Chapter 156 : Competing Wealth with me? (2)

Chapter 156 : Competing Wealth with me? (2)

Li Qiye’s words were only understood by the shopkeeper, and Nan Huairen didn’t see through the treasures. The shopkeeper knew that Li Qiye had great knowledge, and he pointed at the three yellow papers to explain: “The three yellow papers were given to my ancestors by Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng.”

If it was an ordinary day, he would be too lazy to explain even if someone asked him. However, with Li Qiye here giving him a feeling of having a sentimental peer, he had a favorable opinion of Nan Huairen as well.

“Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng!” Hearing this, not to mention Shi Gandang, but even Niu Fen was astonished and had to take a deep breath.

Nan Huairen was startled and said: “This is the first Immortal Emperor of the Human race, an undefeated Immortal Emperor throughout his entire life.”

Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng — there were too many legends about him. Even though he was not the first one to shoulder the Heaven’s Will, he was the first Immortal Emperor of the Human race. He was undefeated throughout his life, it didn’t matter who his opponents were. Heavenly Devils, Ancient Mings — they were all defeated by him. A life of invincibility, untouched by all!

One had to know that with the Heaven’s Will, an Immortal Emperor could be considered invincible after reigning over the universe, but before becoming an Immortal Emperor, none of them dared claiming to be invincible. Even Immortal Emperor Min Ren had lost countless times when he was younger. The truth was that Immortal Emperors at a young age had many opponents and they all lost many times. This was not a shameful matter! The grand dao was tortuous and difficult; victory and defeat were the norm.

Yet Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng remained unbeaten throughout his life. This was his wonderful and illustrious legend!

The shopkeeper’s words frightened the group of brats. They didn’t know that the Ancient Intent Fasting had such an ancient and amazing origin like this!

“The Immortal Emperor was indebted to my ancestors, so he gave us nine pieces of paper. If my ancestors had any needs, as long as they wrote it on the piece of paper, they would become satisfied. In that era, as long as my ancestors had this one paper, there was no place that they couldn’t go and nothing that they couldn’t have. My ancestors used a total of six pieces of paper, and three remained here at the Ancient Intent Fasting to be our defining treasure!” Referring to the glory of his ancestors, the shopkeeper was quite proud.

“This is an Emperor’s Possession, ah.” The group of Qu Daoli was shocked. The three ordinary yellow papers were Emperor’s Possessions, how could they not be surprised?

“It is called an Emperor’s Possession, but it is even better than an Emperor’s Possession.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

The shopkeeper was also very glad, and he said: “Sir always know his stuff. These papers have a special significance to the Ancient Intent Fasting. They are not only simple Emperor’s Possessions.”

Li Qiye simply laughed. The group of Nan Huairen couldn’t see through the origins of the other two items — the yellow bell and the stone, but the shopkeeper didn’t speak about them. Even though Nan Huairen was curious, he didn’t ask.

After appreciating the three items, Li Qiye slowly walked around the store. There were many treasures in this store, ranging from Life Treasures to Fate Pills, and mysterious weapons to strange medicinal grass and trees. The many new things caused the group of Nan Huairen to be dazzled.

The shopkeeper hurriedly followed Li Qiye around inside. He didn’t introduce anything to Li Qiye, and he simply let him enjoy his stroll. If it was an ordinary customer, then he wouldn’t be personally accompanying them.

Let alone the group of Nan Huairen, even Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were surprised at the amount of precious treasures here. To be able to open such a store was indicative of how secretly powerful the Ancient Intent Fasting was!

“Is this a dragon?” There were many True Treasure weapons overhead and many were still locked inside the chests. Each of the treasures were floating in a random manner. One was a golden dragon, swimming like fish in the water. It leisurely swam around nonstop. This little dragon around three feet long had a bright, golden light no different from a true dragon.

After watching this golden dragon for a long time, Luo Fenghua couldn’t help but ask.

“Indeed, it is a Roaming Dragon, a Foreign Dao Mysterious Treasure.” The shopkeeper replied.

Foreign Dao Mysterious Treasures were not part of Longevity Treasures, True Treasures, nor Life Treasures. It was very special. Its power was also great, and it was not easily crafted. It was basically even more precious than Life Treasures and True Treasures.

