Chapter 1604: The Yu Children

For many eons now, not too many ancestors were willing to give up on their descendants. Because of this, many famous Godkings chose to hibernate underground and lived in the dark in order to stay alive. They relied on their own reputation and power to protect their descendants.

“Children have their own fortune, just let them be.” Li Qiye said.

“I’ll do that after this and maybe the next generation since I’ll be one with the earth by then.” She sighed gently. She was ready to die.

Li Qiye said with a smile: “The years are always changing. There is no evergreen tree and the Black Dragon Legion that has threatened the world for three generations shall end too.” He exhaled in lamentation.

Just imagine how prestigious and invincible this legion used to be. Even imperial legions had to make way.

Alas, no one could live for that long so the soldiers and generals in the legion continued to change. From Immortal Emperor Qian Li to Immortal Emperor Yin Tian and finally, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, so many brave warriors came and went!

Matriarch Yu was the best general during Immortal Emperor Yin Tian’s generation. At the end of this period, she and her husband were granted permission by Li Qiye to leave and start their clan.

Many generals did the same. As they grew older, they went back to their home and lived reclusively.

However, even the strongest couldn’t withstand the test of time. Without hibernating underground, they wouldn’t live for much longer than one generation. Because of this, many of them have passed away.

“I still remember the generals quite well. I guess it’s not possible to see some of them face to face now.” He said with a tinge of disappointment.

She nodded sentimentally and responded: “When everyone returned to civilian life, the painting drawn by you is still being stored in my clan. Wait, I’ll bring it here for you to see, Your Excellency.”

“Generals’ Diagram, huh.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile. He nodded: “Alright, it’ll be comforting.”

She quickly entered the building and took out a painting. Li Qiye personally drew it back then and gave it to the couple before they left the legion.

After she left, Li Qiye went around to look at the murals on the two walls. Some detailed the glories of their clan.

Of course, the couple played a prominent role in the murals since they were the strongest ancestors. Any battle involving them was recorded in great details.

Li Qiye was immersed in this viewing about the couples’ old battles. He suddenly went back in time with expeditions across the nine worlds. This was a brilliant era, at least for the Black Dragon Legion.

They reigned for three generations and became synonymous with the Black Dragon King to a certain extent. Unfortunately, after his incredible battle, the nine worlds fell into the Difficult Dao Era. From then on, the legion also disappeared. No one saw its banner again.

Li Qiye sighed while looking at the murals. The king paid too high of a price to save him. Of course, he understood that part of it was the king trying to make up for Gu Zun’s crime.

As Li Qiye was relishing this moment, it became loud outside with a row of people filing in, both young and old. They respectfully came inside in an orderly fashion.

The person leading the way was Forefather Yu with Ancestor Yu after him. There were several other influential ancestors after them. Then it was Clan Master Yu and some excellent prodigies. Yu Yulian and Yu Zhan were part of this group.

Today was when the matriarch would come out so the forefather brought the descendants here to see their ancestral grandmother once. In fact, the young ones never had this chance previously, not even the clan master. 

Even a Godking like Ancestor Yu had only seen her a few times growing up. The forefather was the one who saw her the most.

“Who are you?!” All the members were shocked to see Li Qiye standing there. Forefather Yu’s expression sank.

This was their important ground and outsiders were forbidden to enter. But now, a person was here out of nowhere. How could the forefather who was responsible for safety precautions here not be shocked? His eyes turned cold as he glared at Li Qiye.

“That’s him!” Yu Zhan reacted like a cat that had its tail stepped on. His face turned white as he pointed and shouted at Li Qiye.

He unconsciously took a few steps back from fear of the last beating. However, he became bolder since all the ancestors were here so he arched his chest proudly.

“Fiercest!” Ancestor Yu and the clan master were astonished to see him. They didn’t expect for him to show up in this place. Of course, they were aware that he might have some plans toward their clan but not this fast.

He ignored the rest and gazed at Forefather Yu. He smiled and said: “Zongying, right?”

“You are…” It was the forefather’s turn to be astonished because Zongying was his childhood name. But now, a stranger actually called him out with it.

“What’s going on?” The matriarch got the drawing from her room and asked after seeing this scene.

“Your Venerable.” Ancestor Yu immediately prostrated on the ground: “Your descendant greets you and wishes you good health.”

“Your Venerable.” The rest of the members who had never seen her before prostrated as well.

Only Yu Zongying was looking at Li Qiye in a daze. In this split second, he certainly thought of something.

“Rise.” The matriarch nodded.

Everyone stood up and became quiet. The ancestor took another look at Li Qiye and reported softly: “Your Venerable, this person is called Fiercest. He harbors ill-intentions towards our clan and actually has grasped the twelve scales’ power.”

“Your Venerable, this person has besmirched our reputation and hurt our members. He even crushed all of my bones. I was useless and couldn’t maintain our prestige so he humiliated me.” Yu Zhan saw Ancestor Yu’s hostility and quickly added some convincing evidence.

Yulian was surprised as well. She didn’t think he would be so courageous as to enter their forbidden ground and provoke an Emperor Assailant in their ancestral grandmother. It was as if he has eaten the heart of a tiger and guts of a leopard. [1]

“Fiercest looks down on everyone and thinks he’s the best. Your Venerable, please annihilate his arrogance and punish him for the crime of insulting our clan.” Yu Zhan wanted to leave an impression with this first meeting so he boldly narrated Li Qiye’s evil deeds.

“Shut up, slap him.” The matriarch uttered with a cold expression.

Yu Zhan was stunned after hearing this, same with Ancestor Yu and everyone present. No one expected for the matriarch to side with an outsider.

“Pa! Pa!” Yu Zongying regained his wits and slapped Yu Zhan twice until blood spilled before pushing him down: “Kneel.”

Yu Zhan helplessly kneeled on the spot.

“Mother.” He then bowed towards the matriarch while glancing nervously at Li Qiye because he had understood a few things.

“Zongying, back at Heaven Suppression during your childhood, do you remember your sun-gazing meditation?” She said slowly.

The forefather shuddered with both excitement and fear. He stared at Li Qiye in disbelief and stepped forward then kneeled before him: “This lowly one didn’t think I could see your hallowed appearance again in this lifetime, please excuse me for my lack of hospitality…”

“Rise, no fault in not knowing.” Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve in response.

1. Just an idiom about a person being too brazen. Had to translate this literally

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