Chapter 1603: Gu Zun’s Past

Matriarch Yu exhaled quietly after hearing this. She also wanted to help her brother so that he could have a different life.

Alas, she was powerless in this matter because Zhengfeng was even stronger than her and more knowledgeable regarding cultivation. If he didn’t wish to leave the dao himself, there was nothing she could do. The only good thing about the matter was that he would lead a very long life.

He has trained the dao to a cursed level, hated by both gods and devils. It was very difficult for him to die so in a certain sense, he has exceeded the limit of a cultivator.

Li Qiye said: “It’s up to him alone now but there is still hope for a changing opportunity. He alone knows what it is though.”

After a while, she changed the topic and asked: “Are you returning to take back Heaven Suppression?”

Li Qiye shook his head: “I’ve never thought about retaking it for my own. Heaven Suppression is separate from me but I do not want to see Gu Zun in charge, that’s all. Other than him, I don’t really care if anyone else were to take over.”

“Gu Zun… He won’t give up. It’s been three generations already.” Her eyes became serious.

“This is why he is exceptional.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh: “To be perfectly candid, sometimes I do admire the brat a bit. He knows exactly who I am and know just how futile it is but he still won’t give up, still hellbent on taking the treasures from me, snatching food from the jaw of a tiger! Such greed will not subside even after I took his creation and imprisoned him in the eye of the sea. Such dao heart is definitely persistent but so misguided. Otherwise, his future would have been boundless as an incredible emperor.”

Matriarch Yu nodded her head in agreement. There was no need to doubt Gu Zun’s talents but his mistakes have cost him his future.

“He knows you won’t kill him, that’s why he has no qualm right now without repenting. If it wasn’t for the Black Dragon King, he would already be ashes.” She was aware of the past.

“The king beseeched for his sake but it doesn’t mean that I won’t kill him now.” Li Qiye chuckled: “My tolerance and patience have a limit. Gu Zun chose not to appreciate it so if I catch him again, there won’t be mercy even if the Black Dragon King comes back to life and plead!”

She quietly agreed again. Outsiders didn’t know about Gu Zun’s imprisonment in the eye of the sea but as the first general of the legion and one of the executors of the sentence, she was privy to the information. 

“He won’t give up so easily.” She speculated from her own understanding of Gu Zun’s characters.

“Yes.” Li Qiye smirked: “At this moment, his disciple, Ye Jiuzhou, is in charge of Heaven Suppression. Though he isn’t showing his face, he’s controlling everything in the background. Jiuzhou is only a pawn.”

“Great as Gu Zun might be, just give the commands, our men shall capture Gu Zun so that you can sentence him.” The matriarch offered.

Though the legion was only in name right now, the old generals from Immortal Emperor Qian Li and Immortal Emperor Yin Tian’s generations were still alive.

“No.” Li Qiye shook his head: “This started because of me so I shall end it. If he won’t repent, I’ll personally kill him in order to give the king a fair answer.”

She became sentimental and commented: “An eonic genius… A single thought ruined his life. With your guidance and the Black Dragon King’s protection, he could have been one of the greatest emperors of the ages. Alas, he has fallen to this level.”

It was no wonder that she would have such feelings. Gu Zun had incomparable advantages compared to everyone else back then. It would have been difficult for him to not become an emperor due to his talents and having a supreme overlord like the Black Dragon King as his backer.

Greed destroyed his boundless potential. His fortunes were also taken away from him during his imprisonment. Death would have been his fate if it wasn’t for the king.

If it wasn’t for his ill-considered thoughts, It wouldn’t have been Immortal Emperor Yin Tian’s generation after Immortal Emperor Qian Li. Gu Zun would have been the one. In the end, such unparalleled talents were wasted.

“After Immortal Emperor Yin Tian, Gu Zun also thought about becoming an emperor. Maybe he wants to use that power to fight against you, Your Excellency. Perhaps he has the same goal in this generation.” The matriarch wandered.

“So what if he becomes an emperor? If he dares to oppose me, I’ll kill him all the same.” Li Qie said flatly: “The sin of past has been forgiven. However, during Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s generation, he has committed an unforgivable crime, enough for eternal damnation.”

“Do you know why I still haven’t tormented him just yet?” Li Qiye asked.

“Because of the king.” She briefly mused before answering.

“That’s right. The king seized my real body again at a great price. He also knew that I won’t spare Gu Zun so when that day comes, he hoped for a swift end unlike the torture back then.” Li Qiye gently sighed.

The Black Dragon King’s expedition back then wasn’t only to pay back Li Qiye. A small part of it was due to Gu Zun!

“He has done as much as he can for Gu Zun.” The matriarch replied.

“He knows that Gu Zun isn’t worth it. It’s only because he has promised Gu Zun’s older sister to take care of him, and that as long as he is still in this world, nothing will happen to Gu Zun. He thought that he owed her that much, that’s why he begged for Gu Zun.” Li Qiye sighed again.

Gu Zun was the king’s younger brother-in-law, the only relative of his wife. She died early so the king has lived in anguish, thinking that he owed her.

Because of this, he promised her to take good care of Gu Zun, and that as long as he was alive, nothing would happen to Gu Zun! This was why he begged the Dark Crow to spare Gu Zun after the crime. Otherwise, Gu Zun would have died a hundred times over.

“The king is a man of his words.” The matriarch gently sighed. This was one of the reasons why so many people respected the Black Dragon King. Alas, having a brother-in-law like Gu Zun only dragged him down.

“I’ll be swift when killing Gu Zun out of consideration for the king.” Li Qiye said flatly.

The matriarch didn’t say anything else. She could sympathize with the king’s emotions. For example, her descendants were a mess as well so she was quite frustrated.

“I wonder when my clan will fall because of those fools.” She said with feeling.

“With the twelve scales and eighteen crystal cannons, even if the future generations are incompetent and the clan starts to decline, it is still impossible for outsiders to destroy it. Of course, unless they were to provoke some real Emperor Assailants. Otherwise, the clan will still go on.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“That’s why I’m worried.” The matriarch forced a smile: “The fools don’t know that there is always a higher mountain and a better man. They think that because the ancestors are around, anyone will give them some face. That’s why I won’t give them the eighteen cannons, that will only harm them.”

“Makes sense.” Li Qiye laughed: “If they were to experience that power, they will be too happy and think no one can mess with them.”

“I don’t know how much longer I can live.” The matriarch responded: “Zongying doesn’t have that much time either so who knows how long the clan will last if the fools are in charge.”

Zongying was her son, Forefather Yu.

“Living can be a type of pain, even if it is through hibernation.” Li Qiye commented on her mood.

She was quite sad and wanted to wait for death after the passing of her husband but she needed to live longer to take care of her descendants. Living was painful for her at this moment!

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