Chapter 1558: Field Of Dragon War

Field of Dragon War was actually a deserted island located inside the chain. It was very special because the bottom half was smaller than the top just like a large lingzhi mushroom growing on the ocean.

It wasn’t easy to enter this type of terrain, especially for mortals who would find it hard to climb. Because of this, this island has always been deserted. The surface above was a grassy plain resembling a battlefield. It could accommodate more than ten thousand people so it was a suitable location for a public trial.

There were many cultivators from the nearby sects arriving at the plain even before the start of the trial. Of course, the two clans and Soaring Hawk couldn’t be the reason for so many people to participate.

After all, they were only minor sects. Only a few powers would care about this trial. However, it was a different case when the Sky Dragon King was personally presiding over this matter.

She was in charge of the Crouching Dragon Cliff at this moment on top of being a renowned master in the Grand Sea. Meanwhile, the cliff ruled the entire continent; all the sects within were under its jurisdiction.

The problem of a small sect like the Wenren Clan wasn’t worthy of the king’s personal visit but she was indeed coming. This changed the atmosphere completely.

Because of this, so many sects came to participate in the trial. Even some sect masters came early. In fact, her coming was outside of Soaring Hawk’s expectation. In the beginning, Hai Yangying only wanted to intimidate the two clans using her prestige. Not in his dream did he expect the king to agree to this trial.

Yangying became quite elated and proud of this success. In his opinion, this was a once in a thousand year opportunity.

It looked like the cliff has a good opinion on his country! He thought to himself: ‘Could it be that the capital itself has heard of my reputation?’

He knew that he was a talented youth, the number one expert of Soaring Hawk. Moreover, he had a noble air on top of being extremely handsome with many fans back in his country, the star in the heart of many young ladies, the lover in the mind of many women.

Could it be that the even the Sky Dragon King fancy him? Yangying felt as if he was floating on air after thinking about this.

Everyone in the northern region knew that the Sky Dragon King was a peerless beauty on the same level as the Heaven Suppression Goddess. 

If the Sky Dragon King were to fancy him, it meant that he would be able to soar to the sky. Yangying was having a grand old time fantasizing this. He could already see the day when he could embrace the beauty and become world-renowned with great authority.

He turned a bit silly and started to grin. It was understandable that he was having this thought. In fact, many sects were surprised as well. Why was the dragon king wasting her time on such minor sects?

Because of this, the sect masters and royal lords at the field became quite polite towards Soaring Hawk.

The Soaring Hawk Royal Lord, Yangying’s father, personally led troops here to maintain order and to be his son’s backing. If they could impress the dragon king, their sect could rise overnight.

“Royal lord, congratulation, a tiger never has a dog cub. Your son is excelling like a dragon among men. One day, he’ll rise towards the sky and the world shall heed his name.” A few sect masters and royal lords were talking to the Soaring Hawk Royal Lord with the intention of flattery.

In the past, this tiny country wasn’t worthy of their flattery. However, many were speculating that the Sky Dragon King might be wanting to groom this sect. Moreover, Hai Yangying was indeed a talented prodigy. Maybe he could earn her favor.

“Please, gentlemen, I don’t deserve such kind words.” The royal lord was beaming with this great opportunity for his country to shine.

Needless to say about Yangying, his confidence has grown to an unprecedented level. He felt as if he has just obtained some great influence.

“Who is the trial for this time?” Someone asked.

In fact, they didn’t really care about the trial. The main focus was to present themselves in a favorable manner before the Sky Dragon King in order to get her notice.

“I think a disciple from the Wenren Clan.” An expert who has caught some wind of this matter answered.

“No.” Yangying immediately corrected: “Not someone from the Wenren Clan. He does have some relationship with them but he’s just a disciple from our continent. However, he had a relationship with the Wenren Daughter and ruined the marriage alliance. Because of this, those two clans wanted to secretly dispose of him.”

Many people could understand this. Marriage alliances were common among clans but this Li fella seduced the Wenren Daughter? They felt sympathetic that the two clans wanted to deal with this privately.

“As members of the Crouching Dragon Continent, we have the responsibility to maintain peace but the two clans are secretly apprehending a cultivator, even intending on killing him. This would only result in mass unrest. Thus, we have to uphold justice.” Yangying spoke sternly with a righteous appearance.

The crowd didn’t disagree with this conjecture either. However, they understood that he was only using this type of rhetoric to push his own agenda but no one bothered to say anything.

The disciples from the two clans finally made it to the field as well. Li Qiye was part of the group with experts on his left and right.

They were actually protecting this time since if something were to happen to him, there was no chance for them to defend themselves. Due to the congregation of masters in this place, the clans became quite nervous, evident by their serious expression.

Not to mention the Sky Dragon King, just these great powers alone rendered them out of breath.

Alas, there was no other choice. If they didn’t bring Li Qiye here, it was the same as opposing the dragon king. Doing so would result in unimaginable consequences at the Crouching Dragon Continent!

Li Qiye didn’t look like a prisoner as well since they almost regarded him as their ancestor with respect to their current treatment. They hoped that Li Qiye could at least stay civil during the trial towards their clans.

After stepping on the field, Li Qiye looked at the sea around and smiled. The entire continent looked like a giant beast lying on the sea.

If one were overlooking from above, they would find that there was a mountain range crossing through the entire area just like a dragon. Its head seemed to be diving into the ocean. Meanwhile, this particular island looked like a dragon head sticking out. 

He smirked for this was his goal. The trial was only out of convenience in order to calm this storm so that the brat named Huaiyu could have a bright future ahead.

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