Chapter 1574: Three Branches Of Heaven Suppression

The monarch took a deep breath and deeply bowed: “Young Noble Li, your fame is resounding like the thunder. To be able to see you is a great honor. Please excuse my lack of manners earlier.”

Li Qiye nodded: “I was rude first so it’s not your fault. I was only suspicious because you are not from Zhangsun’s branch yet are still acting as the Pearl City Lord.”

Though Li Qiye didn’t have any impure thoughts, she still felt her face becoming hot again when the topic was brought up.

She let go of this matter and said: “Our sect master told me that you are worthy of trust. Are you here to help us this time?”

The sect master she was referring to was Zi Cuining.

“Well, since I’m here already, might as well finish the good deed.” He calmly smiled.

The monarch became relieved after hearing this. Recently, Gu Zun’s branch had all the authority while she couldn’t communicate with Zi Cuining. This made her feel isolated.

Perhaps Li Qiye wouldn’t deal with Gu Zun himself but surely, he would act against the Soaring Immortal Sect. Their appearance has made her city feel quite pressured.

Though people said that it was an alliance between Heaven Suppression and Soaring Immortal, to be more precise, it was between that sect and Gu Zun’s own branch.

Recently, Zi Cuining told her that if anything were to happen to Heaven Suppression City, she must guard Pearl. That would be their last stronghold.

Zi Cuining also said that in a hopeless situation with desperate needs for allies, others wouldn’t be trustworthy. Only Li Qiye from Cleansing Incense was reliable.

She didn’t understand back then why her sect master trusted Li Qiye so much but after this experience, she gained a better understanding of the situation.

It wasn’t easy for the monarch in the present. Heaven Suppression was pressuring her on top of Soaring Immortal. Meanwhile, she was the only one who could be counted on in Pearl City. Li Qiye’s appearance finally gave her a sliver of hope.

“It’s really surprising. Pearl Tower didn’t pick Zhangsun’s disciple to be the new successor but an outsider instead. It looks like you must be exceptional in some ways.” He looked at her and said.

In the past, he created the Pearl Tower as a last resort in order to deal with Gu Zun taking over one day. If the Black Dragon King’s descendants were incapable of fighting back, the tower would be of assistance.

Among the disciples back then, Li Qiye trusted Lu Zhangsun. Because of this, this person was in charge of the Pearl Tower.

Li Qiye assumed that his descendants would be the new successors. This was why he found this matter to be surprising.

With a slight hesitation, the monarch eventually spoke: “I didn’t come from the Sacred Ancestor’s branch. He took me in as a grand-disciple later.”

The Sacred Ancestor in her words was Lu Zhangsun. He was the eldest disciple of the Black Dragon King. He earned the king’s trust and even the Dark Crow once gave this assessment: “Magnanimous and insightful; his only defect is having an overabundance of kindness.”

Nevertheless, the Dark Crow still left Heaven Suppression City to Zhangsun.

Zhangsun really didn’t disappoint Li Qiye. Even when the Black Dragon King was no longer in this world, the city continued to grow.

Unfortunately, he had two fatal mistakes. First, he didn’t live as long as Gu Zun. This guy continued to grow younger while the opposite happened to Zhangsun. Secondly, he was too nice and didn’t banish Gu Zun from the city or kill him. He cared too much about his master’s feelings and this gave Gu Zun a chance to mature!

“You might not be from his branch but the tower still accepted you. This was why Zhangsun didn’t adhere to the rigid tradition and still made you city lord instead of his disciple. He’s a visionary indeed.” Li Qiye praised.

The monarch nodded in agreement: “Yes, that’s what happened. I didn’t come from any of the three branches from Heaven Suppression but only a minor sect under its jurisdiction. I eventually joined at a young age and was taught many skills from the city by a regional master. The tower eventually accepted me so the Sacred Ancestor broke the tradition and took me in as a grand-disciple.”

Pearl City was very special in this sect. Its city lord didn’t need to listen to orders from Heaven Suppression.

Heaven Suppression was divided into three main branches: Lu Zhangsun, Gu Zun, and the Black Dragon Legion. The Little Sea Village was closely related to the Black Dragon Legion but it had a pivotal role for the sect as well.

In the past, Zhangsun’s branch had control over Heaven Suppression. Gu Zun, on the other hand, was in a state of reclusion. Though he had his own disciples, they weren’t eligible to take up any important role because of their relationship to Gu Zun.

As for the Black Dragon Legion, even if it rarely interfered with the sect’s matters, it would often help with important matters to great effect.

Unfortunately, the legion went on an expedition with the king. After this battle, it only existed in name. The ones left behind were weak so its influence dropped to a minimal level.

Another long period eventually passed with Zhangsun still in charge. In fact, it couldn’t happen any other way. Zhangsun was the eldest disciple and part of the orthodox branch. It was natural that he would be in charge. Of course, it helped that the city thrived under his rule as well.

Nevertheless, Gu Zun never gave up since he believed that the city was rightfully his! Thus, he continued to gather power in the dark.

At the same time, the kind and considerate Zhangsun didn’t do anything out of love for his master. This allowed for Gu Zun to have a chance to slowly rise within the sect. Once Zhangsun died, Gu Zun has gained great influence. Because of this, the sect became divided between Gu Zun’s branch and Zhangsun’s branch.

As for the Peacock Bright Monarch, because of her great talents and intelligence, her humble origin didn’t stop the elders from valuing her.

She even carried out expeditions several times and contributed greatly during her youth. Her future should have been bright but it was a shame that she wasn’t from any of the three branches. Therefore, her limit would most likely have been an elder of the sect. After all, it wasn’t easy for an outsider to reach the upper echelon.

Who would have thought that when she visited Pearl City during a trip, the Pearl Tower unexpectedly chose her? This news came as a surprise to Lu Zhangsun as well. This allowed for her to rise to prominence as the new city lord.

This position was much higher than the elder level. She had some decision-making power on top of being independent from Heaven Suppression. It was similar to the rank of an ancestor.

“How is Zi Cuining now?” Li Qiye asked.

“I haven’t received any news about her, but she’s fine for now inside Heaven Suppression. I’m certain she has her own plans.” The monarch pondered before answering.

Li Qiye nodded and smiled: “You people are really strange, allowing Gu Zun to take power like this. Forget it, you’re all still too inexperienced to contend against him.”

She took her time responding: “Well, the truth is that Ancestor Gu Zun has never shown his face. The one in charge right now is Ancestor Ye.”

“Ye Jiuzhou, right?” Li Qiye asked for confirmation.

“Yes.” The monarch looked around before telling the truth: “We’re not really sure if this is Ancestor Gu Zun’s will either since Ancestor Ye had always been in charge.”

“Of course you don’t know. Ye Jiuzhou had followed Gu Zun since youth so he is absolutely loyal to Gu Zun. Even if Gu Zun tells him to go die, he would do so without hesitation. Everything he’s doing now is Gu Zun’s order. He exists for Gu Zun.” Li Qiye stated flatly.

Jiuzhou was Gu Zun’s top disciple and had followed him for a long time. He also had a very prestigious position in Heaven Suppression.

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