Chapter 161: Dealing with the Dead (1)

Chapter 161: Dealing with the Dead (1)

When they entered the burial ground, suddenly, experts like Li Shuangyan and Shi Gandang immediately felt that there were countless glaring eyes from the thickets, caves, and even underground. Staring at them, many dead corpses came out.

Seeing the Earth Corpses’ sudden arrival caused the group to be frightened as their legs were shivering.

“Clang… Clang… Clang…” However, at this time, Li Qiye used the copper mallet to strike the small gong to create a mysterious rhythmic sound.

“The heaven lasts for ages, and the earth is vast and obscure. Return to the road, return to the bridge; the Ancient Heavenly Earth Messenger is here… Gods and devils, along with the Earth Corpses, all take three temples back…” At this moment, Li Qiye chanted at the top of his lungs along with the rhythmic ringing of the gong.

The sound of the gong along with the shouting mixed together into a resonating and indescribable song.

Inside the harmonization of the two distinguished sounds, the atmosphere suddenly became terrorizing. It was as if someone in the dark was surreptitiously driving these corpses, causing others’ hair to stand on end!

But as the sound of the gong along with the chanting rang out, the Earth Corpses slowly receded like ghosts and hid in the thickets, caves, and underground…

Seeing this scene, the astonished group of Nan Huairen finally realized why Li Qiye valued the ragged clothing so much!

“The heaven lasts for ages, and the earth is vast and obscure. Return to the road, return to the bridge; the Ancient Heavenly Earth Messenger is here… Gods and devils, along with the Earth Corpses, all take three temples back…” Li Qiye continued to knock on the gong and shout while slowly stepping into the burial ground.

The undulating hills, along with the rapidly flowing rivers amongst the scenic mountains and rivers, were the burial ground for countless cultivators. Even grand characters along with invincible existences of generations were buried here.

Penetrating the burial ground left them exposed to the pouring corpse energy from this land. It began to gather around the group of Li Qiye.

Seeing the corpse energy curling to their side, the hearts of Nan Huairen’s group turned cold. If the corpse energy permeated into their bodies, this would not be a good matter. If light, then their cultivations would be weakened, if heavy, then they would become Earth Corpses.

At this time, the long box Li Qiye was carrying on his back exerted a faint touch of brilliance and slowly emitted waves of a medicinal and indescribable aroma. This aroma was three parts of a fishy odor and seven parts musk. It lingered in the air and continuously veiled their group.

Speaking of strangeness, when this medicinal smell coiled around their bodies, the corpse energy had no way of approaching.

As they went deeper into the burial ground, the corpse energy became more severe. Places with a high density of Earth Corpses would have even stronger corpse energy. However, it couldn’t invade the group of Li Qiye. This medicinal armor protected Li Qiye’s group all the way to the front.

They did not go fast nor slow, and they began to climb the mountains and traverse the rivers. Step by step, they went forward and met countless Earth Corpses consisting of human cultivators, demon cultivators, and even Ghost Immortals and Heavenly Devils… Moreover, these Earth Corpses were all powerful cultivators when they were alive.

Even so, with Li Qiye shouting along the way while smashing his gong, many Earth Corpses only stood in the far distance as they came close. They did not attack Li Qiye’s group. Instead, they went back to their old places.

They saw many coffins along the way; bronze coffins, wooden coffins, clay coffins, stone coffins, gold coffins, and there were even coffins made out of godly wood… Many coffins were hung over the mysterious cliffs. Some floated on the water, and others sank under the lake while a few were positioned on top of giant trees…

Seeing all of these old and new coffins left Nan Huairen’s group with the creeps. This place named the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground was completely fitting for it buried too many cultivators here!

They were also curious as to whether there were corpses in the coffins, but without Li Qiye’s permission, they didn’t dare to take any rash actions.

In fact, they were wondering why the Earth Corpses were unable to attack them with their oldest brother opening the way with the gong and shouting arcanic chantings.

They went through countless mountains and rivers before stopping at a flat valley. This valley was like an abandoned farming field; it had a very orderly appearance. If this wasn’t the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, others would think that there used to be someone farming at this place.

“This will be the first chosen Treasure Lord.” Standing in the valley, Li Qiye judged this place and made his decision.

At this moment, there were quite a few wandering Earth Corpses outside with their eyes emitting a faint and underworldly light. They were like the eyes of the dead or evil devils, giving others a dreadful sensation.

Standing inside, they were a bit frightened. The older generation, like Shi Gandang, was doing better, but the younger group assumed that the Treasure Lord was no different from an evil devil lord. Maybe they even had beast horns and were a hundred zhang tall with long green hair.

“One, knock on your residence; two, greeting to the Treasure Lord; three, wondering about a transaction. Ancient Heavenly Earth Messenger, carrying the Ancient Heavenly Medicine, bearing the underworld yin energy, entering the Treasure Mountain, treading on the yin earth, knocking into the gate of hell…” Li Qiye shouted as he walked around the valley while knocking his gong.