“Is the Roaming Dragon for sale?” Luo Fenghua really liked this Foreign Dao Mysterious Treasure, so he couldn’t help but ask.

The shopkeeper nodded his head and said: “In my shop, outside of the three defining treasures, everything else is for sale. The Roaming Dragon was not created by cultivators. It was a golden dragon that died and sank into the ocean. Its dragon muscles combined together with the Primordial Metal under the sea, and it was groomed by the essence of the grand ocean before finally being refined by the heaven and earth to turn into this golden dragon. The Roaming Dragon costs 7,850,000 Ancient Saint Refined Jades! But because I like you guys, you only need to pay 7,800,000 Ancient Saint Refined Jades.”

“7,800,000 Ancient Saint Refined Jades!” Hearing this price, Luo Fenghua shivered. Not to mention just him, even the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect wouldn’t have that many Ancient Saint Refined Jades.

Hearing this price, not just Luo Fenghua, but even Qu Daoli no longer dared to look at these treasures. They were too luxurious.

The group of Nan Huairen followed Li Qiye around a full circle. Even though the treasures were very eye-catching, they only looked and didn’t dare to ask for the prices. All of the items here were the finest; normal things would not be sold in this place.

And while Li Qiye went all the way around, he did not speak and only had a smirk on his face. At the very best, he would only occasionally nod his head.

Eventually, he stopped to look at a wooden chest on top of a cabinet. This wooden chest did not appear to be precious. It had four items inside. One was a tattered old piece of clothing, another was a long closed box, the other two were made from brass castings; one was a small hammer while the other was a gong — truly odd.

The moment he paused his steps, Li Shuangyan’s gaze condensed and carefully judged the items in this wooden chest. She understood that Li Qiye wanted the items inside it.

After following him for so long, she clearly knew that items valued by Li Qiye were absolutely not simple.

“How much are the items in this chest?” After carefully observing the items inside and confirming that he was not wrong, he then asked the shopkeeper.

“Good Sir, these items do not belong to my store. It is from an old friend wanting to sell it here. The price is 8,000,000 Royal Noble Refined Jades!” The shopkeeper hurriedly replied.

All of the prices were in the millions and it truly scared the little brats. All of the things were ridiculously expensive.

Nan Huairen was Li Qiye’s royal henchman, and he specialized in understanding Li Qiye’s expression. He knew that Li Qiye wanted the items in this chest, so at this moment, he acted like a cat that had its tail stepped on, and he spoke: “Shopkeeper, this price is too expensive. 8,000,000 Royal Noble Refined Jades? I can even buy the best Godly Ore Royal Noble’s True Treasure!”

This time, the shopkeeper was easy to speak to. He shook his head and said: “I don’t see value of the items in this chest, but this was the price given by my old friend. There is nothing I can do.”

“Shopkeeper, you should ask your old friend to see if he can give us some leniency? My oldest brother rarely likes any items.” Nan Huairen naturally would bargain for Li Qiye without him having to say anything. It was his duty to obtain the best benefits for Li Qiye.

“This…” The shopkeeper pondered for a moment.

“It is only 8,000,000 Royal Noble Refined Jades. Shopkeeper, I want this item.” At this time, an arrogant voice appeared. A person stepped inside the store with a hearty laughter.

Nan Huairen’s group looked at the person who had just arrived. This person was the oldest disciple of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, Leng Chengfeng!

In the Evil Infested Ridge, Leng Chengfeng followed Heavenly Prince Qingxuan inside, but he was lucky and went to ask for the Emperor Weapon of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. Although he didn’t get the Emperor Weapon, he was able to avoid a disaster.

Although he came in with a smile on his face, but from the perspective of Nan Huairen’s group, it was as fake as it could get!

Leng Chengfeng brightly smiled and greeted Li Shuangyan, and he said: “Little Sister, I heard the sect master say that you arrived at Ancient Sky City. I didn’t think I would meet you so soon.” Li Shuangyan gently nodded her head at Leng Chengfeng and didn’t say anything.

Her attitude caused Leng Chengfeng to be offended, so he coldly looked at Li Qiye and sneered: “The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect has truly fallen. You can’t even take out 8,000,000 Refined Jades! Carrying so little money yet you still dared to visit Ancient Sky City’s number one shop, the Ancient Intent Fasting!”

