Chapter 160: Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground (2)

Chapter 160: Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground (2)


A cultivator beheaded a couple of corpses in one go, but all of a sudden, a fist-sized spider came out from nowhere and rode on the head of this cultivator. A “snapping” sound appeared, and it bit through the cultivator’s head. It made a sizzling noise as it sucked out his brain! The shrill shrieking of this cultivator reverberated throughout the valley!

“Kill–” The experts of this sect were prepared with powerful strength. They continuously pressed on like the storm and pushed into the valley.


As they risked their lives to enter the valley, victory was within their sights. Suddenly, there was a pagoda that flew out. This pagoda turned into a terrifying black hole, like the mouth of a devil, and sucked in all of the cultivators that entered. The screams resonated everywhere, and the cultivators were devoured and turned into sea of blood! Then, the pagoda flew out of the valley and all of the Earth Corpses disappeared without a trace.

In a short amount of time, the valley regained its tranquility. If there was no blood on the ground, no one would be able to imagine that a bitter battle had just occurred here!

As the cold breeze blew over, Nan Huairen’s group of brats shivered. This was their first time seeing corpses use weapons and activating merit laws. They always thought that Earth Corpses were like zombies or puppets.

“In that valley, at the very least, there is an Earth Corpse with a Heavenly Sovereign cultivation presiding inside.” Shi Gandang looked over the valley and sighed, then he continued: “I wonder what treasure or spirit pills and medicinal grass are inside?”

At this moment, the young ones finally became aware of how powerful Earth Corpses were, and how frightening the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground was. This was only the entrance yet a group of powerful monks was completely wiped out for underestimating the enemy. Think about it, how horrifying would the Earth Corpses deep inside the burial ground be?

“So scared right now?” Li Qiye looked at the pale group of brats and smilingly asked.

Nan Huairen nervously swallowed his saliva and garnered his courage, then he laughed and said:

“With Oldest Brother here, what are we afraid of? See devils, slay devils; see gods, slay gods!” Saying this made him feel more courageous, and his heart’s beating finally calmed down.

“Less sucking up.” Li Qiye slapped his head again as the brat was laughing out loud.

“Oldest Brother, we, we will be dealing with those Earth Corpses?” Xu Pei was a timid girl in a frightened state. If Li Qiye wasn’t here, her legs would have went weak.

“No, Earth Corpses don’t do business. We will do business with Treasure Lords?” Li Qiye shook his head and answered.

Zhang Yu was curious and asked: “What are Treasure Lords? The lords of the Earth Corpses? They are the ones that control the Earth Corpses?”

“No.” Li Qiye shook his head and explained: “Treasure Lords are not the bosses of the Earth Corpses. To be exact, Earth Corpses do not have a master, but hypothetically speaking, if Earth Corpses were to have a master, it would be the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground. Treasure Lord is only a vague name in this burial ground. There are not only Earth Corpses, but there are also Treasure Lords and Earth Immortals.”

“Earth Immortals?” Chen Baojiao emotionally said: “Are they immortals? Or immortals that had died at this place?”

“Still no.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Earth Corpses, Treasure Lords, and Earth Immortals are all considered dead people, but there are differences. Earth Corpses are the most numerous in this burial ground. All of the dead cultivators here, along with the flying birds with the swimming fish, and even the poisonous insects! Once penetrated by the corpse energy, they would be considered as Earth Corpses. Earth Corpses do not have their own awareness or intelligence and are basically corpses. They, however, do have a sense of territorial ownership, and anyone who enters the burial ground will be attacked.”

“What about Treasure Lords and Earth Immortals?” At this moment, all of the brats were very curious. This was the first time they had heard of these titles.

“Treasure Lords are the dead hidden in the Feng Shui Treasure Earth, or rather, the powerful cultivators with only a breath left hiding in the Feng Shui Treasure Earth. Of course, when they buried themselves in this burial ground, they would become Earth Corpses and puppets of the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground as well.” Li Qiye continued: “To be buried in the Feng Shui Treasure Earth, they were extremely powerful grand characters when they were alive. They could even be Virtuous Paragons, characters who swept the eight directions. Not everyone could be buried in the Treasure Earth, only the powerful ones had this privilege.”

“Buried in the Feng Shui Treasure Earth can really allow for a rebirth?” Li Shuangyan asked because all dying experts wished to be reborn again in this burial ground.

“Reviving again to live a new life is not so easy.” Li Qiye smiled and explained: “It is quite difficult to be reborn, but if someone had died, then after being buried in a Feng Shui Treasure Earth, they would be able to breathe as if they have been resurrected. Of course, this is only one breath. The longer the burial time, the longer the breath would be. As time passes, some blood energy will be restored. One has to be buried for tens of millions of years to be able to raise some living essences, like eight to ten years of lifespan. However, if one was still alive when buried, then the situation is a bit more optimistic.”

