called a Corpse Core. It was a very beneficial item to Earth Corpses, Treasure Lords, and even Earth Immortals!

The old daoist sat cross-legged on the ground as a bloody light flashed in his eyes, then he closed them again. After a long silence, the old daoist finally took out an item and slowly placed it on the ground.

At this time, it was clear to everyone that it was a treasure cauldron, but it was not a Heavenly Cauldron of the alchemists, it was just a treasure cauldron casted from iron. Even though this cauldron was already returning to its origin, it still emitted strands of green smoke. This was not medicinal fog; rather, they were powerful strands of steel, resembling a godly sword, that were seemingly able to pierce through the sky!

“Violet Diamond Cauldron, one smoke one sword containing many facets of offense and defense.” The old daoist slowly introduced.

Hearing the name “Violet Diamond Cauldron”, Shi Gandang’s heart suddenly jumped. He had heard of this name before. It was a cauldron refined by a supreme sect master of the Violet Cloud Sect, and it was called the Violet Cloud Sect’s second defining treasure. But today, it appeared in this place.

“Deal.” Li Qiye didn’t say much and accept the Violet Diamond Cauldron at once. Then, he casually threw it to Zhang Yu and said: “This cauldron is suitable for you, figure it out well!”

Zhang Yu accepted the Violet Diamond Cauldron and was excited. He wanted to open his mouth, but he immediately closed it. Even though there were ten thousand words of appreciation that he could be saying to his oldest brother, this was not the time to talk.

The young ones were also envious, but they all knew that as long as they followed their oldest brother, he would not go and mistreat them.

The old daoist put away the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Core and slowly took out a sword. It was a sword made out of stone — stone sheath and stone handle.

“Clang”. Li Qiye unsheathed the sword and a dragon roar immediately resounded as the sword left its sheath. It was just like a True Dragon soaring to the sky. The sword was engraved with tiny layers of dragon scales. The moment it was drawn, the sword scales seemed to have a life of its own and wanted to fly away from the sword.

“Good sword. Using the Dao Bones of a 2,300,000 year old Godly Frost Dragon to craft, it has the power of the Frost Dragon as it was refined by an ancient method. It is engraved with a murderous power yet not imprinted with a merit law, this means that it still has the potential to be recasted.” Li Qiye stroked the sword and said.

“The Frost Dragon Sword — I crafted this during my prime. The owner will obtain the murderous power of frost and will be able to refine any merit law into it!” The old daoist eventually said slowly.

Hearing this, everyone’s expression couldn’t help but change. A 2,300,000 year old Godly Frost Dragon ah, even Godly Kings would lose their colors. Such a powerful Heavenly Beast turned into a Life Treasure, how great was this matter.

Li Qiye opened his treasure box once again to check, and he eventually took out an item like a rock. This item looked like a rock but was actually a fruit. However, it had a cold and stony appearance and was completely black without runes — just like a rock.

“An Ancient Stone Fruit — grown in the deepest part of the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Lake. It can increase your lifespan from fifteen to twenty days. Deal or not?” Li Qiye placed the stony fruit onto the ground.

Nan Huairen’s group, and even Shi Gandang and Tu Buyu, were surprised. They all knew that Li Qiye had only obtained these items, but Li Qiye’s smooth explanation made it sound as if these were his own treasures. This was too incredible.

More than very few people knew about the deep locations in the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, but Li Qiye spoke of it clearly like it was his own backyard, and he knew everything with clarity. How was this possible!?

As for Li Shuangyan, she had a similar numbing sensation just like in the past. At this time, no matter what type of miracles Li Qiye could concoct, she no longer found it strange. What could be more valuable or more unfathomable than the Physique Scripture in this world? This ancient item from the immemorial age was never known to have an owner, yet it was in his possession. Thus, Li Shuangyan was completely used to Li Qiye’s scary existence.

Only Niu Fen silently sighed in his heart. From the past till now, it would be difficult to find someone who could be more knowledgeable than Young Master. Him knowing the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground like the palm of his hand was not enough for him to be astonished.

“Deal.” The old daoist took the Ancient Stone Fruit without a hint of hesitation and waited for the next round of deals.

“A godly sword refined with murderous intention… It is most suiting for you.” Li Qiye nonchalantly threw the Frost Dragon Sword to Tu Buyu, and Tu Buyu quickly bowed to Li Qiye in return after catching the sword.

Next, Li Qiye immediately took out a small cup inside the treasure box. This small cup was sparklingly clear and was sealed. There was only half a cup of liquid inside; it seemed like a blue ice. With the gentle rocking of the small cup, the blue ice liquid exuded a very bewitching charm.

“Half a cup of Demonic Blue Spring. You being a Treasure Lord, I don’t need to explain the meaning of the Demonic Blue Spring in the deepest part of the burial ground.” Li Qiye slowly added: “If you have any important treasure, show it to me right now. This is the last chance!”

