Chapter 1577: Scared Stiff

Yu Zhan had a cavalier attitude while talking about his ancestor, his pride. In fact, he has never seen her before and only heard about her tales.

As he grew older, even the elders from Heaven Suppression, the so-called strongest sect in the Grand Sea, were very respectful when it came to his ancestral grandmother. They would tidy their clothes with great reverence before daring to talk about her.

Because of this, she was forever unbeatable in his mind. Anyone in this region would need to show his ancestor some respect. Thus, as long as he brought her up, no one would dare to provoke their clan.

This was indeed the truth. The Peacock Bright Monarch was startled to hear that the illustrious Matriarch Yu is living for another generation. An old Godking once said that if they had to pick two top supremes at the Grand Sea, it would be Gu Zun and Matriarch Yu!

According to her sources, Matriarch Yu’s lifespan was over so she had to try for a death meditation. Everyone thought she would die during this meditation. Who would have thought that she managed to endure through it?

Matriarch Yu.” Li Qiye repeated. A current of emotions coursed weakly through his mind.

“That’s my ancestral grandmother.” Yu Zhan declared: “Yea, so touch me if you dare. My ancestral grandmother will come out and kill you no matter where you run off to.”

The monarch wanted to plead for Yu Zhan. After all, she already had a hard time dealing with Gu Zun’s branch. It would be even more unfavorable for Pearl City to provoke the Yu Clan as well.

But she knew that it would be useless if Yu Zhan continued to be unwise like this. Fiercest had no qualm about killing anyone.

“Crack!” His pompous attitude was met with swift retribution and sounds of bone-breaking.

“Ah!” A pitiful scream echoed with blood staining the deck.

Li Qiye had stomped down and broke both of his legs. The pain made the boy cry out in anguish.

“You!” After recovering from the initial pain, Yu Zhan was still shocked. Normally, people would turn pale after hearing the name of his ancestral grandmother. He thought that this would be enough to scare Li Qiye so that the guy would release him. Alas, this ended with him having two broken legs.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!” Li Qiye didn’t only break his legs but even grind down on them. More bones were crushed.

“You…” The boy screamed again from the pain.

“Crack!” Now it was his wrist turn to be crushed.

“No…” Such shrill scream was too eerie. As the adage goes, the ten fingers are linked with the mind. One could easily imagine the pain the boy was experiencing. His face contorted with cold sweat dripping down.

“Little animal, I, I’ll kill you!” Yu Zhan endured the pain and cried out.

“Crack!” Li Qiye then crushed his other wrist, prompting Yu Zhan to convulse repeatedly. His clothes were soaked with sweat.

After a long time, the howling boy eventually calmed down from the pain. He was really scared this time and didn’t dare to aggressively holler again.

The monarch smiled wryly at this scene. The wicked will be cured by the same type. Others might not want to provoke the Yu Clan but this unlucky young master has met his match today in Fiercest.

Li Qiye stared at the guy who was about to faint from the pain and said flatly: “Still want to continue? No problem for me. Keep on acting insolent and rely on your clan and grandmother’s prestige. I have plenty of time so I’d like to hear more. Of course, each time you say something, I’ll break a different bone on your body. Don’t worry, I’m very skilled. Even if I dismantle your body one bone at a time, you’ll still be alive and well.”

Having said that, he looked up and down at the boy as if pondering which bone to break next.

Yu Zhan shuddered with considerable fear. He felt cold under Li Qiye’s stare as if he has fallen into an ice pit. This was the gaze of a devil.

“Kill me if you dare!” He stubbornly said but the tone of his voice betrayed him. He was no longer as arrogant and mighty as before.

“Kill you? You are but an ant beneath my foot. I can crush you easier than crushing an ant. You think I will care about an ant’s corpse stuck to my sole? I just need to wipe it off.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The boy nearly pissed his pants after hearing this.

“But, I won’t kill you.” Li Qiye said with an indifferent expression.

Yu Zhan finally heaved a sigh of relief. This was the feeling of having survived a disaster. He suddenly felt that it was good to be alive.

“I just want to let you and your clan know that in the future, when you see me, you better kneel and talk. It shall be your honor.” He stated calmly.

“You!” The scared boy didn’t dare to retort while stricken with fear under Li Qiye’s glare.

Li Qiye finally moved his foot and kicked him to the side: “Run back to your clan and tuck your tail between your legs. Otherwise, I’ll crush your dog head to a pulp.” With that, he turned and left.

“You, remember this, I’ll have my revenge…” The humiliated boy claimed, unable to endure this anger.

However, he quickly shut up after Li Qiye turned around and didn’t dare to say anything else while slightly moving backward.

“Fool.” Li Qiye shook his head and gave up on this incurable person. 

Yu Zhan could only watch him leave and couldn’t handle being scared another time.

The monarch had nothing to say either. This level of character couldn’t get into Li Qiye’s sight. He could kill a hundred Yu Zhan easily if he wanted to.

The two of them returned to Pearl City. She was staying in the most central location in Pearl. This was the mansion of the generational city lords but the most conspicuous place was the Pearl Tower, not this mansion.

It was actually in the center axis of the city and surrounded by the clouds as the tallest building here.

The style was quite simple, built from many green bricks. At the top of the tower was a huge ball made out of rocks with a dark color. 

The name confused many spectators. Pearl Tower should be a treasure architecture with bright radiance. However, its appearance didn’t match its name.

Moreover, even the oldest residents here didn’t know of its origin. It seemed that it was already there in the very beginning of the city.

An old man even said that this tower might have been built even before the city. Who knows if this was true or not?

Li Qiye at the front took his time staring at the high tower. He eventually told the monarch: “Have you climbed the tower?”

“Many times.” The monarch replied: “The Sacred Ancestor said there are great mysteries here.”

“But you have yet to grasp them.” He said with a faint smile.

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