Li Shuangyan wanted to retort, but Li Qiye waved his hand and cheerfully smiled at Leng Chengfeng as he spoke: “So, you really want to buy them?”

“It’s only 8,000,000 Refined Jades, only a small sum!” Leng Chengfeng was not happy about Li Shuangyan’s attitude towards Li Qiye. In reality, Leng Chengfeng had always liked Li Shuangyan, but as the oldest disciple of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, he was her competitor. Plus, Leng Chengfeng always thought highly of himself and believed that he was a good match for Li Shuangyan, so normally, he was always reserved!

With Li Shuangyan now traveling with Li Qiye, his heart had a bad taste.

“Shopkeeper, I want this item, wrap it up!” Leng Chengfeng stared at Li Qiye with one eye and coldly continued: “You can’t even take out 8,000,000, you’re truly poor as dirt. Hmph, how can you give the dowry to marry my little sister in the future?”

Li Shuangyan wanted to open her mouth to stop Leng Chengfeng’s aggressiveness, but in the end, she only sighed. As disciples of the same sect, she didn’t want them to hate each other, but she understood Li Qiye; this was Leng Chengfeng courting a rebuttal!

The shopkeeper then looked at Li Qiye. If Li Qiye said that he didn’t want it, only then would he sell the item.

“Shopkeeper, no matter who was here first, I will add 2,000,000 more! In short, I want this chest, today!” Seeing the shopkeeper looking at Li Qiye, Leng Chengfeng — with a stout presence — said towards the shopkeeper.

Leng Chengfeng’s attitude caused Li Shuangyan to shake her head. This was too much. And the group of Nan Huairen were glaring at each other, but they didn’t have a solution. 10,000,000 Royal Noble Refined Jades was a number high up in the sky for them.

“You think you are so great with your money!” Nan Huairen was annoyed since Leng Chengfeng caused them to lose face. This was even harder to swallow than a fly with the anger in their stomachs.

“Brat, you said it correctly. If you are so capable, then buy it. As long as I can’t afford it, I will pass it on.” Leng Chengfeng presumptuously glanced at Nan Huairen, then back to Li Qiye as he coldly sneered: “However, I’m afraid that even if you sell the entire Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, you wouldn’t be able to have so much money!”

Leng Chengfeng’s words caused the group of Qu Daoli to madly glance at each other. Only Shi Gandang and Niu Fen, the two old foxes, were still calm.

“10,000,000 Royal Noble Refined Jades — we can afford this!” Chen Baojiao’s burning character wasn’t able to hold back this anger. She looked at Li Qiye and said: “Young Noble, we can just buy it!”

Even though Chen Baojiao had left the Chen Clan, she still had some savings. Plus, her parents loved their treasured daughter so before they left, they secretly gave her a lot of wealth.

Just with his little sister in one place with Li Qiye was enough to annoy him, but now there was also Chen Baojiao who had a peerless appearance. This in turn made Leng Chengfeng jealous.

“Hmph, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect can only rely on women to eat!” Leng Chengfeng said with disdain.

“Brother–” Li Shuangyan saw that Leng Chengfeng was being too aggressive and wanted to speak, but she was stopped by Li Qiye.

Li Qiye looked at Leng Chengfeng and said: “You really want to buy this chest?”

“I will certainly buy it!” Leng Chengfeng faintly sneered and said: “Even if I don’t buy it, can you afford the 10,000,000 Royal Noble Refined Jades with just you?”

“You?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh and shook his head, then he said: “Only you alone yet you still want to compete for an item with me? Shopkeeper, I want it.”

“Shopkeeper, 12,000,000!” Leng Chengfeng looked at Li Qiye and coldly sneered: “This Young Noble recently has made a fortune. I don’t have a lot of stuff, but I do have a lot of Refined Jades.”

The shopkeeper also looked at Li Qiye. Since Leng Chengfeng gave such a high price, if Li Qiye could only pay 8,000,000, he would sell it to Leng Chengfeng.

“My descendant’s yellow bell, one cry will shake the heavens.” Li Qiye slowly said, then looked at the shopkeeper with a smile.

Hearing these words, the shopkeeper lost his colors and stared at Li Qiye as his huge eyes became completely astonished in a short amount of time.

For a while, the shopkeeper was stunned and forgot to answer Li Qiye. He eventually woke up,and regained his wits.


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