“So it is indeed a chance at rebirth.” Chen Baojiao movingly said.

Li Qiye nodded his head in agreement, and he continued: “With regards to principle, yes. However, the chance is less likely than you being able to find an Immortal Emperor’s True Treasure while walking down a street. Being buried in the Feng Shui Treasure Earth, one would have to be there for millions, or even tens of millions of years before accumulating a bit of life. Eight to ten years of lifespan would already be very heaven defying. Being buried here was not an eternal thing either. There could be a heaven defying master who comes to dig them out and steal their treasures. Or someone else might like their Feng Shui Treasure Earth and take it for themselves. This was why Treasure Lords wanting to rebirth was difficult beyond imagination!”

“This means that Treasure Lords wanting to bury themselves needs to have powerful strength, or a offensive or defensive formation, to use to stop future generations from digging their Feng Shui Treasure Earth.” Li Shuangyan murmured.

“Correct. Also, if people actually try to dig up a Feng Shui Treasure Earth, the Treasure Lord inside will be forced to come out and kill the enemy. But unless it is the last possible choice, they will not easily climb out to fight because this would shove their effort for millions of years down the drain.” Li Qiye nodded his head in agreement.

Hearing this, the little brats were frightened. Being dead for so long yet they could still climb out to fight.

“Buried for millions of years just to get some lifespan back, why didn’t they use longevity medicines to prolong their life when they were alive, ah?” Xu Pei made an innocent statement.

“You think they haven’t taken them when they were alive?” Li Qiye smilingly said: “To a few grand characters, they were already afraid of death when they were living and had tasted all of the possible things that could prolong their life. Longevity medicines are not miracles. The more you use them, the less effective they will be. Eventually, the effect becomes useless. Unless there was no other choice, who would be willing to bury themselves in such a place?”

“Then what about Earth Immortals?” Luo Fenghua asked: “What is an Earth Immortal?”

“In fact, Earth Immortals are very similar to Treasure Lords.” Li Qiye continued: “But Earth Immortals are much more terrifying. They are buried in dragon veins so, in principle, they have a higher chance for rebirth than Treasure Lords. To be able to become an Earth Immortal, they had to be invincible existences during their generation. They were the representatives of authority! What is more frightening is that Earth Immortals can command their followers and subordinates to be buried with them. Earth Immortals are unbelievably strong, and they can even control the Earth Corpses!”

“I have heard of this legend before.” Niu Fen contributed: “During the Emperors Era, there was a behemoth existence comparable to Immortal Emperors who buried himself in a dragon vein. Whether he became an Earth Immortal or not, no one knew.”

The brats were aghast. An existence comparable to Immortal Emperors! Even if they were not as powerful, they would still be able to destroy the nine heavens and ten earths, how terrifying was this!

“So in this Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, Earth Corpses are the weakest, then the Treasure Lords, and the most powerful are Earth Immortals.” Chen Baojiao summarized.

“These words are right, but also not right.” Li Qiye explained: “Earth Corpses are not necessarily the weakest. There have been invincible existences who fought to the deepest part of the burial ground. In the end, they failed and turned into Earth Corpses. Such Earth Corpses’ appearances would even drive away Earth Immortals, let alone Treasure Lords.”

The brats finally understood the general concept of strength inside the burial ground after Li Qiye’s intervention. Earth Immortals were not necessarily the strongest, and Earth Corpses were not necessarily the weakest.

“Oldest Brother, why are we dealing with Treasure Lords? Why not deal with Earth Immortals?” Xu Pei asked out of curiosity.

“Earth Immortals won’t do.” Li Qiye shook his head and answered: “It is not easy to deal with experts who reached the Earth Immortal level unless it was for worship. Plus, we are not going to the places where Earth Immortals are buried. Even though you have me and the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Adornment as protection, right now, you all cannot handle going to the Earth Immortal’s location because the corpse energy will invade you.”

“Treasure Lords are buried under the earth, will they go out for the deal?” Chen Baojiao asked in amazement.

“Both Treasure Lords and Earth Immortals are the same. Being buried here is no different from death. They are in deep slumber. Even though they still have some awareness, but as time passes, their awareness will become more clouded. However, there are times when they will have clarity again, and they will be willing to get out and do business with us.”

Here, Li Qiye smiled and said: “Follow me. You all need to follow right behind me. Everyone must be half a foot distance back. Don’t be too far from me. Remember, when I am trading, do not speak. Otherwise, you might die in this place.” Finished speaking, he stepped inside the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground.

Li Shuangyan’s group shivered at the same time; they didn’t dare to be careless. They divided into two groups and quickly followed Li Qiye in succession.


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