Chapter 1568: Pearl City

Heaven Suppression had great influence in the northern Grand Sea. There was even a saying in this place - the world obeys the clarion call of Heaven Suppression.

The strongest inheritance in Mortal Emperor was debatable. However, the answer was certain for the Grand Sea; it was Heaven Suppression.

Under the leadership of the Black Dragon King, this sect reigned for three generations. The Black Dragon Legion had also swept through the world before. Even imperial legions would try to avoid it if possible.

Though the king was no longer around in this generation and the leadership continued to change, the city’s influence and prestige were still as strong as before.

Its territory was still vast and difficult to calculate in its entirety.

There was another belief in this domain. If someone were to divide the Grand Sea into six parts, the city alone would have full control of one. Thus, it commanded countless sects and kingdoms.

The Pearl Archipelago was under Heaven Suppression’s jurisdiction, a part of its main branch.

Among the amazing number of sects and kingdoms under its control, there were all kinds of relations. Some were created by disciples of the city while others were erected by the descendants of the Black Dragon Legion’s members. All of them more or less belonged to the city.

This wasn’t the case for the Pearl Archipelago. This location was very crucial and under the control of an important branch. It can even be said that there were times when the archipelago didn’t need to listen to the city due to its special position.

Just like its name, this was considered the pearl of the Grand Sea. This archipelago gave birth to many talents. There were hidden dragons and crouching tigers everywhere; the paradise of experts.

It had a territory of one million miles consisting of numerous islands. Looking down from the sky, the interconnected islands looked like a formation with an unbelievable level of complexity.

They wouldn’t believe that it was formed naturally. If this was the case, it would be too incredible. But on the other hand, a person capable of changing the terrain of this magnitude would be frightening as well.

After leaving the village, Li Qiye crossed through space and instantly arrived at the Pearl Archipelago. This particular trip was very important to him.

In fact, coming to Heaven Suppression and killing Gu Zun wasn’t too crucial. It was only part of the trip, a trivial matter. However, this wasn’t the case for the Pearl Archipelago. He came here to take a unique and peerless item across history.

Though he didn’t hide it in this place, it was a very important node since it was the location of a fortified seal. In Li Qiye’s eyes, nothing could be used to measure its worth.

In his millions of years, he paid the greatest price for this particular item. 

Immortal Emperors and Immortal Monarchs would do anything for this item because it was worth it. It had an unfathomable power and could destroy everything. 

This item didn’t belong to the nine worlds! Li Qiye mustered all of his abilities and traveled everywhere before finally finding this item. Afterward, he hid it in a secret region in the nine worlds.

For example, the Black Dragon King knew where he hid the Netherlord Hexagear Launcher. Or, he would tell another emperor about the location of a different treasure.

This was the only thing he kept to himself. He sealed it for an eternity so that he would be the only one who knew of its location. He knew full well that thing wasn’t usable. Once resorting to it, everything would be over and only ashes would be left.

Nevertheless, its destructive power wasn’t why it was precious. The true value lies in its effect as a deterrent since he would never use it carelessly.

He hovered above the sky and looked down at the archipelago. A smile came on his face the moment he saw the high pagoda and the familiar sceneries: “Pearl Archipelago, what a fortress.” 

Having said that, he landed on the ground. There were many islands but the most important was still the main Pearl Isle at the center. Pearl City in this spot was the core of the archipelago. The walls were built with divine stones. Even the most ignorant would understand how fortified it was.

The city was being heavily guarded. Anyone entering would be subjected to a strict examination and questioning. Suspicious people were not allowed entry.

In fact, this wasn’t the case normally but it was different now. Sometimes, even the city lord herself would come for questioning.

There were many people lining up outside of the city to Li Qiye’s amusement. It wasn’t surprising for this to happen after the matter at Heaven Suppression.

When it was Li Qiye’s turn, two guards stood in front and two behind him as if they were afraid of him suddenly causing trouble.

“Where are you from? Which place in Pearl are you heading to?” One guard asked with a grave tone.

“From where I should and to where I should.” Li Qiye chuckled and answered.

Such attitude made the guards unhappy. The leader uttered coldly: “Don’t run your mouth. What’s your name?”

Li Qiye glanced at him leisurely and asked a question instead: “Who is in charge of Pearl right now?”

“Who are you!” The guards’ expression worsened. One guard was already pointing his spear at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye didn’t seem to mind at all and smiled: “I would like to see your boss.”

“Speak, who are you, which sect are you from?!” The leader immediately shouted with his hand gripping his sword hilt. If Li Qiye dared to move, he would cut him down instantly.

Li Qiye slightly raised his brow but he was still in a relatively good mood.

“Don’t be disrespectful.” A voice disrupted the high tension. This voice was clear and charming yet unquestionable as well.

A woman walked out, dressed in a five-colored skirt that accentuated her beauty. Her brows were sharp with eyes bright like the stars. She had a stately and dignified appearance despite the long skirt.

This noble woman also emitted a five-colored aura like a swaying feathery tail. She looked just like a beautiful peacock. When she spread her tail, it could attract everyone’s eyes.

“City Lord.” The guards respectfully bowed after seeing her.

“No need for formality.” She gently waved her sleeve. A royal aura accompanied her each and every move.

As the guards were standing up, she glanced at Li Qiye with a sword-like stare.

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