Hearing the words “Demonic Blue Spring”, with bloody lights, the old daoist’s eyes flashed opened for a moment. His body trembled once before he closed his eyes again. He remained silent for a long time in his seated position.

At this moment, the group all held their breath. Even though they didn’t know the reason why this was the last transaction, but seeing Li Qiye’s serious demeanor, they couldn’t help but to stare again at the old daoist ahead. They wanted to see what item he would take out for this trade.

“Deal or not?” After a long time, Li Qiye rushed this old daoist.

Eventually, the old daoist austerely took out an item and slowly placed it on the ground. The moment this item was taken out, a golden brilliance — casted by wisps of golden strands like silk — appeared.

The most awe-inspiring matter was that this thing resonated very faint immortal vibrations. It was as if they were quiet whispers of immortals.

This was an ancient scroll made out of unknown materials. It resembled golden silk and ancient strands. Even though this ancient scroll had suffered countless moons, its golden light was still glittering!

“A scroll posted from outside the gate of Immortal Dao City!”

Seeing this item, Li Qiye slightly changed his expression as his eyes became serious. He then stared at the old daoist in front of him and said: “You saw Immortal Dao City?”

This question jolted the old daoist’s body. His eyes twitched open and then closed. After a while, he spoke: “In my old age, it was just a little glance, so I wrote down a scroll!”

“Can you say what technique it is?” Li Qiye stared at the old man and finally asked in a calm manner.

“A scroll of the Jagged Sword Striking Immortal Technique.” The old daoist answered carefully. After speaking, he closed his eyes and gently sighed with a hint of remembrance along with regret.

“You had great yet unfortunate luck. If you were at your peak and saw Immortal Dao City once, then you would have reached a higher level of attainment.” Li Qiye slightly nodded. He finally took the “Jagged Sword Striking Immortal Technique” and threw it over at Xu Pei.

“Make a copy for self-practice, return the original to the sect! Without permission, do not pass it to a second person!” Li Qiye commanded.

Xu Pei —with matchless excitement — received the scroll and hastily turned towards Li Qiye and bowed. She was ecstatic beyond imagination. At the Evil Infested Ridge, Li Qiye rewarded her with the one million year old Life Ring and now bestowed her with a very precious technique. Since Oldest Brother treated her so well, she would even endure traversing into the fiery flames just for Oldest Brother!

The old daoist gathered the Demonic Blue Spring and immediately turned around to step inside the ancient coffin. After a loud roaring sound, the coffin sunk into the ground and the grand formation also disappeared.

After the old coffin sank into the earth, Nan Huairen quickly seized this opportunity and anxiously asked: “Oldest Brother, why only three transactions?”

“A thing should not be attempted more than three times. One Treasure Lord should only be traded with three times and one should take turns to show the treasure. If one side does not agree, then the transaction will stop and each will go their separate ways! There are only nine Heavenly Ancient Corpse Treasures inside the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Box. At max, I can only deal with three Treasure Lords, and each of them three times!” Li Qiye said.

“Heavenly Ancient Corpse Treasures?” The group of Qu Daoli — one after another —couldn’t help but to glance at the box carried by Li Qiye on his back.

“Heavenly Ancient Treasure Box, Heavenly Ancient Earth Messenger Adornment, Frightened Corpse Gong!” Li Qiye patted the clothing worn on his body and raised the gong in his hand, and he said: “Without these three items, one cannot become a Heavenly Ancient Earth Messenger!”

“What is a Heavenly Ancient Earth Messenger?” Chen Baojiao, next to Li Qiye’s side, wondered.

“Clang…” But, at this moment, Li Qiye didn’t answer Chen Baojiao’s question. He was already knocking on his gong and shouted:

“The heavens lasts for ages, and the earth is vast and obscure. Return to the road, return to the bridge; the Ancient Heavenly Earth Messenger is here… Gods and devils, along with the Earth Corpses, all take three temples back…”

Hearing Li Qiye’s chanting, the group of Li Shuangyan didn’t dare to linger and immediately followed right behind Li Qiye’s back in an orderly fashion as they departed from this valley.

They set off once again to find a second Treasure Lord. They continued to climb the mountains and walk through the rivers. Li Qiye went from one Feng Shui Treasure Earth to another.

It was obvious that Li Qiye understood the Feng Shui Treasure Earths inside the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground like the palm of his hand. The group of Shi Gandang found this puzzling since Li Qiye knew where these Treasure Earths were located so well, giving them a mysterious sensation, but they couldn’t conveniently ask Li Qiye.

In fact, it was not surprising that Li Qiye knew this burial ground so well. In the past millions of years, he, as the Dark Crow, had entered the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground more than anyone else, including even its deepest part where he even brought people in to attack the place! Where the Feng Shui Treasure Earths and dragon veins were located, how could he not be clear?

On the way, Nan Huairen’s group had met a few Treasure Trees and Dan Grass and even a few treasure mines, but they couldn’t dig them because Li Qiye warned them that this trip was only for trading. Outside of trading, they could not take anything else from the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground. This was an unchangeable law!


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