Chapter 1613: Barrage

The spectators palpitated while looking at the ancestor from Soaring Immortal; all wished to see how this storm would end.

Everyone knew that Fiercest would never back down from anything, even if it was Soaring Immortal. Meanwhile, Soaring Immortal wouldn’t falter either. If their future mistress were to be taken away by Fiercest, they would lose all reputation and prestige.

Thus, in this key moment, Soaring Immortal must either force Li Qiye to submit or kill him. Anything else would besmirch their authority!

“Who the hell do you think you are? Your sect isn’t qualified to interfere when I want to kill.” Li Qiye glanced at him and said.

The spectators forced a smile after seeing this. Who else but Fiercest would dare to talk to a World Dominating Godking like this?

The guy wasn’t an ordinary World Dominating Godking since he came from Soaring Immortal on top of everything. Even a regular Godking would be humiliated before this public contempt, let alone one from Soaring Immortal.

Because of this, the ancestor’s eyes turned cold. He didn’t become angry but he wasn’t going to let this go. Just one stomp from him could make the Grand Sea tremble. Countless would quiver before his name. Such a character wasn’t going to take this sitting down.

Nevertheless, he still maintained an acceptable demeanor and said gravely: “Fellow Daoist Li, it’s not wise to become an adversary against Soaring Immortal and Heaven Suppression. If you keep on doing this, you will have nowhere left to go.”

“Yes, I know.” Li Qiye smiled leisurely: “Alright, go ahead and use whatever means you have now. If you can’t stop me today, this camp shall be flattened.”

Everyone gasped after hearing such aggressive words. Soaring Immortal expended considerable effort to take this land away from the demons and sea monsters. But now, he wanted to flatten it so easily? No one was a match for him in terms of bravado. Even the aggressive Hai Lin had to run away to stay alive.

“Fine, we’ll see just how amazing you are!” The ancestor cried out. At this level of escalation, one side must die. Otherwise, Soaring Immortal would no longer be able to deter the rest of the world.

“Rumble!” With a loud explosion, walls of refined jades flew up from the ocean. The jades lit up after the walls surrounded this sea region.

“Buzz!” Imperial seals and runes emerged on these walls. A holy breath engulfed the entire area.

Blinding plumes of light emerged from the walls and rushed to the Soaring Immortal disciples.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” An unbelievable event occurred. Holy armors appeared on their body while their weapons exuded divinity. This was an immense increase in power. Their body even grew in size to match the new strength.

In a short time, they became giants standing on the ocean like deities to preside over this world to the horror of the crowd.

Only the Soaring Immortal Sect would have access to such a terrifying method, turning their own disciples into towering deities.

“What is that?!” Even ancestors from the great powers were shocked.

“Rumble!” These disciples surrounded Li Qiye and blocked off all escape paths. Soaring Immortal would never let him leave this place alive! This was to be a fight to the death.

The scared experts found it prohibitively difficult for any man alone to break through this blockade.

“Li Qiye, unless you have a grand completion Immortal Physique or have the power of a Legendary Godking, you’re not leaving this place in one piece!” The ancestor took out an imperial weapon and coldly declared.

The truth was that the ancestor had no confidence in killing Fiercest but he wanted to borrow this momentum and force him back.

“Really now?” Li Qiye glanced at the walls of refined jades and said: “Tyrannical Destruction Bulwark from Immortal Emperor Ba Mie. Not bad but it is too old now. Your sect had used it too many times so how much power do you think these walls can actually put out nowadays?” 

“As long as it is enough to stop you.” The ancestor said: “It’s not too late to leave now or we shall chase you to the end of the world!” 

“Death to those who oppose us!” The disciples from Soaring Immortal chanted in unison with an oppressive momentum.

This chant shook the entire Grand Sea as if many gods were howling. People lost their mind under this divine aura. The weaker cultivators wouldn’t be able to put up a fight at all since they have lost in terms of aura already.

“Very well, time for me to kill then.” Li Qiye smirked in response at the deified disciples.

With that, the eighteen crystal cannons were in his hands. With a cracking sound, he instantly loaded it with one Dragonflame Uranium.  All eighteen barrels suddenly ignited with this refined flame after a quiet buzz. 

“Kill him!” The disciples didn’t know what type of weapon this was but they didn’t mind at all. With a loud battle cry, they ravaged this world as they ran for him with their divinity. A destructive force came down in order to crush him.

The spectators turned pale and understood why Soaring Immortal could treat the nine worlds with such contempt after witnessing their capability.

“Bring it.” Li Qiye laughed wildly at the incoming enemies.

“Click, click, click!” The eighteen barrels rotated at a crazy pace and spat out fiery sparks before unleashing bright particles. Each particle was around the size of a thumb with an unbelievable speed. No one could ever evade or stop these all-piercing shots.

“Zzz-” In just a split second, a burst of penetrating noises resounded. Tiny jets of blood splashed out everywhere like springs. The inevitable bloody mists obscured the crowd’s vision.

“Ahh!” Under the sweeping particles of light, the disciples’ bodies turned into sieves before shattering completely. What was left of their bodies fell to the ground while they screamed pitifully.

No one expected this development. Just a second ago, these disciples were threatening the world like gods. But in the blink of an eye, Fiercest had rendered them into fleshy bits. Words couldn’t describe this terrible scene.

The eighteen cannons were crafted from an apex blacksmithing technique of an old epoch, not to mention the precious materials required. Moreover, its firepower came from a sun refined into Dragonflame Uranium.

This was a wondrous creation culminated from the Dark Crow’s efforts. Moreover, even Black Dragon King and Immortal Emperor Yin Tian helped in creating the weapon.

The only result possible after its crazy barrage was a massacre!

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