Chapter 1555: Hai Yangying’s Scheme

While the experts in the Dongfang chamber were shaken, Hai Yangying continued: “Clan masters, we are three great powers belonging to the Crouching Dragon Continent so we are responsible for maintaining the peace in this land. If your clans are capturing cultivators without just cause, this would lead to public unrest. Because of this, we need the Crouching Dragon Cliff to preside over this situation!”

This didn’t bode well with the clan members. The participation of the cliff might end badly for them.

“Nephew Hai, you are worrying too much. This is our internal affairs, not some secret detainment of cultivators from the continent.” The Wenren Clan Master lost his cool and said.

“Is that so?” Yangying smiled: “I think the opposite. If this person belongs to your clans then I won’t be interfering. However, if he isn’t, then this is an improper capturing of cultivators!” He pointed at Li Qiye.

The experts glanced at each other. Li Qiye naturally wasn’t a part of their clans. They wanted to kill him today but this sudden development caught them off guard.

In a short time, everyone stared at Li Qiye and hoped that he would admit to being part of the two clans. However, they knew that it was impossible since they wanted to kill him. Anyone would grasp on to this sliver of hope and immediately deny.

However, Li Qiye continued to eat his fruit in a nonchalant manner, content on watching the fun.

He didn’t admit to being part of the clans but he didn’t deny this either. At the very least, this made the clans heave a sigh of relief. 

“Nephew Hai, this is our business, please take your leave.” An ancestor from the Dongfang Clan spoke coldly with a firm attitude.

Yangying wasn’t too surprised. He wasn’t afraid of this ancestor and smiled back: “I definitely wouldn’t interfere with your internal affairs but what if it isn’t? Recently, Her Majesty has been patrolling the continent. I have just received news that not long from now, she’ll come to our island. If she were to learn about this secret detainment, what would she do? How will your clans explain it to her? I’m not trying to be an alarmist but I’m sure the cliff won’t sit idly by and tolerate such a thing!”

He sneered at this point after making his threat clear to the chagrin of the listeners present.

Even if they could chase him away, when the Sky Dragon King did her round, he would report negatively to the king about their clans. At that time, they wouldn’t have the chance to defend themselves. The experts here were in a difficult position that could lead to a disaster. If the clans aggressively chased Hai Yangying away and kill Li Qiye, then the guy could still report this to the king and bring about her wrath.

“What do you want?” Wenren Jianshi uttered coldly.

Yangying smiled in response: “Nothing, I just want to maintain the peace of our islands. If your clans aren’t secretly capturing cultivators, then fine, give him a public trial then! This will decide right from wrong! If he is an adulterer who seduced the bride to break the arranged marriage, then that’s worthy of death. I hate this type of scum the most as well. Moreover, this will prove your clans’ innocence and provide closure as well.”

This was not what the clans wanted to see since they didn’t want to show the skeletons in the closet to outsiders.

Even if Li Qiye were to admit his relationship with Lurui for some reason in an open interrogation, it would lead to everyone knowing about their issue and they would lose all face in the process.

Moreover, there were too many uncertainties with a public trial. What if Li Qiye decided to change his mind and bite back? That would have an even greater impact on the two clans.

At this time, the Wenren Clan made up their mind. One ancestor spoke coldly: “Nephew Hai, please leave. No need for you to worry about our problems, we can deal with this ourselves!”

Yangying disagreed: “I’m only doing this for the peace of our island. If your clans wish to do this by yourselves, very well, my Soaring Hawk and the surrounding sects will invite Her Majesty here to maintain order. I heard she has just arrived at Distribute Country so she could be here in a jiffy!”

He wouldn’t leave so easily after coming here since his goal was to disturb this matter so that the two clans wouldn’t be able to take care of it. Nothing could be better for his state than having the two clans at odds with each other.

The clan members weren’t happy with this comment. If Soaring Hawk were to team up with the other sects to invite the Sky Dragon King, the situation wouldn’t be favorable for them. However, there was no way back.

“Why not?” Li Qiye who was eating his fruit spoke with a smile while the clan members were stuck in a dilemma: “I feel that if he wants a trial, then give him a trial. No need to leave him out, right? I think we should go to the Field of Dragon War for this trial. That place has a good view up high so the heaven can listen to the trial. Plus, how could we not have an arbitrator for this great matter? Invite the Sky Dragon King as the judge then.”

“No!” Members from both clans unanimously rejected this idea. They couldn’t accept a public trial at all, especially not with the king presiding over it!

“Clan masters, the involved party has agreed to a public trial so the two of you shouldn’t refuse anymore.” Hai Yangying smiled. This was a great chance to attack the two clans.

The clan members were naturally angry and scared. They couldn’t allow for this to happen.

The Wenren Clan Master repeated: “Nephew Hai, this is our internal affairs…”

“No, that’s not the case, it’s my problem too from now on.” Li Qiye interrupted him: “If I am not a disciple from either of your clans, there should be a public trial. Okay, we’ll go with that.”

“Clan masters, any other comments?” Yangying gloated: “Since he’s not your disciple, he has to follow me now since I’m responsible for his safety.”

“Who the hell are you?” Li Qiye casually said while Yangying was feeling quite content with himself: “You’re not giving any order here. Go, tell the Sky Dragon King to come to the Field of Dragon War.”

“You!” Yangying’s expression turned quite ugly.

“Okay, everyone can go now. Your two clans don’t have any other choice so we’ll do it like this.” Li Qiye laughed and left before anyone could react.

At this time, the clan members couldn’t do anything, not even capturing him again. However, they were relieved to find that he wasn’t trying to escape and was still staying happily at the Dongfang Clan.

The meeting dispersed with the Wenren Clan Master furiously leaving. Wenren Jianshi and Lurui’s group left as well.

He caught up with Li Qiye and said coldly: “Even if you don’t care for your own wellbeing, think about your daughter!”

Li Qiye said flatly: “If you are smart right now, you will keep your mouth shut. At the very least, your son is much wiser than you in this regards!”

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