Chapter 1564: Goodbye Kiss

Wolong Xuan’s mind trembled after hearing this. Just one shot could turn the continent into ashes? Just how terrifying was this?

Keep in mind that the continent wasn’t just a landmass. It has been worked on by their sect for many generations. The wise sages have spent many efforts to reinforce this land.

Not to mention the entire continent, their ancestral ground alone could withstand an invincible attack from an Immortal Emperor!

But now, this so-called Netherlord Hexagear Launcher only needed one shot to end them? Such power would cause anyone to shudder after thinking about it.

She knew that he wasn’t exaggerating. If he said one blow, then one was all it took. There was no need for someone as powerful as him to boast.

“So what exactly is it?” She took a deep breath and looked at the weapon.

He continued to caress it: “In a certain sense, it’s not a conventional weapon, not a life treasure or a foreign dao artifact. It’s more of a forbidden weapon.”

“Forbidden weapon?” She asked: “It can only be used once?” She naturally understood this classification.

For the most part, forbidden weapons could only be used once and would become rubbish after or simply disintegrate. A few could be used several times but there was still a limit.

Despite this limitation, it was much more powerful than conventional weapons and easier to use. For example, an Immortal Emperor True Treasure required a mighty vitality to empower it. One wouldn’t be able to unleash an invincible blow if they weren’t strong enough.

However, this was not the case for a forbidden weapon. It didn’t matter whether the user was a Godking or a mortal, they could still use the strongest blow of a forbidden weapon.

Li Qiye chuckled: “It’s not a one-time-only forbidden weapon. It can be used six times, one stronger than the previous. The second blow could be dozens of times stronger than the first.”

She became stirred even more. He said that one blow could annihilate the Crouching Dragon Continent. So to say, if the next blow was even stronger, what would the result be?

“If the successive blows are stronger like you said, then how powerful is the sixth blow?” She had to ask.

He leisurely responded: “I don’t know since I haven’t tried it before. I also want to meet an Immortal Emperor to test its power because ordinary people aren’t worthy of the sixth blow. In fact, it would be a huge waste to use the first one on a Godking.”

“An emperor? You want to use it to challenge an emperor?” She found it difficult to breathe. 

“No, you misunderstood.” He grinned in response: “Not challenge an emperor, I want it to kill an emperor. After all, it is one and only in this world. It’s not so easy to create a treasure like this.” He patted it like a pet again.

This weapon was created from the most terrible death blood in this world on top of countless corpses and lives, even a Heaven’s Will. It has been gestated for millions of years by an earth vein. Its power was simply unimaginable.

In fact, he was only speculating its power and hasn’t tried it just yet.

Now, Wolong Xuan felt as if there was an invisible hand gripping her neck.

“Killing an emperor! Is it possible?” She eventually calmed down and breathed again.

She found such an endeavor to be impossible. In fact, most people in this world would share the same sentiment.

Immortal Emperors were invincible. Opposing one was hard enough, let alone killing one. This was simply daydreaming in the eyes of many experts across history.

Who could kill an emperor? No one. What treasure could kill an emperor? Nothing. Many cultivators would answer these questions in this manner.

But now, this Netherlord Hexagear Launcher could potentially kill one? This was too astonishing!

“Nothing is impossible.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “Just because others can’t, it doesn’t mean that I can’t. There are too many miracles in this world waiting for someone to make them happen. Common sense is just waiting for someone to break it.”

She had no response. Others weren’t qualified to utter such words but not him.

The original belief in this world was that twelve palaces were the limit. However, Li Qiye had thirteen. He broke an eternal belief.

Was there really a treasure that could slay an emperor? 

After all, not just anyone can become the Black Dragon King who has reigned for three generations. Ordinary people shouldn’t be compared to him.

“Who created this weapon?” She was very curious about the creator of this regicide weapon.

“A very ancient person that don’t want others to know.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

She didn’t know she was looking at him. Of course, he wouldn’t reveal it to her either since this was his secret.

She gently sighed and didn’t pry any further. After a while, she continued: “If you are done with your business, why not come visit my cliff?”

“Unfortunately, I have other matters to attend to in another place.” He gently shook his head: “When I’m done, there will be a chance to visit you later.”

“I’m afraid this departure will separate us like the heavens and men.” She sighed disappointedly before smiling wryly.

“My beautiful Xuan, no need to be so pessimistic. It’s not like I’m about to die.” He couldn’t help but laugh.

She stared solemnly at him and said: “I know but it’s pretty much the last time we’ll see each other.”

She held his hand and intertwined her fingers with his before looking at him in the eyes then spoke softly: “I don’t know what you are pursuing, Brother Li. I’m not aware of your ambition either but I know you are different from us. In my eyes, you’ll leave eventually. If it comes early, it’ll be in three and a half years, if late, eight or ten years…”

“I believe that you will soar above the nine heavens and disappear from the eyes of commoners like us. There will be nothing left worth remembering in the nine worlds for you so I won’t be seeing you again, hence the separation of heavens and men.” 

“The grand dao is endless. You are right, I will leave one day.” He quietly nodded.

“I really hope that I’ll be able to accompany you one day to see the scenes of the world.” She continued: “But I know with my abilities, I’ll only be a hindrance. I hope that you can tread forward and stay true to your heart, then accomplish your goals in the future.”

“Yes, I will.” He gently patted her hair.

She then leaned on his sturdy chest and could hear his powerful heartbeat. It seemed to be one with the heaven and earth.

He embraced her waist without saying anything. She returned the gesture.

The world came to a peaceful stop. Even the breeze has stopped blowing.

“The path towards the supreme is too cruel.” He said with a tinge of helplessness.

She embraced him tighter and spoke softly: “You don’t need to be emotional because you are the supreme.”

Li Qiye gently sighed. So many people have left their mark on his life. Brothers that he could trust and love as deep as the ocean. Alas, he couldn’t stop for anyone.

Wolong Xuan eventually loosened her grip in order to grab his neck for a passionate kiss. She was no experienced kisser but there was an unrestrained boldness.

He held her face and gently returned the favor by infiltrating further into her wet lips.

They slowly separated after a deep kiss. Her complexion was red as if drunk.

“Go, only an even vaster world could contain your ambition. Only the endless grand dao is your true home.” She eventually let go and said.

“Take care, see you later.” He gently caressed her cheeks before smiling and left without looking back.

This was his creed, never stopping for anyone. Wolong Xuan murmured while looking at his departure: “Goodbye, my love. Only you are the one in my dream, the only one who can knock open my heart.”

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