Chapter 1567: Approaching Storm

“That’s preposterous!” The man blurted out and didn’t believe Li Qiye.

In his mind, the Black Dragon King was a supreme existence with an unparalleled position in everyone’s mind at Heaven Suppression.

But now, Li Qiye said that Gu Zun was even more talented than the Black Dragon King. How could he accept this?

Li Qiye smiled in response: “A better talent isn’t everything. For many ages now, there have been many wonderful prodigies. Some even had immortal bones but so what? It’s not like you need to have peerless talents to have supreme achievements.”

He paused for a bit: “The Black Dragon King’s achievements weren’t because of his talents, just his determined dao heart. After so much pain, he was able to create a new life after each generation. His tireless pursuit towards the grand dao is the thing most worthy of pride, not his talents.”

The man nodded but who knows if he actually understood.

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “Go now, the old men will return sooner or later.” With that, his body flashed and disappeared.

The man could only sigh and quietly prayed for the ancestors to return safely.

Li Qiye had left the village but not the island completely. He sat cross-legged on a shoal rock and watched the waves hitting it. This was a location not just anyone could enter.

Seeing the waves hitting the rock up and down and occasionally filling the cave beneath left him absent-minded. After a while, he withdrew his eyes and murmured: “Lil Blackie, don’t blame me for being merciless. The only thing I can do is to minimize the casualty when I slaughter the city. At the very least, I promise I won’t turn it to ashes. That’s the best I can do. It is your lifelong fruit but it’s not like I didn’t spend a lot of effort too. I was the one who laid the foundation when you created it.”

He continued on: “All along, you couldn’t bear to imprison Gu Zun forever and definitely not kill him. I know, you promised someone else to take good care of him. Unfortunately, the boy does not know the immensity of the heaven and earth. He had a bright future and could even become Immortal Emperor. It’s a shame that he’s too greedy!”

“Back then, I threw him into the eye of the sea because you beseeched me to spare his life. But it’s different now. In order to spare the city, Gu Zun must die! It’s that simple. In this generation, whether you can come out or not, I’m telling you today that Gu Zun is finished regardless of your promise. You know that I have done enough by sparing him once.”

He was blabbering as if talking to himself. After some more time had passed, he smiled and said: “Blackie, your achievements are worthy of pride. It’s also a shame that you can’t surpass the particular blockade in your heart. Otherwise, your brilliant legend and shining figure would be up above the nine heavens as well! Live by this belief, die by this belief, perhaps.”

Only the sound of the waves hitting the rock answered him.

“It’s time to end the issues at Heaven Suppression. I can’t guarantee you about other things, but after Gu Zun dies, someone even more suitable will take charge of it. Your inheritance will continue to have a long history from then on.”

With that, Li Qiye stood up and instantly disappeared from the vast sea.


The Grand Sea has been peaceful in recent years. However, this was no longer the case after the arrival of the Soaring Immortal Sect. 

Everyone in the Mortal Emperor World knew that after being expelled by Li Qiye, it has been quiet for several years until the return this time. However, it seemed that the sect didn’t dare to descend in the Grand Middle Territory but chose the Grand Sea instead.

The atmosphere of this domain changed completely. Many great powers felt suffocated by this event.

Just think about it, having a sect with five emperors looming above their head was quite an uncomfortable feeling. Just a slight misstep could bring about sect destruction.

So many powers wished that Soaring Immortal would leave but no one dared to open their mouth.

However, the sect’s recent actions, especially their interactions with Heaven Suppression, made the great powers understand that there was no way it was leaving any time soon.

On this day, a shocking news suddenly spread.

“The successor of the Soaring Immortal Sect, Long Aotian proposed to the Heaven Suppression Goddess!” Everyone in this domain heard about it. [1]

Many great powers were frightened at this development. Before they could regain their wits, a second shocking news emanated: “Heaven Suppression City has accepted the marriage proposal. Their marriage shall be the start of the alliance between the two sects!”

“Can this be?!” Countless ancestors gasped and couldn’t calm down.

For the people of the world, it wasn’t that Long Aotian isn’t worthy of the maiden’s hand in marriage. However, this marriage symbolized the alliance between Heaven Suppression and Soaring Immortal.

No one wanted to see this powerful alliance in all of Mortal Emperor. [2]

Soaring Immortal alone was frightening enough. One sect with five emperors surely had enough resources. Meanwhile, Heaven Suppression has reigned for three consecutive generations. What was the significance of these two behemoths joining forces?

The world was fully aware of the implication! It was an unstoppable union. 

Anyone who blocked their path would be instantly annihilated, even an imperial lineage.

“Who can stop them now?” Many people lamented after digesting this information.

However, many older characters coincidentally thought of the same person - Fiercest!

In the present, this character was unbeatable and completely fearless. He even slaughtered the Soaring Immortal Sect without any hesitation!

“What is Fiercest doing? He’s been gone for so many years without any news. Could people be right? He had really left Mortal Emperor?” One big shot emotionally wondered.

Mortal Emperor has been quiet recently, especially the young generation. This was because Fiercest with his thirteen palaces has completely suppressed all aspiring geniuses!

Strangely enough, after the shocking battle back then, Fiercest disappeared completely without any news.

It seemed he has vanished into thin air in just one night. Some people have visited Cleansing Incense to inquire about him but this sect remained tight-lipped, unwilling to divulge his whereabouts.

This prompted the outside world to speculate about Fiercest. Some believed that he was cultivating in isolation to perfect his grand dao. The moment he came out, it would be the day of his ascension for the throne.

Some guessed that he has left Mortal Emperor. For Fiercest, no one in Mortal Emperor dared to oppose him anymore so he needed a new battlefield in order to train himself through massacres.

1. Long Aotian is a chinese meme, especially in yy webnovels. This is the defining name for the most dominating character. In fact, it would be quite hilarious if Li Qiye had this name. Mary Sue would be the English equivalence. Long = Dragon, Ao = Arrogant/Proud/Overbearing, Tian = Heaven. Ao becomes a verb here when combined with Tian or a location. Something along the line of walking proudly and fearlessly across the heavens. As you can see, it’s a pretty grand name. Almost as grand as Bao

2. This is Kevin Durant joining the Warriors. Sssssssssss. But it’s alright, Lonzo and Lebron will take the snek down. I apologize to all readers that are GSW fans

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