Li Qiye turned left three times and moved right three instances before finally stopping. He dripped a drop of flesh blood into the ground and shouted: “One blood to become friends, a thing should not be attempted more than three times, come out of your coffin…” He finally ended his shouting and bowed down on the ground!

Li Qiye’s ceremony caused the group of Li Shuangyan to be creeped out. This type of ceremony was nothing like a transaction. It was more like a ghost summoning.

However, the next event was even more terrifying. “Boom, boom, boom”. Thunderous noises rang and the earth seemingly opened. Suddenly, the entire ground of the valley brightened up and wave after wave of light poured outward and intertwined into a grand formation. This formation flashed brightly, and the clear sounds of swords occurred continuously with a domineering aura like the tidal waves — torrential and endless!

In the blink of an eye, with a “bang”, a coffin slowly floated up from the ground. This coffin was violet colored and carved with dragons and phoenixes. It was apparent to see that this coffin had experienced countless moons.

Seeing this coffin, people couldn’t help but become frightened in their hearts. Inside was a dead person, and a terrifying dead person that wanted to live again at that!

“What do you have to trade?” Finally, a decrepit voice came out from the coffin.

Li Qiye hunkered down to the ground and took off the old box on his back. Then, he slowly said: “Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, Ancient Heavenly Earth Messenger, trading item. Only one Ancient Heavenly Medicine, basked in underworld yin energy. The box is unopened, Ancient Heavenly Medicine, impossible to obtain. The Ancient Heavenly principle, a thing should not be attempted more than three times, everything has a beginning and an end.”

“Zha—zhaa-zhaa” Finally, the violet coffin slowly opened, and the person inside took a step out.

At this time, everyone clearly saw the old daoist devotee stepping out from the coffin. This old daoist was incomparably old. He wore a violet golden crown while holding a phoenix horsetail whisk. He wore Immortal Cloud Treasure Boots and there was a dao crest embroidered on his chest.

Even though the old daoist had his eyes closed and there was no power in his body, there was an endless and majestic aura that caused others to shiver. This daoist was absolutely powerful when he was alive!

“The Violet Cloud Sect’s Sect Master…” Seeing the crest in front of the old daoist’s chest, Nan Huairen couldn’t help but exclaime.

As Nan Huairen opened his mouth, the old daoist suddenly opened his eyes and revealed two bloody rays. These two bloody rays, like the arrows of the gods, shot towards Nan Huairen.

“Not good.” Niu Fen’s expression greatly changed and immediately swung his small shell on his back horizontally. A “boom” noise exploded. The two bloody rays shot on the small shell of Niu Fen and exploded like the thunder of heaven while Niu Fen was jarred flying away. Nan Huairen was also knocked away by the remnants of the explosion, and he crazily sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

He was so powerful that it instilled chills down everyone’s spines. Niu Fen was an enigmatic existence within their ranks. Only Li Qiye clearly knew how powerful he was. But at this moment, Niu Fen was knocked away by the two glares; one could only imagine how powerful this old daoist in front of them must be.

“Clang…” When the old daoist opened his eyes for a second time, Li Qiye heavily tapped on the gong. The sound of the gong, like the big waves and strong winds, flew towards the old daoist!

“Boom!” When the sound wave struck his body, the old daoist’s body shook and had to take a few steps back!

“Young Junior is foolish and offended you with his mouth. There will not be a second time.” Li Qiye solemnly said as he gazed at the old daoist: “If you still want to trade, you and I will sit down. If not, I will turn around and leave. Inside the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, I’m sure there are many who are willing to trade with me.”

Eventually, the old monk sat down with his eyes still closed. It was as if he was fast asleep.

At this time, Nan Huairen crawled up but didn’t dare to say half a word. Even if he wanted to thank Niu Fen, he still didn’t dare to speak. The other young ones held their mouths tightly shut. They were even careful with their breathing.

“Medicine out…” After sitting down, the old daoist finally said two words.

Li Qiye then unlocked the seal of the box. The seal was very strange, and it was not opened with merit law incantations nor violent force. Instead, it was opened with a very strange palm symbol on top of the box. Then, the box slowly opened.

Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, who were relatively near Li Qiye at this time, clearly saw everything. The treasure box had nine items, and all of them were different. Moreover, they didn’t know the names or what any of those nine items were.

Li Qiye carefully looked at the items inside his treasure box. He finally took an item as small as an almond seed and gently placed it on the ground, and he carefully said:

“One Ancient Heavenly Corpse Core, the core creator is a Secret Dragon. Thus, it undulated through the Ancient Heavenly times for eighty thousand years, and it would be able to raise you Ten Heavenly lifespans!”


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